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  1. The new visual for My Finds (or My Friends Finds) is not a step back, it is several steps back! Why is the country of the find missing now? Why is the date of my find missing? Also the structure is now less compact and much more confusing. The updates here are usually for the better, but this blunder made me think of cancelling my premium membership... Please revert this change or at least complete it with country and date of my find... thank you.
  2. No, the trick would be in having both and an option of either/or. From the [FEATURE] Enhance D/T selection in PQ thread: Say i want to run a pocket query to get caches with all difficulty ratings but 3 and under on the terrain rating. Would i have to check each individual square below terrain 3 to get the right results? If so, nope,,, doesn't sound good at all.
  3. This is exactly how it should look like! Thank you! From the [FEATURE] Enhance D/T selection in PQ thread:
  4. I have a few suggestions how to improve the current geocaching.com website/tools: 1) In the retractable sidebar (in the map view) one can filter cache types on the map. Another button filtering disabled caches too would be useful. 2) When I open the list of my caches, there used to be a button "map it". It disappeared now. Why? It was quite useful. 3) In the old version of the website in the map view there was a side bar (similar to the current retractable one) with a button "update". So after I logged my caches of the day, I just pushed the button and the logged caches disappeared from the map. Now I have to renew the website and set all filters again. That is very tedious, one button would be definitely helpful. 4) On the pocket queries page I can decide what combinations should appear in my selection, but I can only choose them in a from-to mode. So if I want just a few specific combinations (let's say D4/T3 and D1/T1), I have to produce two different PQs. It would be useful to have a matrix there where I could check different specific combinations. Trevelyan77
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