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  1. Welcome to Geocaching!! that is such a great way to get into it and clever on your part to have found your way here! keep checking in if more questions come up! lots of amazing people here who can help and answer questions!
  2. As tu peu chercher des nouveaux Cache? J'avais le meme problem donc j'ai enlever l'application et je l'et re-installer. Sa a reparer le problem. I'm bilingual as well so I responded. Translation is just checking in if she still has the problem. I had the same issue, and all i did to resolve it was remove the app from my phone and re-installed it. Solved the problem.
  3. You would be surprised. This is a incredible fun game for adults(and kids), and it really doesn't cost anything to be part of it(or a minimal cost to get the premium membership if decide you want extra options). Hiding them is quite fun, and reading the finder posts when they are discovered is just as fun. As it becomes more and more popular and more people discover geocaching its going to continue to get bigger and more caches will get planted.
  4. A GPS unit is for sure a lot better for accuracy but you will have to keep in mind, that even then in heavily wooded area it will also have some issues for the same reason that your phone would. It will always be better but you will still run into some similar issues. Having both I will admit that I still prefer my cell phone. The app is absolutely fantastic and it's so much quicker and easier to use-makes things so easy.
  5. That is a hard one to answer. I think it's important to take a close look of the location you have them in. In our area we have had a lot of acreage/farm break-ins so it's imperative to find locations that will not disturb farm owners or be in high muggle areas. I have one out right now myself which worries me a little bit as well. If it's well hidden out of sight and away from muggles, you should not have any issues. Unfortunately that is a risk that you always have to be willing to accept that it could happen.
  6. Yes! absolutely it is worth it! the extra features on the app alone are worth it. Once you look at all the extra geocaches you can find, it really adds to the benefits as a whole. Highly recommend it.
  7. Thank you, it was such a wonderful post. Very refreshing and very well written. Thank you
  8. Woot this is a good thread! we are very new ourselves to caching so doing some fun ones is definitely part of the plan. Will hang on to this thread and go check those out. Thanks for posting them!
  9. Hey folks, My honey and I are pretty new geocachers still and would love to meet some people who are local to us. Would you guys be interested in having a local meet up? we unfortunaltely missed the last one but really would like to set one up. Maybe go out and get a couple caches, or just meet up for some wings, dinner. Let me know if anyone would be interested. I think it would make a fun evening
  10. I've never found a cache yet personally - my children on teh other hand always manage to do so. I get us to the rough area and they do the finesse part and find it. Take heart, it will come to you and rather than stress about the lack of find enjoy the area you're in instaed. Oh, and my children are for hire if you wish LOL you know it's funny you say that. We've found 27 so far *stands proud* and we took a first time geocacher yesterday, and she found all of them! we were put to shame! We are also pretty new at this and I will admit we have never been able to successfully find a micro. We've tried many times but never found out. Luckily, a lovely lady here on the forum offered a hand so we're going to go out with a pro to learn how to do this. Should be fun!
  11. We are looking into starting our first cache and were curious as to what was the funnest item you found in a cache? or what was the funnest cache location? We want to make this a memorable cache. Thanks for sharing your stories.
  12. Here is a link to a post put up in the Calgary Area Geocaching. One of the members is trying to set up a meet up on April 22nd: http://forums.calgarycachers.net/viewtopic...?f=8&t=3500
  13. C'est super! j'aurais bien voulut en deposer un du Canada quand je suis venue visiter la France il y a 2 ans. tanpis! la prochaine fois!
  14. Awwww I don't know how many replies you'll get, but you should join us on a meet up here in Calgary
  15. Great pics everyone! was fun going through them. Hope to see a lot more loaded up! Here are a few of ours of some of our first caches of my hubby and I.
  16. To bad you're so far away, my hubby and I would definitely join you. Been in a news story before teehee! Maybe not a story you would want to be made of you, but hey a story:
  17. Hey folks! My hubby and I are pretty new geocachers and are still learning the ropes. We've only found about 5 caches or so(and loving it), and we are wanting to hide our first cache. Unfortunately I'm unable to financially go out and buy a GPS(for now) and have been relying on the iPhone application to find our caches. To my disappointment and stupidity , I put together a box to hide, but only realizing now that I don't have a way to get the coordinates of where I will be hiding/placing the box. Do you guys know of an application that could help me get those? is anyone willing to help or meet some beginner cachers in southern Alberta to hide this first cache? Thanks again everyone!
  18. Oh! I would love to take a drive and go do that one! did you have a link to retrieve the information for it? We're both new to geocaching and we've found some great ones, but not sure what you would define as a must do. Definitely fire out the information please
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