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  1. Good for you! I've found kittens, but never a bunny. The last time I found kittens, it was one of those days where the high was about 10 below zero. Late afternoon, getting colder, my daughter, my dog, and I are out finishing up a day of caching. We pulled in a parking lot of a remote public hunting area, and the truck wasn't even shut off before these two little kittens came trotting out of the woods, right for us. I didn't think they were even weaned, they were so small! Their survival instinct was stronger than their fear of dogs (and we also have cats at home, so the dog didn't bother the kittens, other than to sniff them) because they hung right with us as we found the cache. Of course, pretty soon my daughter had picked them up, so there was nothing for it other than to take them home. I really believe if they'd have spent the night outside that night they'd have died from the cold. The shelter didn't want them, and another local pet adoption agency wanted us to jump through hoops before they'd even look at the kittens (they didn't really want them, either). We had the kittens about a month before we found a good home for them. They both went to the same home, too, so they stayed together. Hang in there - you'll find a place for your bunny!
  2. Some of these pictures, if posted on their respective cache page, would be a real spoiler. That's probably why more aren't put in "found" logs. But here's a few, from our local caching group's photo selection on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/photo.ph...mp;id=627511462 http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/photo.ph...mp;id=627511462 http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/photo.ph...p;id=1371938522
  3. Phew! I just had to check and make sure you're not anywhere near my caching area!
  4. Ed_S


    Not long ago someone on Ebay was selling an Etrex cable with built in USB adapter. It was only $15 bucks. I can't vouch for how well it works, but the seller said there was a money back guarantee. If it works it can save a lot of money because the eTrex cable is $30 from Garmin and I paid about the same for my USB/Serial adapter at Staples. Mine works very well - no issues at all.
  5. Ed_S


    One thing to keep in mind is that, while doing some multicaches, you'll need to know how to manually enter, or at least manually change, the coordinates. I about fell over when I saw what Garmin wants for one of their cables. eBay was much more reasonable. And you can find USB to eTrex cables on eBay, too. I moved my Geocaching programs to my laptop, which doesn't have a serial port. eBay to the rescue!
  6. I take my dog caching with me, and she has her own account, too. http://www.geocaching.com/profile/?guid=99...eb-4138c853a742 I write her logs when I write mine. I find it fun to do, and I'm always amused when we meet another cacher somewhere who's heard of MollyPup. She has, on occasion, found caches before I did, but most of the time she would rather wander around sniffing and investigating. Once we're away from the street and into the woods, I let her off the leash. She listens pretty well, and stays near me. Plus, a dog on a leash going through the underbrush becomes an exercise in frustration very quickly. If I could offer advice to anyone considering bringing their dog on a caching trip, it would be to train the dog to obey your voice commands, especially "Stop" and "Come" so you can safely let the dog run in the woods. If you're doing urban or suburban caches, having a second person along is a wise idea. One person is the dog-handler, and the other is the cacher. You can both look for the cache, but realize the dog is going to get bored with staying in the same spot for a long time, when there's so many interesting things to sniff and see and check out all around. Dogs can be great 'cover' too - One man, alone, in a park full of little kids, attracts attention from paranoid mommies, and all it takes is one to panic and call the police about "the suspicious man lurking in the woods near all the children" to ruin a large portion of your day. But a man walking his dog in that same park? Nobody even sees you.
  7. My pooch - MollyPup, is a geocacher herself - she has her own account: http://www.geocaching.com/profile/Default....eb-4138c853a742
  8. Got my CHL in large part so I could carry while caching. I carry a .38 Special - where depends on what gear I happen to have along. But it's accessible, no matter where I have it stowed. If you can't get to it when you need it, what good is it?
  9. I found a cache here locally a while ago that was called "Robert" and was a similar hide. But it was a bobber (hence the name) and below that (and below the water) was one of those metal pill containers that are airtight, waterproof, and so on. Creativity - it's a good thing!
  10. I had no problem with hints like that until I took my first geocaching vacation and ran into one. In fact, that one said, "No hints will be given until your third DNF." My problem with that is, there's no rule that says you must log a DNF. Some people choose not to log DNFs. Some do only after a couple attempts at a cache. Yes, the cache owner can decide what rules he wants to incorporate regarding his caches, but the finder has the right to do what he wants when it comes to logging finds or non-finds. So the cache owner won't give out a hint, and the frustrated guy looking decided the owner is a jerk, and avoids the owner's other caches, or maybe trashes them out of spite. Who wins then? Isn't a little more cooperation and a little less self-righteousness the better way to go?
  11. This one has me a bit worried! What do tubas wear?!? I'm hoping it's just the strangest misspelling of 'Tupperware' that I've ever seen. And, do I really want to find a tubawear container with surprises??? I'll wait for someone else to FTF it. Hey, at least it wouldn't be a lame micro!
  12. "oh No, Not Another park that doesn't allow dogs!" And it's worse when the cache hider doesn't bother to note that in the attributes. Also, as plenty of others have said, "oh No, Not A stupid, useless non-hint!" If you can't say something useful, don't say anything. You're not being cute, you're being a jerk. It wasn't funny the first time, and it was even less funny the five hundredth time.
  13. I like caches that get me out, preferably with my dog, for a good hike in the woods. The more scenery the better! I like caches that are creatively camoflaged, not simply stuck under a pile of firewood. Making use of existing items or terrain show the hider has thought about the hide, and wanted to make it enjoyable.
  14. I run into burning buildings while the normal people are running out! 20 years as a career firefighter.
  15. I carry a Swiss Army Knife on my belt, and for anything that won't solve, a .38 caliber Rossi revolver. Have a CCW, too.
  16. Jennifer, with respect, you've found four caches and hidden one. Sooner or later, you'll get tired of lifting lamp-post skirts in the WalMart parking lot, or driving around behind stores to grab yet another magnetic box stuck to a guard rail. Everyone reaches their saturation point with these. On the other end of the spectrum, micros by their size alone lend themselves to what I refer to as "The Needle in the Haystack" hides, where there are plenty of places to hide a full-size cache, and about a billion places where a micro might be. So the question becomes, "do you spend all day looking for one frustrating hide, or do you ignore it and go enjoy yourself?" There are some great micro hides out there, though, and I'd hate to lose them. I don't dislike micros, but I do dislike, and tend to avoid, lame locations.
  17. Anybody who's cached during winter has come across a frozen cache - I know I sure have!
  18. But why do they have to copy the lame hides??
  19. I have actually been thanked by a hunter for walking through the woods during hunting season. It was deer season, I was in PA, where hunting is permitted in many parks, and I was puffing and panting my way up a large hill, following the trail. I was not at all quiet. When I got near the top I saw a hunter and I apologized for the noise I was making. He told me what noise I was making was actually serving to move the deer, which increased the hunters' chances for a shot at one. Of course, deer season and other seasons are hunted in a different style. What irks me about PAFarmboy's problem in WV is that he complied with all their rules. He jumped through their hoops. He had his caches in place and online, and evidently arbitrarily, someone decided they didn't want caches in "their" area, and they began removing them, including travelbugs and other swag. They made no attempt to contact PAFarmboy, nor have they done so yet, so he can claim his property and the various other items in the caches. It's not really about us vs. hunters, it's about how a bargain was broken. One side of the bargain is that when we ask for and receive permission to place a cache, we comply with any rules the land owner or manager puts on us. In exchange for that, his side of the bargain is he lets us put our cache on his land. What the WMA management did was wrong, plain and simple.
  20. Gotcha! Sorry about that!!
  21. It appears that the people who run the Wildlife Management Areas in West Virginia have decided that those areas are for hunting only, not for caching. They're evidently confiscating caches found in their areas, despite their being legally placed with permission. http://www.magpi.us/forum/viewtopic.php?p=2028#2028 I'd like to ask that if anyone is in the area and affected by this seemingly arbitrary change in their policy, they contact anyone they can think of to get this bad decision corrected.
  22. Looks like the Wildlife Management Areas in West Virginia are for hunters only. They seem to be confiscating, without notification, any caches they find. http://www.magpi.us/forum/viewtopic.php?p=2028#2028 I've done a cache or two of PAFarmboy's, and I can vouch for his integrity. He creates challenging, well-thought-out and well-laid-out caches. He does his homework. Please read the link. This ain't right!
  23. I'd recommend asking in the Central Ohio Geocachers forum - they're pretty active and well organized. http://www.cogeocaching.org/ Sorry to keep bouncing you around, but I'm up in the Youngstown area.
  24. A great big ATTABOY! (and ATTAGIRL! too!) to you all! Well done!
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