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  1. Having used both, c:geo is hands down better than Groundspeak's app. c:geo is what Groundspeak's official app should be.
  2. Just go back into the Android market and redownload it. Any apps that you purchase is tied to your gmail account on your Android phone. This way if your phone is ever wiped or you get a new phone you can simply go back in and redownload it free of charge.
  3. It's THE definitive Geocaching app. I asked the guy who does c:geo about getting his put on the Amazon app store. He said he will as soon as the App store is available in his country. If you can't download it from the Android market, he does put his builds up on github which you can download straight from there: https://github.com/carnero/c-geo/downloads To install those, what you will need to do is on your phone, hit "Menu" then "Settings". Go down to "Applications" and make sure "unknown sources" is checked. This will let you install programs from outside of the market.
  4. If you go to "Search By Location" then "Import from Contacts"...that's why it needs permission to read your contacts.
  5. The app is for Android devices is as well. I know which multi you're talking about and thought it was a pretty cool multi. Still wonder how the heck the first stage got muggled with where it was at.
  6. Yup, I use it and it works great on my Nexus One and G2.
  7. Welcome aboard! There is a local caching group down there in your area. we call them MAC they are the Merced Area Cachers. Be careful though because their ring leader Photom is a very shady character! In all seriousness they are a good group of poeple that will most likely help you out in any way possible. HEY!! I resemble that remark! Indeed, Markca - welcome aboard. The forum isn't as active as it once was - seems as though folks have tended to migrate to Facebook, along with 500 million others. Thanks for the welcome! So far everyone I've come across has been great and I've been having a lot of fun. I am originally from Los Banos and when I first started I noticed there were only 2 caches in the entire town. Since I am over there often as I have family over there and I know the town like the back of my hand, I've been giving that area more hides in hopes of giving cachers passing through there something to look for.....and so far, so good.
  8. Poking my head in here for the first time.... I've been caching for about 4 months and have already run into a few other cachers here in Merced....a couple of the names I even see here. Nice to see a couple others using Android for caching as well.
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