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  1. We just had a geo-event and were not aware that pocket caches were not allowed. We are relatively new to the game, we had gone to other geo-events and seen other players do it. We did not knowingly eluded the rules. We didn't get any "warning", our caches were automatically archived. I will be glad to delete the logs from those who logged them as pocket if I please can have a chance to acitivate them again, since they are placed in cool, interesting places. I will personally also discourage others from this in other occassions, now that I am aware that is not approved.
  2. I think that the addition of Google Maps is Great! I love Google maps. Can't wait until the "identify" feature works.
  3. Sorry to disagree with you. The new Google Maps are great! You just need to get use to them. There are specially good to make sure your coordinates actually pint point to the right place.
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