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  1. I got involved with it through my fiance. He mentioned it to me around the 10th of December 2004. He'd read an article in his hometown newspaper and mentioned it to me in passing. Something that we could do together and get some exercise at the same time. I immediately went to the website and got hooked and the next thing I knew, all I was talking about was geocaching. I am not even sure he was really into it as much as I was. But he humored me, and we dragged out his old, work GPS, printed off 12 or so caches in his hometown area and got started the week of Christmas. Now we plan our weekends, being sure that we include some cache hunting. I even mentioned it to a friend at work and now she and her husband are all excited and are about to start it up. What I really look forward to is taking my dad out next month. I mentioned it to him, and he's been out on the website for a year, looking, but has never cached. We are going to take him out in Feburary when we are visiting for his 60th birthday and see if we can get him as hooked as we are!! By the way, if you are in Houston TX, look us up.... we go by Mr_and_Mrs_Hydrogeologist!! (Yeah, we are not married, yet, but we might as well be!!).
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