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  1. I've been spotted several times, and usually I just explain a little about geocaching. But I did once allow some people to keep the wrong conclusion they jumped to. Up in the NE corner of Ohio I was hunting a cache that turned out to be under a covered bridge. I was fairly well out of sight when I found the cache, and when I climbed back into view there was a vanload of senior citizens out for a day trip As I was mulling over how to explain geocaching to septugenarians, I overheard one woman say, "Oh, look. He must be working on the bridge - see? He has some sort of instrument in his hand!" Well, I also had the printed page along with me, so I pulled it out of my pocket, consulted it, and "took some measurements" with my "instrument" and compared them to the "figures" on my paper. After agreeing with myself that all was well here, I got in my truck and left. When I'm not on two wheels, I'm usually in my plain jane silver Dodge pickup, which adds to the notion that I'm a worker at a given location, and therefore "supposed to be there." When it looks like this cover will keep me from being noticed, I don't do anything to discourage it. Ed_S
  2. I placed it southwest of Lisbon OH (Columbiana County, eastern edge of Ohio) in late July of 2003. It's been interesting following it around!
  3. I think they should let all motorcycles in free and unmolested! We don't put near the wear and tear on the roads that most luxo-barge SUVs do, and we don't take up near the parking space. And my 1300cc, 750 lb bike gets 50 mpg, too. I think it's all a vast government conspiracy to keep motorcyclists out! (hee hee) Ed
  4. Isn't that where Dave Dravecky is from? Yep! Bernie Kosar, too.
  5. I thought about putting the sticker (if it is one) on plexiglass - I, um, knew college students who did that, too. What concerns me is that a sticker done in this fashion, or a hanging tag, or a card laid on the dash, or whatever, are not secured when on a motorcycle. I wonder of the powers that be thought about this. Ed
  6. I'm in Boardman, a suburb of Youngstown, over here in NE Ohio. Been caching for a couple years, finally got around to peeking in here.
  7. Fly, with all due respect, the way the logs read in both your Ohio caches, I wouldn't travel the 40 or 50 miles from here to there and look for them! Please post a log entry saying they're there, and I'll bet people will start looking for them. (Although, if Goldsnoop was involved, I'd be fairly sure that: a) the cache really is there; and it's pretty well hidden!) Ed
  8. One issue I didn't see (maybe I overlooked it) covered is, what about those of us who have more than one vehicle? Specifically, a car or truck and a motorcycle? Do I need to buy a sticker/pass for each vehicle? I don't mind buying a $25 season pass, but I'll be darned if I'm buying three of 'em! I like to cache from my motorcycle in the summer, but here in NE Ohio it gets a bit brisk (not to mention slippery) to do that all year round! Ed
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