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  1. Congrats to lucyandrickie, k7-wave, jcar and GoWest, and wienerdog. Thanks, grossi
  2. Thanks grossi and nevcowpok. And congrats to others who have reached milestones this week.
  3. Thanks to Moun10Bike for the initial contact and post and thanks to everyone for the good time.
  4. Congrats, EraSeek. Nice to meet you on Tuesday.
  5. I'm interested. Nice to meet you today, hydnsek.
  6. Ill not be able to make the pizza meeting tonight but will be at the lynnwood P&R tomorrow at 7:30. I plan to drive as I need to be back at about 5 PM so anyone that wants a ride back to the park and ride is welcome to ride with me.
  7. Got my coins today and am total appreciative of the hard work done by Ladybug Kids. Thank you so much. Can't wait to spread the ones I'm not keeping around.
  8. One silver, two bronze Wyoming coins. Thanks.
  9. There is a park and ride here: N47 51.059 W122 15.523. That's at exit 183, just north of the I5-I405 confluence. 7:30 there makes sense to me.
  10. I'm good for Whidbey. I'll be leaving from the U District at an appropriate time and have room for three. Any riders?
  11. Hi Pepper, Here it is: WSGA Forums. Hope you're well. OBE
  12. I could make it. If there is still room, let me know.
  13. If TrueCompanion is chaufering I'm in this Passport as seen June 7 2005 somewhere near Crater Lake OR. Otherwise I'm in an ordinary green Accord. No photo necessary.
  14. Nevcowpok hit 400 today while traveling in North Dakota. Congrats, Cowboy!
  15. We expect to be in Wyoming in August. Would like a few coins before or after to comemorate. Please keep me in the loop. Thanks. OBE
  16. Congrats Moun10bike. And thanks Nevada cow poke for noticing mine. There's more to the tale that meets the eye.
  17. I plan to be in Southern Oregon June 4th to the 10th. Wilst it be approved and/or found by then perhaps?
  18. Pepper is obviously Peppers as her avatar clearly indicates. What is the problem here?
  19. If the site is ready to go active, just activate it. Whichever reviewer is taking the calls right now will contact you. You can also post a note to the reviewer when you activate it with questions you may have. The reviewer will respond. Looking forward to it from here.
  20. Congrats Nevada and all others too.
  21. Yes they do. King county's is Here. Very helpful in finding access to devious hides.
  22. Nice work Glitche Ente, and nice to meet you at the CITO event. OBE
  23. OldBaldEagle


    For a challenge you can enjoy at home until it is solved and then again in the search try Geoanacrostic. Plenty of Seattle caches after that which are plenty of fun.
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