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  1. That is not the correct cache. In fact this cache is not even an active listing, archived or not. When you quote a post that deals specifically with GC69DBG, you should not be surprised to hear follow up information relevant to GC69DBG. There is another cache that's been explained; it is on or at the border of the Chamber of Commerce property. If there are other caches you are asking about, please ask specifically and respectfully. GC25RWX - This has been confirmed to be on private land. It was considered close enough to a City building to be archived. It would be good for the community to better understand the reasons behind this archival. Thanks.
  2. That is not the correct cache. In fact this cache is not even an active listing, archived or not.
  3. Another vote for the Rat's overview. The local caching community in Milpitas also seems to share this view including the COs impacted. We are actively working with them on communications locally. Groundspeak's responses on the other hand have been unsatisfactory IMHO. The cacher commenting may just be a little too far out of the affected area to care about developing relations with the City of Milpitas, so it is easier to attack then to understand. The local community is very interested in proactively working out issues at a local level.
  4. Did Groundspeak, at the request of the City of Milpitas, archive a cache that was not on City of Milpitas property? A cache was was archived to make way for a City of Milpitas cache that has not yet been published: GC69DBG. They were about 58 feet away from one another. It is within the City of Milpitas boundary. The image below is from County of Santa Clara's Parcel Map. Whoa! My house is in the City of Milpitas boundary. My house is my private property. There is a cache in front of my house. Based on this fact pattern, does Groundspeak believe that they have the right to archive my cache on my private property because it is within the City of Milpitas boundary??? The cache in question that was archived due to the geotour is on private land regardless of what city it resides within. Groundspeak - please explain why this cache on private property was archived.
  5. Where is Groundspeak in this Forum and why are they not responding to this question? To further the point, none of the 16 initial geotour caches were placed within close proximity of the final coords to the affected puzzle. Given that the next round of geotour caches will not be released until June 2016, there seems to be ample time to resolve this situation and reinstate this cache that seems to have been inappropriately archived.
  6. The message to the COs went out just days before the archiving of the caches. This did not allow for any level of problem solving. Also, changing the name of a cache to fit in with the geotour and the CO retaining ownership does not work for puzzle caches. The puzzle caches in this area in particular are incredibly challenging to solve and there is somewhat of a badge of honor in penning your name on the log. To transition that to a standard trad that everyone can log renders the point mute. Questions: 1. Assuming that the City approves and chooses to archive certain caches following the geotour, would Groundspeak consider allowing an unarchival of the impacted caches? 2. Assuming that Groundspeak is going to continue to work with Cities to create these geotours, can the company consider enlisting a number of good practices to ensure continued good relationships between the City and the geocaching community. This will also result in a better product for Groundspeak to market. - Request the Cities provide 30 days notification for archival of caches - Strongly suggest the Cities not request archival of caches that meet certain criteria (>10 years old, >25 favorites, etc.) - Allow an option in which the City runs their geotour for 6 months, after which any legacy archived caches may be revived. Communicate this to COs well in advance of the geotour - Reach out specifically to the 10 cachers with the most hides within a 10 mile radius of city center to specifically offer to add their names to a quick reference list for the City contact. Provide all 10 cachers with the City contact as well. Suggest to City that they host a coffee/meeting to gain feedback and enlist the help of the local community. Based on the poor reception of the Milpitas geotour, our community would gladly provide additional feedback.
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