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  1. I think the determining factor should not be the size, but the "Public Display". The the 1-inch piece refrigerator magnet in your kitchen wouldn't count. A same-size piece publicly displayed in a restaurant or an airport (those are two of the places where I have seen pieces on display) would.
  2. As one of the officers in Municipal flags, please let me know which waymarks you are referring to as there is nothing coming up on my list of waymarks to be approved.
  3. Sorry I totally dropped this for so long. So, what were the unanswered questions? I think the biggest problem was weather to allow only one entry per name or multiple entries. How would one regulate multiple entries for something like the the 200 miles long Stanislaus River (named after Native American Chief Estanislao) or the over 1,000 miles of shoreline of Lake Victoria. For now, I would like to include lakes, rivers, forests, deserts, mountains, glaciers and other natural features. I would exclude political entities (Countries or counties, states, districts etc.) named after people (Washington State or the Country of Columbia, for example). I would also exclude submerged features like the Lomonosov Ridge at the bottom of the Arctic Ocean and continents - America was named after Amerigo Vespucci. There was also a suggestion regarding mythical creatures and deities - I would recommend against that as there is too much uncertainty. As for the burden of proof: should we require a sign with the name on it or is a map or Wikipedia reference good enough? A compromise for both the double entry issue and the proof would be to allow only one entry per subject proven by a map or online reference but to allow multiple signs, if the clearly spell out the name. What do you think?
  4. I just realized, the forum shows the oldest entries first. So if you wonder, why a topic stated in 2014 just popped up again: here is what I just wrote there: Hello old friends, after taking a break for Waymarking, I lately got back into the game and would like to give this idea a fresh start. Please take some time to go over the previous discussion and maybe we can get this going this time. Happy New Year, everybody.
  5. Hello old friends, after taking a break for Waymarking, I lately got back into the game and would like to give this idea a fresh start. Please take some time to go over the previous discussion and maybe we can get this going this time. Happy New Year, everybody.
  6. Just because something fits into another category too doesn't mean it wouldn't deserve its own category. I would support an extra category for it. My favorite piece is the one in a men's room in a Las Vegas Casino. I would also not limit it to large pieces of the wall. A lot of individual stones or pieces of barbed wire ended up in museums and other public places. A gave a little (about 2 inches) stone to a friend in Malaysia and he put it in a wall in his house.
  7. Yep, just happened to me too. I remember having the same problem in the past, but I don't remember if and how it got fixed back then.
  8. That actually works. Thank you! ? But we shouldn't have to relay on ways to work around a problem
  9. It does not only affect edits. I have edits for two waymarks in a group a manage that need approval and no matter how often I check the "approved" box, nothing happens.
  10. Thank you, BK-Hunters for the fast response! I was experiencing the same problem. Waiting patiently :-)
  11. Same here, no notification for approvals, no confirmation emails.
  12. By the way: I just had a look at your other Stolperstein Submissions. There is one that does not look like it was created by the original artist (which is why we called a group vote back then) but it was approved. http://www.Waymarking.com/waymarks/WMP51C_Robert_BLICHMANN_Landstraer_Hauptstrae_4_Wien_Austria I hope this concludes the discussion: If it looks like a "Stolperstein" (small and square) and is placed like a "Stolperstein" (in the sidewalk next to a house), it will be welcome in this category. So, if there are similar plaques on the ground in the waymark we discussed, then please re-submit so I can have a look at it.
  13. I think the Holocaust category was created precisely for plaques like that. I see no reason not to approve it there. This category sometimes is a little slow, but I am pretty confident they will approve it.
  14. I am all for a discussion. And as said before, I would welcome other Stolpersteine, not created by the original artist. However, I think my bottom line would be: It has to be something you can STUMBLE over, meaning, something on the ground. I think anything else would dilute the category too much.
  15. I was the one sending this to group vote (and I voted against it). In your long explanation you forgot to mention one important fact: Your Stumbling Stones" were plaques at a wall. I would have actually approved it (in spite of not being "original") had they been on the sidewalk. The idea of a "Stolperstein" (stumbling stone on German) is that one can stumble over it (That was the basic idea of raising attention to the people who lived in the houses now honored by those stones). I just don't get how one could stumble over a plaque bolted to a wall four feet above ground. I have no problem with adding other "Stolpersteine" to the category; in fact I would love to see that other people picked up the artists idea. But they would still have to be stumbling stones, not plaques at a wall.
  16. I tried to read through all the infighting :-) Maybe I have an idea that could please everybody (it would even be global). How about Waymarking sights (markers, murals, monuments etc.) that commemorate the reformation?
  17. Yes, it was. I am willing to bet vital parts of my anatomy, that clicking on the link that was under uphours.com would have installed some phishing software on my computer. Cyber criminals get smarter. It is a cruel world out there. (PS: I informed Groundspeak and they are looking into the account)
  18. Here is a new one, just posted in "Disguised Cell Towers": Good day my fellows! I'm Rachel and my hometown is Eagle Point. My address is 944 Sellwood Drive, 97524. I work for uphours.com. My friend Michael R Smith is the Executive Manager of this company. The company was created on 9/14/2007. This is our registration number: 46165494. Additionally, Domestic Business Corporation is our business entity type. Enough of the details! It's finally time to tell you that I absolutely love listening to classical music. The account is AnnaEtheridge66 There is a link in this message. I did not open it because chances are it is a virus of some kind.
  19. So do Bear Statues, Dog Statues, and Lion Statues. I am not suggesting we should have a separate category for every animal, but goat statues are actually quite common in Europe (I have pictures of a few). So, if it works for Lions and Tigers and Bears, sorry, Lions and Dogs and Bears, it should work for goats. Or, (as I have seen a number of cow statues too), maybe we could expand it to Farm Animal Statues.
  20. I think we should both contact Torgut directly and get this started all over again. Happy New Year!
  21. Looks there is not very much support on this idea. That's why I like discussing things in the forum rather than having a half baked idea shut down in approval. Time to concentrate on other (better) ideas I have started and never finished. However, I will keep this discussion open in case somebody comes up with a great idea to sell it.
  22. Per your request, I posted the complete proposal in the Forum in September. I have been waiting for your response ever since No, seriously: Thank you for the reminder. I will get back to it and revive it.
  23. I have no problem with "cross-registering", on the contrary: I like it when a place gives more than just one waymarker a chance to log it. But I understand your concerns. When I think of diners, I think mostly of the kind of restaurant you would call "American." I would not think of a Korean or Moroccan restaurant as a "diner" but I see your point. We will have to be very specific with the definition. "American" probably wouldn't fly, but in Berlin, there is a "Californian" restaurant. Is there such a thing as typical US-American food? In Germany, we have a joke: Every American knows three German towns: Hamburg, Frankfurt and Cheeseburg. Lets discuss this a little bit more and hammer out the details.
  24. We have categories for Chinese, Thai, Japanese and Mexican restaurants. What about all the German, Turkish, Moroccan, Indian, and ... and ... and ... restaurants? I suggest a category called "National Cuisine" featuring independent restaurants that are specialized in food from a country other that the one they are located in - Polish restaurants in Germany, German restaurants in Poland, Turkish restaurants in Greece, Greek restaurants in Turkey - you get the idea. I'm not sure if it would make things too complicated but I would like to include Regions other than Nations too - a Bavarian restaurant in Berlin for example would be considered pretty foreign by most locals. However, it should be limited to independent restaurant and should not include National chains like Louisiana Shrimp, Hawaiian BBQ or Texas Grill. I know, this is yet another "commercial" category, but I like the little Vietnamese, Greek, and Serbian restaurants (to name a few) in my neighborhood and would like to waymark them. Let me know what you think.
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