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  1. When my alarm went off at 3:15 this morning, I was not looking forward to getting out of bed (facing a 9 or so hour drive to NC). But my phone was flashing email alerts, so I started to scroll through them, and there was the message I've been waiting for! Made getting up bright and early seem all the more worth while. This coin looks so awesome, I can't wait to see it in person!
  2. Wow, can't believe my team is still in it! Good luck Dark Elf & EdDakota! And thanks for the cointest, Seekerfamily!!
  3. Thanks for posting and updating the brackets, Voyager, I keep missing the games!!
  4. I have a few ftfs, only because a new cacher in my town placed several urban hides very, very close to my home. I was in the middle of studying for finals, and they kept popping up, so I couldn't pass up the chance to procrastinate. The quickest was probably 20 minutes after publication, the longest was over a day, I believe. The only other ftf I have was a coincidence... I had to be up @ 3am to drive down to JFK airport, and received a notification before I left the house. A new cache had been published along the route I needed to take, so I made a quick stop to pick it up. I wouldn't have gone out of the way for the ftf though. When I get a notification for a new cache, yeah, I'll generally go out and look for it as soon as I can. Sometimes that's fairly quickly, sometimes it's days later and in some cases, I still haven't gotten around to them. However, a quick response from me is not based on the urge to be ftf... It's more about my general excitement for caching. Although, if someone wants to be an "ftf hawk", that's cool with me, too. I don't mind how others want to play, I just want to enjoy finding caches.
  5. Hi! I'm heading down to NC to visit my aunt, and when I told her about the huge number of geocaches in her area, she was interested in giving it a try. Although I lived in Cary for a period of time, I moved back to NY before I started caching, and I've yet to cache in NC. Thus, I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for some unique, creative, or just plain exceptional hides to which I can take her... Anywhere around Cary, Raleigh, Apex or Durham would be best, but I wouldn't mind traveling a little further. I've also checked out the NCGO website's greatest caches section, but most of them were farther away. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
  6. And I was so happy to see it there! Purchased one just the other day!
  7. I found a cache a little while back that also utilized a portion of a talking card. It was neat, but since the cache had gotten wet inside, when you opened the ammo can it only made a weird gurgling noise...
  8. If they pictured a green but were selling a blue you're entitled to a refund. Yeah, the seller and I sent a few emails back and forth once I got the coin, and it seemed like an honest mistake, so I just decided to keep it. I figured I'd put it out there for trade if anyone happened to have an extra, but otherwise, I really like the coin and don't mind having two of the same. Thanks for the reply though, I appreciate it!
  9. If anyone has an extra green and would like to trade for a blue, send me a PM. I accidentally purchased a second blue on ebay (listing had a picture of the green).
  10. Reserved some! And yes, I would be interested in a mystery finish.
  11. I'd like to play please ... Number #20
  12. Hello! Since this coin was sold through Shop Groundspeak, maybe you could try emailing shop@Groundspeak.com to find out? I could be wrong, hopefully someone will correct me if I am.
  13. This sounds like a really nice idea! Personally, I wouldn't have a preference for whether the funds went to a local versus a national organization, and I looked up the two organizations that you mentioned having in mind... They both seem like very worthy causes to me... I especially liked the FOSCCA "second chance emergency fund".
  14. Oooooh, so nice! Love it! Will you be posting the reservation notice on here, or will it be done through another website? I definitely NEED to reserve a set!!
  15. Hi! I'm Leigh, and I've made a few posts, but have generally preferred to lurk once in a while (alright, I'll admit it, when I say "once in a while", I really mean every day). I'm still new, and I don't really have strong opinions one way or the other on many of the topics yet. The forum threads, even those that get a little negative, have been very informative for me, and I really enjoy reading what the others have to say. The online community is especially beneficial, because the nearest caching group in my area meets over 30 miles from my home, so getting together with local cachers to ask questions and learn is difficult for me.
  16. I got this family portrait coin in the mail today in one of geocoinstore's grab bags... Not sure if this is helpful or not though.
  17. WOW! I just found this thread for the first time, and I have to say that I'm continually amazed with how kind and generous the community can be. Congrats to the receivers!
  18. I made one that I haven't placed yet.... Used a Dremmel to score deep lines, then a chisel and hammer to knock out chunks. After that, used Dremmel again to even out the inside. Edit: I'm not sure if this is the easiest way to do it though, and I'm also not certain how long it will hold up once it's placed...
  19. Thanks again for all the great information! I really appreciate all of the help! Based on the responses, I decided to start again by sending PMs to a few cachers who have hides placed in the other parks maintained by the town P&R Department. I also sent a PM to the local reviewer as was suggested in the previous post. Thank you all so much!!!
  20. Thank you both for the quick responses!!! I'm definitely going to follow both of your suggestions, asap. Also, thanks for digging up those email addresses for me, kunarion, I haven't tried the email route yet.
  21. Hi all! For my first cache hide, I wanted to place a larger sized container (ammo can) in a town park that is near my house. I wasn't sure if permission was required, so I made several phone calls to the town parks and recreation department. However, it has been a week or so now and no one has responded. I know there are a few other caches hidden within this particular town's other parks; on these other cache pages, it is not indicated that permission was necessary in order to get their cache placed (i.e. no permit # or contact info for the person who approved it). Should I try calling some more, or should I place the cache without trying further to make contact? Sorry if this is a silly question, but I'm trying to be a good newb and place a very thought-out cache. Thanks for listening!! ** Here are links to two of the other caches hidden in this town's parks: GC1QDNT GC26WCD (*Edited to remove a typo)
  22. I'd definitely be interested in one (or two)... I'm just starting out with coin collecting, and from the concept art, this one looks very unique, and really awesome. So, count me in for at least one definite "yes". **Edited to remove a silly question that was answered in the OP's original post. Oops!
  23. So very sorry for your loss... I read through some of the others' stories, and I don't think mine really compares (especially since only the way home was truly a road trip), but it was memorable for me, so I figured I'd share it anyway: Johnny455 and I had been dating for about four months when he accepted a position that required frequent travel across the Northeast. I was in my Sophomore year of college, and was stressing over the upcoming finals I would have to take before Winter recess. Feeling a little down, I gave him a call and although the conversation is quite vague now, I know it was brief, and basically consisted of typical "I wish you were here" comments. After hanging up the phone, I realized that there really was no reason why I couldn't be where he was (which happened to be Buffalo, NY), and quickly called him back to make arrangements for a weekend visit. Not wanting to drive all the way by myself, I opted to take a painfully long train ride to meet him. It was dark by the time I finally got to Buffalo, and I was a little nervous, because the train station was deserted and had no indoor waiting area. After a few minutes though, I spied his truck coming into the lot. After that, the weekend was great. It was so nice to be able to get away from all the stress of home, even if just for a few days. Since the Sunday I was scheduled to leave was also Johnny's last day in Buffalo, we were able to drive home together (allowing me to avoid another lonely and boring train ride). We made several stops along the way, including a trip to Niagara Falls. Because I had rushed out of my dorm to get to the train station in time, I had forgotten my coat, and stood by the falls with the wind and water blowing (In November) with only a sweatshirt. It didn't matter though, because it was just so great to be there, and to have gotten to take a completely spontaneous trip to see Johnny. Although like I said previously, this was technically only a one-way road trip, this is a memory that almost four years later, I still consider to be one of the best times we've had together, and to this day, I still have my train ticket posted up on the bulletin board over my desk. Sorry for the cheese, everyone!
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