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  1. I will resend mission today. Very sorry that this happened.
  2. Name sent: 11/7/15 Name received:11/30/15 Mission sent:12/10/15 Mission received 12/11/15 Will open on Christmas
  3. Name sent: 11/7/15 Name received:11/30/15 Mission sent: Mission received have been away, just recieved name
  4. Thanks so much shep1369, much appreciated. Address sent. did not recieve address.
  5. I want in Name sent: 11/7/15 Name received: Mission sent: Mission received
  6. Got home from work today to find 2 amazing geocoins from the Netherlands in the mail. Will post pictures soon. Thank you so very much. Can not wait for the Easter mission
  7. Name Sent: 11/8/13 Name received:11\30\13 Mission Sent:12\02\13 Mission Received:
  8. Name Sent: 11/8/13 Name received:11\30\13 Mission Sent: Mission Received: was on vacation no internet access mission will go out tomorrow
  9. when I find a cache I mark it as found on my Dakota 20 and then put in comments. I can not figure out how to access the comments. anyone know how?
  10. count me in! email sent Name Sent: 11/8/13 Name received: Mission Sent: Mission Received:
  11. 1. Participating : Sept.30/13 2. Received Name : 10/1/13 3. Mission Complete 4. Mission Received
  12. Signed up: 10/25/2011 Name Received: yes Package Sent yes Package Received: yes have been out of town on business wife handled for me thank you so very much for the package
  13. Signed up: 10/25/2011 Name Received: Package Sent Package Received:
  14. I have lost approx. half the coins I have put out. I think that one of the main problems is that the travelers are list on the cache sites. If this was not done it would add to the excitement of finding them and make it harder for the thieves to find them.
  15. looking for geocoins with Maine as the theme
  16. I have a friend who wants to go caching with me, but I have a problem. He carries a pistol with him everywhere he goes. He is licensed, but most of the caching around here is in an urban area. I own lots of guns myself, but do not feel caching is the place to be carrying a gun. Am I wrong?
  17. Email Sent: OCT. 31 Name Received: 11/21/10 Card Sent: 12/07/10 Card Received: 12/7/10 loved the coin will send pictures soon thank you so very much!!!
  18. that is an answer I like. I am so tired of caches in parking lots. Make it be somewhere worth somethingh!!!
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