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  1. When you get the activated coins in, please drop me a note with your caching name. I will send out the adoption requests. Thanks
  2. All emails that I have received, I have answered. If you haven't heard from me, please let me know. Dave
  3. As some of you have seen, I've been unloading a lot of coins lately. When I realized that I hadn't even opened up a single binder of coins since GeocoinFest last year, I figured it was time to do some house cleaning. There are coins that I won't part with, but strictly for personal reasons, not monetary. If we traded, or you gave me a coin, and we have stayed in-touch, rest assured your coin has value to me! (I do realize that there may be an occasional coin that I just don't remember was a gift, and I apologize ahead of time if that happens.) Anyway, here is a list of activated coins that I no longer want. I realize there are a few lists here already, so I am going to list mine for a couple of bucks more. Since they were here first, buy the less expensive coins first! Shipping will be determined per order...but assume $2.00 for the first coin US and Canada, and $3.50 for overseas... <edited list added back in by moderator, non-trackables removed by OP> Trackable coins for sale.
  4. The part about not understanding was sort of a joke. I can use babel fish to translate them to roughly know what they are saying. After a while, even I can recognize, "Saw this at the 'such and such' event. Thanks for letting us log it." It's all the same, in any language! I did email the current holder, but your idea about changing the goal is a good one!
  5. I know this is actually a travel bug, and not a coin, but since it is coin related, I hope this thread can remain here. For last years GeocoinFest event, we had a large banner made, and attached a travel bug tag to it. Through a series of events, the banner left the event on it's own accord, and travelled north. It has since found it's way to Europe, and has attended several events over there. I am assuming cachers are enjoying it...but I can't understand most of the logs! Anyway, I would like to see if we can get the banner to GeocoinFest 2008 in da burg! Maybe yinz could help me out here! If anyone is travelling to Europe, or is coming over here from there, would you mind trying to help this TB get back to this side of the pond? Here is the link to the TB page... GeocoinFest Banner Thanks!
  6. Whew!!! I just finished invoicing for all those screws! If I smoked, I would light a cigarette now! Thanks again everyone!
  7. Ok gang...here is where we are at! I have answered all the emails I received, and everyone is covered. Most of the posts above this I recognize, but some of your emails don't match your caching names. If you already sent an email, and did not hear from me, please let me know. As I am typing this, I noticed the post requesting 15 coins...I did not get that email, but that takes the last of the coins! Ok, I just checked my spam folder, and amid all the "enlargement" and similar type emails, lo and behold, there was one for 15 "Screws"...imagine that! Thanks for your help...they are gone! Cheers, Dave
  8. Thanks to all the soon to be happy cachers! These are now sold-out! You will all get a screw or two before you know it! When the 2007 version of the screw geocoin was released, I received an LE version in Black Nickel. This ended up being my favorite version in the bunch. The white lettering looks great on the shiny black finish. I've only got 50 to sell. Orders will be filled by the time stamp in my emails. No PM's please. Email is cornerstone4@gmail.com. Coins are $10.00 each. $2.00 shipping and handling for the first screw, and only 50 cents for each additional screw... Overseas orders are $3.50 for the first screw, and the same 50 cents for each additional screw. Here is a pic I grabbed off of my Ebay auction.
  9. Looking for offers on the original Lackey coin. I've got one available.
  10. It's been a long time since my mailbox has had much activity...but with the old coins I have been trading away...I'm starting to get flooded with coins! I also got a Mickey Diver coin from Mickey Diver!! Woo Hoo!! It came with a note saying I could list it on Ebay to help with our finacial woes. Thanks Mickey!!
  11. Although I'm not sure if I read Patricia Cornwell's novel "Last Precinct", I do think I have read all of her novels with Dr. Kay Scarpetta!
  12. If you like reading, and haven't read it...I highly recommend "The Eye of The World" by Robert Jordan. It is the start of a great series. As I said, Robert Jordan, (real name James Oliver Rigney), recently lost his battle with amlyoidosis before he was able to compete the final book in the series. (Book 12) Fortunately for his fans, he left detailed notes, and his wife was his editor, so the book will be completed. He has a huge fan base, and many websites dedicated to the series. One of my favorites is www.dragonmount.com. Thanks for playing. As I go through my older coins, I'll try to find something really special to offer up as a cointest. It would be cool to give everyone a chance to own an older, hard-to-find coin.
  13. Great book! One of my teachers gave it to me to read in High School, and I loved it!
  14. Bingo! Robert Jordan it is! The Wheel of Time is my all time favorite series. Unfortunately, Robert Jordan recently passed away before he could complete the final book in the series! I can't believe Avroair won...he already has these coins!!!
  15. Now this is a series I followed all the way through...but I was dissappointed in "Confessor". Terry is frequently compared to my favorite...but he still falls short, (In my opinion.)
  16. forgot to add the author George R R Martin I knew who you were talking about!
  17. Loved the first trilogy, but didn't follow it any further! Good guess though!
  18. You can grok me all you want...but this isn't my favorite!
  19. George R.R. Martin has done a great job of his world building here. This is right on par with my favorite author. However, I don't like some of the things he has posted on his website, so he could never be my favorite auther. But an excellent guess!
  20. Read that series along with my son and daughter. Entertaining, but not what I am thinking of.
  21. Both good guesses...(I really wish that third book in the series would come out!) The author I am looking for has developed a world and a depth in the characters in this world that I have never experienced before... Paolini may eventually grow to this level of writing ...but he is still too young to acheive that.
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