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  1. Wow! Sorry, gang, but I had to run visit a customer before they closed...so I've been away for a bit... So, to answer your accusation 57, this thread was not spun to attack a single coin. Yes, my responses were triggered by posts regarding a single coin, but I'm NOT trying to single that coin out. I've seen lot's of coins that infringe upon copyrights over the years as well...and I know a few have been hampered with legal problems. I have seen a few coins with Disney characters, and I know Disney is fierce about protecting their content. We have had this discussion in years past, but it has been a long time, and there are many new players in the game. My intention was to bring this subject up, to have folks keep in mind that there are potential problems if you use copyrighted images. I'd appreciate you chekcing with me first offline before you accuse me of something, or insinuate that I have an ulterior motive when in fact I don't.... Thank you.
  2. We can agree on everything but the comment I clipped above. I think this is a very valid question. However, maybe the sticking point is in how the design is presented in the first place...
  3. I agree. I had posted in the other thread before I deleted my comment this observation: I had read somewhere, that if you took a picture of the Mona Lisa, you could sell that photo without fear of copyright issues, since that photo would be considered your original work. The photo is your medium. I'm not sure this is correct though...but I'm pretty sure that is the way I read it. Everyone is influenced by the things they experience every day.
  4. This subject came up in another thread...but was starting to derail the original topic, so I wanted to make it a thread of its' own. What does the term "Original Artwork" mean? Both to you personally, and legally as well. I've seen the subject come up, and I've seen arguments on both sides. I know there are a few coin designs that have been challenged in the past by potential legal action, and I thought this may be a good topic to discuss...not only to help others thinking about coins, but to see what you expect when someone sells you an "original." I know certain areas of this subject are highly charged...so let's try to keep this discussion civil.
  5. Edited since I saw the warning from FSM that appeared before my post hit the server! I just got off of vacation and I'm not ready for another one!
  6. Edited since this was replying to an OT post...
  7. I've had some good laughs this week! One pic has made me laugh harder than the rest...but I won't give any hints... Tomorrow night I'll pick a winner! Good Luck!
  8. I thought bears only did that in the woods?!? LOL
  9. Unfortunately, TMA's jammed package hasn't arrived yet. Anybody that paid by 2/28, with the exception of folks overseas, should have their coins by now. If not, please let me know so I can make sure nothing slipped through the cracks! I've also reduced prices on some of the coins. See the link in the first post in this thread to have a look.
  10. I just went through the thread, and I have to admit, I was laughing a few times! Until I got to the post I quoted...too much info...and I'm not looking for Photoshopped or altered pics. I wouldn't want my kids to see this one, so please edit your own posts referencing this picture. Thanks, and keep the pics coming!
  11. Ok gang, here is your chance to win an original Lackey coin! I didn't want to have to sit and monitor the computer for this one, so I'm going to let it run for a while. This will be totally subjective...there is no right or wrong answer...and it's not a voting competition. There will be one vote...and that is mine! OK, here's the deal: Post a picture of someone here in the forums that is funny or a bit embarrassing. Keep all photos family friendly. Anything that is improper will be reported, and you will be disqualified...(and possibly given a vacation from the forums.) Anyway, post a pic of someone in a awkward position reaching for a cache. Someone that has fallen down...I don't know...make me laugh! Hopefully we will all get a chuckle out of this...and one of you will get a coin! I will close this contest Sunday March 9th at 9PM Pacific time. Good luck!
  12. GC144MW Zuidwolde - Marius Tonckens N 52° 40.730 E 006° 24.941
  13. Thank you! It's hard to plan around unexpected "vacations".
  14. First...this isn't a shameless plug...those will come later! Actually, I just wondered if someone would check the link above and make sure they can view the list of coins, and let me know. I've never done a Google doc before, and want to make sure it is set up properly. Thank you!
  15. Wow...20 Degrees and freezing rain! It must be getting deep! (But is it really white?) Think about it...
  16. Creacher! He sent me a couple of extra coins as a surprise. Way above and beyond!
  17. I've been finding it hard to keep this list updated since after a period of time I can no longer edit the post... Rather than try to keep posting my list here, I've tried to set up a Google doc with my list of coins...let's see if this works. <link removed by moderator>
  18. I see 2 of the Swags/GHOST coins listed...but you are missing the Easter Egg, and the Man Eater versions.
  19. List updated, and post title modified. (Thank you Noodly One!) This is a partial list of trackables, so send an email for my complete trackable list.
  20. Here is the top part of my unactivated list with asking prices. There are a lot more to come! GeocoinFest 2007 Copper $10.00 GeocoinFest 2007 Brass $10.00 GeocoinFest 2007 Bronze $10.00 GeocoinFest 2007 Black Nickel $20.00 43 GeocoinFest 2007 XLE 2-Tone $40.00 54 GeocoinFest Cache Addict Ant. Gold $10.00 2 GeocoinFest Cache Addict Silver $20.00 Manituela Gold $10.00 2 Manituela Silver $10.00 Serial Finder $20.00 NEFGA Jeep Club $25.00 Great Smokey Mountain Geoquest 2006 $15.00 3 Compass Rose 2007 XLE 2-Tone $75.00 Compass Rose 2007 Nickel $15.00 Compass Rose 2007 Bronze $15.00 Compass Rose 2007 Black Nickel $15.00 21 2-Piece GeocoinFest Coin Copper (Hogwild) $10.00 2-Piece GeocoinFest Coin Silver (Hogwild) $20.00 Geonut - Gold $15.00 20 Geonut - Nickel $10.00 31 Geonut - Silver $12.00 Not Another Micro 2006 $10.00 Kingfisher Team 2006 $10.00 2 Anthus Decoder Nickel $15.00 2 Civil War #1 Fort Sumter Pewter $10.00 21 Civil War #1 Fort Sumter Gold $10.00 Civil War #2 Manassas Pewter $10.00 Civil War #2 Manassas Gold $10.00 Florida Geocaching Assn. 3-D Gator Pewter $15.00 3 Grand Canyon Copper $10.00 6 Bikedog Copper $10.00 Team Thorny Gold $10.00 2 Team Thorny Black Nickel $25.00 Chris Gun $15.00 2 Alabama 2005 $10.00 Alabama 2005 Silver $20.00 2 Georgia Stash Hunters (The General) $10.00 109 Cachers4Christ Copper $10.00 Cachers4Christ Gold $10.00 Cachers4Christ Nickel $10.00 2 Skully and Mulder Gold $15.00 Team Thorny Copper $10.00 21 Team Thorny Nickel $10.00 2 Nutlady Bronze $10.00 Nutlady Brass $10.00 2 Nielsenc Christmas 2005 Pewter $10.00 Nielsenc Christmas 2005 Bronze $10.00 San Diego 2005 Gold $10.00 Maritime Geocaching 2006 $10.00 Parents of SAM 2006 $10.00 London 2006 Round $20.00 3 Cachestalkers $7.50 2 Coin Club Feb 2006 $8.00 2 Dorkfish Fishbowl Nickel $25.00 Dorkfish Fishbowl Black Nickel $40.00 Beachball $10.00 GOWT 2006 Gold $15.00 2 San Diego 2007 Bronze $10.00
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