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  1. After visiting the Lutterworth area at the weekend, was surprised to find that Launch Point was missing (done previously...seen all the hoohar....what's happening now, has it died down? I would just keep putting them out...in cheap containers! J
  2. Do any cachers on here also do VW shows?
  3. Anyway back to veedubs and caching!
  4. I have to Agree Er yeah! Quite!
  5. It's amazing what Bongos can do to a thread! We should have a mini event in event at the Mega event!
  6. It's amazing what Bongos can do to a thread!
  7. Aha Delta, i think i recognise your dogs! And didn't you used to have Morris Marina Klodopper??? Enough said! You must have had a lot of experience with fixing rusty cars at the roadside!
  8. It would seem that my oiriginal post was deleted!! I started this thread to see how many dubbers also cache! Our T2 bus is a TB (TBMR85) and will be at a few VW shows this year... if you see us pop over and say hello! And is currently logged into another VW Bus a german T4 which is a trackable mobile cache! And V-Dubbers....nice one!! Any pics of Mabel?! You have good taste Keychain and CurryKev Delta et al...
  9. Live bus tracking systems use GPS to track the buses and update the "Next Bus Due in x minutes" systems. The same location info is used to play "Next Stop...." announcements. It's been extended to allow you to pay for you journeys with a smartcard where you swipe on and off buses and the GPS locations are used to work out billing. Our local bus company uses a system called Startrack. Beam me up! J
  10. Well, i'm now happy with it, thanks for setting the cache, i look forward to doing it! Cheers John
  11. Hence my reference to a hiccup. Hopefully the "owner" will reply here himself but suffice it to say that I'm happy with what has been said in private e-mails to me. Hello all, yes, i was rather miffed about it and as i haven't actually been contacted by the mystery cacher yet with an apology (too much to ask?) i am still a little. Agree totally with the original post about doing a cache in you own name (or another cachers...WITH THEIR PERMISSION....(the important bit!) if you wish to demonstrate your approval of another cachers caches. If you want to play silly bu993rs and hide behind a sock puppet (for what is in essence a good idea...) i am sure most cachers would still approve to allow their name to be used...if they were asked...and you were up front about it. At the end of the day we all play the game in our own way, but that shouldn't come at the expense of courtesy to other players... Lactodorum has kindly intervened on this occasion and got the user to adjust the page to make it a little clearer as to who's it is and who is maintaining it. Although what is rather annoying is that rather than contact me about my concerns or to ask for retrospective permission, discuss it etc, The Impressionists have just decided how they want to do it (Oh! to Jay) and done it. Yes it complies with Geocaching guidelines now, but they still seem to be rather silent about the whole thing... Add to this the fact that the brief emails i have received from them have the full name of a certain Dragonlady on them...most strange...make of that what you will (two options!). Anyway, back to caching normality... John O2J (The real ones!)
  12. Aha yes, and just found another one here....just does boxes. Thanks i'll have a peek!
  13. Just wondering where people get good boxes such as Ammo boxes and such from.
  14. Congrats! From me and Mrs O2J John n Jenn
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