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  1. I have used both EasyGPS (unknown version, circa Dec 2004) and GSAK (version 6.6.4) to transfer coordinates to my Legend (blue) and Venture CX with no problems.
  2. I think I found the answer to my problem. I did a web search and found a blurb that states that SendMap20 "Now comes with support for up to 512Mb". So it probably choked on the size of the map I was trying to send. Odd that the program gave no indication of a problem or error... Jean
  3. I have a new Kingston 1GB micro SDcard that I'm trying to load with some maps. I used Mapsource to generate a gdb file, and then I used Img2gps (version 2.72) to transmit the maps to the GPS unit (via SendMap20, version 3.5). The GPS unit is a Venture CX, with software version 2.60. If I only send a few maps (5 maps, which take up about 7.6MB), everything works ok and the maps are available on the GPS unit. But when I try to load all the maps I want (560 maps, which take up about 754MB), then process looks like it completes ok, but the maps are not displayed on the unit and do they show up as being selectable. Any guesses as to what is the problem is? Thanks, Jean
  4. Garmin's web page for their POI Loader states that it can function on any "IBM-compatible PC running Windows 2000 or Windows XP operating system". My computer has Windows ME, which is pretty much like Windows XP but uses a different kernel. Has anyone successfully used the current POI Loader (version 2.4.1) on a Windows ME operating system? Thanks.
  5. I have used Metroguide North America versions 6 and 8 with the (blue) Legend. The maps work fine on the unit, but (1) the unit only has 8MB of memory, so don't expect to load a large map area into the unit, and (2) the b&w display makes map reading somewhat difficult.
  6. I have GSAK version 6.6.4 running on my Win ME desktop computer.
  7. Windows 98 and Windows ME back up your registry at least once a day. You can request that the system revert to a backed-up version of the registry via the program SCANREG. Check out the following Microsoft info: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/183887 For Windows XP, you can use System Restore to revert the registry to a prior time.
  8. Way to go Garmin! The increase in revenue isn't too surprising. GPS's in general have become more popular. And Garmin has been offering some fantastic rebates that entice tightwads like to to splurge and upgrade to newer and better units (Venture CX with a $50 rebate) and updated maps (Metroguide North America ver. 8 with a $30 upgrade rebate).
  9. I also had a problem with the default warning sounds on the Venture CX. I checked out the available tones and selected the ones that are longest in duration (as opposed to one short tone). Now when I'm driving on the interstate, I can hear the "turn coming up" signals -even with the windows open.
  10. Okay, just to add another opinion to this thread, I'd leave the batteries in the unit. Why? Well, last week I took the batteries out of my Legend and forgot to replace them. Yesterday I decided to go caching, put some batteries in the unit, entered some waypoints, and happily drove off to the park in search of caches. When I got there I turned the unit on, it could not find any satellites ...even after sitting in the open for over 45 minutes ...because it had the wrong date (the date was for the day I took the batteries out) and satellite almanac/location data. When I returned back home, I had to do a hard reset of the unit and let it download all the satellite almanac data again. Moral: leave batteries in unit.
  11. I'm not familiar with the Magellan units you mentioned, but I just transitioned from a Garmin Legend (black and white display) to a Garmin Venture CX (color display). The color display is significantly easier to read, and I would never go back to a b&w display.
  12. I recently had the same problem with GSAK when I tried to download waypoints to my new Venture CX (a USB connection). I solved the problem by getting the latest version (6.6.4, build 20) of GSAK, which includes an updated version of GPSbabel. You didn't mention which version of GSAK you are using and which OS your computer uses. If your OS is Windows 98 or Windows ME, the version of the GPSbabel program (which actually does the output to the GPS) included in the latest GSAK package has a fix for the "Windows 98 & Windows ME freeze problem". The fix can be activated via the "advanced " tab in GSAK's tools.
  13. I recently bought a Venture Cx and, like you, I could not get the computer to recognize it. My final solution : 1) downloaded & installed the latest Mapsource program (which includes drivers) 2) disconnected all nonessential USB devices (printer, hubs, etc.) 3) attached the unit's USB cable directly to a USB port on the back of the computer 4) restarted computer
  14. It depends on how much accuracy you need in the maps and whether the areas of interest to you have changed much in the last few years. The maps in v6 are dated at 2004, and the maps in v5 are likely to be older than that. The most recent Metroguide version is v8.
  15. Actually, I have read that there is a way you can use Mapsource maps to autoroute in any Garmin GPS that does autorouting. Do a search for a program called Metrowizzz. I haven't tried this program yet, but I just ordered a Venture CX in the hope that the program will allow the new GPS to use my MetroGuide maps for autorouting.
  16. I just ordered a Venture Cx. Thinking that the unit might not have the latest firmware version when it arrives, I downloaded the 2.60 firmware updater program. I was disappointed to read on the download page that the updater requires an "IBM-compatible PC running Windows 2000 or Windows XP operating system" Has anyone successfully used the 2.60 updater on a Windows ME or Windows 98 computer?
  17. I currently have an eTrex Legend. I initially got it for geocaching, but later on started using it to provide maps (via MetroGuide North America) when I travel. Because Garmin is offering a $50 rebate on the Venture CX, I'm considering getting it for travelling purposes. When travelling, I find that the Legend has two weak points: 1) It is sometimes hard to decipher the map detail on the Legend's monochrome display. For those of you have have both monochrome and color displays, is the color display on the color eTrexes a lot easier to decipher? 2) The Legend only holds 8MB of map data - barely enough to map out my county and three adjacent counties. Would the Venture CX with a 528MB microSD card allow me to fit in most of the eastern USA? I read a review of the Venture CX at Amazon.com and one fellow indicated he was able to use a free program to get the Venture CX to autoroute using MetroGuide: <"I had a 2004 version of Mapsource Metrosource 6.0, and using Metrowizzz (free) I am able to load the maps onto the unit and have the Venture CX calculate turn by turn directions to any address I enter. The cool thing about navigation is it tells you the distance between you and the next turn, and it beeps once in advance to tell you the turn is coming up, then when you're very close to it it beeps twice and tells you to turn (i.e. a message on the LCD "Turn left onto Main St.")."> Has anyone here tried this? If so, how well does it work? Thanks, Jean
  18. I can also attest to the excellence of Garmin's customer support. I called their support center and talked with a fellow who was very courteous and business-like. I told him that my Legend (which was 16 months old, and therefore out of warranty) had a problem with the click-stick. I basically wanted to find out the cost to repair the unit, but he indicated that Garmin would replace the unit at no cost to me. I sent the defective Legend to them, and within a week I received a new Legend. They were even kind enough to load all my maps and waypoints into the new unit! This fantastic customer service will definitely influence any future GPS purchases I make in the future. Garmin rules!
  19. In hopes of being able to get more map areas loaded into the small 8MB memory in my Garmin Legend, I want to delete some of the POI stuff from the maps that get loaded to the GPS. I have been told that older versions of cGPSmapper can "decompile" the Mapsource img file and save the result as an mp file, which can then be input into MapMan so that POI's can be selectively deleted. My problem is that the documentation on CGPSmapper is so vague that I don't know how to get the program to input an img file and output an mp file. Could someone give me the appropriate command line? Thanks, Jean
  20. I have a Garmin Legend which has about 40 waypoints that someone loaded for me. I'd like to upload those waypoints to my computer (operating system is Windows ME). After loading the waypoints into in the computer, I want to input them to GSAK. Is there a free, easy-to-use program that can do this for me? I'll probably never have to do this again, so I don't need a program with lots of bells and whistles. Thanks for any help. Hi-Ho Silver
  21. It isn't that easy. You have to unlock after a rew release has been issued. According to Garmin's web site: Edit: Link The fact that Garmin mentions "unlock" implies that free updates don't apply to maps (like Metroguide North America) that don't use unlock codes. Is that correct?
  22. Does anyone have any idea when Garmin will release a new version (ie, version 7) of Metroguide North America? I'd like to have the maps for a trip that I'm taking in a couple weeks, but I hate to buy version 6 now if the updated version is soon to be released. Thanks.
  23. From responses I've read in newsgroups, it is possible to cram more map info into the Legend if you are willing to live without certain types of POI's. If you use Google Groups to search for the thread "US model Etrex Legend in Euro Backpacking trip", you'll find some comments about the methods. Here are some of the tips from the thread--- From one post:--- | >| I've played around with uploading to the Legend with sendmap20, which | >| drops a lot of proprietary data when uploading. I can get twice the | >| maps into the legend that way, with no loss of useful data *to me*. | >| | >| sendmap20 is part of the cgpsmapper thingy. In response to the above, Jean wrote--- >>> What data do you lose when loading the Legend with sendmap20? Can you >>> selectively delete classes of POI (eg, delete restaurants but leave >>> service stations in) ? and jc replied--- >>There is no automagic way to select what gets deleted, but if no one >>else does it I'll proly write a perl script that parses .mp files to >>rip out stuff the user specifies. Then recompile to .img with >>cgpsmapper and upload. then Keith Sheppard stated--- Actually there is a way with a bit of extra software (watch out, there's a plug coming because I happen to be the author of such a package). Once you have used cgpsmapper to "reverse compile" your map into a .mp file, you can then load that into a mapping application. Let's see if I can think of one... I know, how about my MapMan (free download from http://homepages.tesco.net/~Keith.Sheppard/MapMan.htm). Having loaded your map into MapMan, click on the Edit menu and choose "Map Item". You will be shown a scrollable list of all items in your map. There are various tools to select map items by type and/or string match and you can then delete selected items. Having got rid of the dross, click on the Export menu and choose "Digital Map". Your pruned map will then be exported to a new .mp file and, optionally, recompiled. >>I can't tell what's missing; I had heard it was phone numbers and >>addresses of POIs, etc, but I haven't looked because I don't look at >>POI stuff much. I think it depends what version of cGPSMapper you are using. I seem to recall that the freeware version discards all the autorouting data and address details - which include the phone and address details you mentioned. I haven't tried any of the above method(s), but it seems like a worthwhile thing to test out. Hi-Ho Silver
  24. My philosophy: log a DNF if I made a concentrated, lengthy, and unrestricted effort to find the cache and I couldn't locate it. The purpose of my log is to let the owner and other potential cachers know that there may be a problem. If I made a half-hearted scan of the area and left before finding the cache (ie, I got bored, or was driven away by muggles, or felt that the cache wasn't worth my time and effort), I don't log a DNF since the cache may be there but I just didn't take the time to find it. In this case, my logging a DNF would provide no meaningful information to the owner or other potential cachers. Jean
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