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  1. Putting it in the calendar now. As well as posting it to the Geocaching Australia Facebook group... 295 members there will hopefully take a look at it. http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2397184819 Partic. 2 ppl. Tent. BTW For those wondering where the numbers above have all indicated their intentions, check out the post on GCA Forum: http://forum.geocaching.com.au/viewtopic.php?t=11257
  2. Tickets being on sale for the next Ashes from June 1, I figured it time to see whether it's time to re-plan the The Ashes TB Race and get it going before this year's season whitewash by [Australia or England] over [England or Australia]. (I for one pick the first options above ) Post your interest here. Rather than the complex runs and wickets plan in place before, perhaps just looking at getting the entire team over the line into the other country will be the go. - 11 TB's start in Australia, 11 in the UK. - Each is destined to the other country initially. - Each needs to make it's way through two other countries (I would suggest two other WCC cricket playing countries, but that may grind the game to a halt). Other suggestions welcome.
  3. I think the entire concept just fizzled out at the end of September, as Davester got a little bit busy... as did I for the past 3 months. The rules and scoring have not been finalised, so I would say that it's not going ahead further at the moment until that happens. Davester - your thoughts?
  4. Yes, well, we know that the Barmy Army have gone quiet whilst nursing their hangovers following their winning of the Ashes Series. We'll bring it back down under soon enough. So back to the Ashes TB Race... What's happening? Aussie Team is almost in place - I have about 3 team members still to finalise their details and then I'll post the team line up in the next few days. Read from you soon Davester
  5. I've emailed the Australian Team tonight, and should have a line up sorted out in the next few days. Grabbing TB Name, TB Number, Preferred EMail, Team Position from each Aussie player. Any other info you need Davester?
  6. Cached Team Booya (sc00t) RhinoGeo Partic Team Piggy President & 1st Lady Aushiker The Hill 4 Pauliegh Team Baggy Greens TeamLangy Alex Looks like we have an Australian Team all set to go (including a 12th Man). Aussie team: Please post your batting and bowling preferences, as well as any captain candidates. I guess we just need to see the UK lineup and we can get things going.
  7. Australian Team (Updated 19/8/2005, in no particular order) Cached Team Booya (sc00t) RhinoGeo Partic Team Piggy President & 1st Lady Aushiker The Hill 4 Pauliegh Team Baggy Greens Any more takers Down Under (or that I've missed)?
  8. I've just suggested all the conversation goes on here from now on, to help everyone keep track of the topic. Some questions: How long will the scoring run for? Hate to have Davester having a lifetime of run management to go on with. I don't know how well the runs wickets will work down under. Unlike the UK where there's plenty of caches spread around the countryside, for bugs to keep moving in Australia, they're really going to all be concentrated on major cities. This would put them within 100miles of any other bugs playing in the same city, and with it all relying on other cachers moving the bugs, it's more than possible for a bugs runs to dwindle very fast. I'd say same cache is fair enough to lose all, but make the rest of the deductions a little more friendly... 5miles (8km) 6 runs, 10miles (16km) 4 runs, 20miles (32km) 2 runs. In Melbourne for example, there's 600 caches in 32km of the CBD, so this rate would let bugs still accrue runs, rather than having negative scores each time they moved. Also, it's unlikely (from what I've seen) for a particular travel bug to stay in a cachers hands for several cachers, so instead of 2 per cache and 4 per cacher, would it be worth looking at 1 run per Trad, 2 per multi, 4 for a Mystery/Puzzle cache and 6 for when a bug makes an appearance at an event cache?
  9. I'm in. I just hope the Aussie bugs don't fall short in the death throws of the match. Aussie Forum Topic Link
  10. How exactly is it a bug that a Streets & Trips file that imports perfectly into Streets & Trips (and the European Autoroute product, unlike earlier versions) doesn't import into some other program? Apologies, used my file type logic... I considered the fact that it says CSV - and that it had previously been exporting with commas - and that it now creates a Tab Seperated Values file, that that would be considered a bug. As I've been VERY happily using all those nice menu driven features in GSAK for six months now, it had never occurred to me to even consider using GPS Babel to get what I wanted. I'll check Clyde's suggested posting, sort it out for myself, and post the resulting assistance for those who may be interested in the future.
  11. A bug and a request if possible: BUG: The Microsoft Streets & Trips CSV file export current exports a tab seperated CSV file as opposed to a comma seperated CSV file. The resulting file then has to be converted back to comma seperated file for what I then do to it to import it into Destinator as a Favourites file, which brings around the feature request... REQUEST: In the Destinator 3.0.75 you can import favourites from a CSV file. An export option with the fields in the following order would make life much easier: Cache Name (option in export to use special tags) Comment (option in export to use special tags) Longitude (decimal minutes) Latitude (decimal minutes) Zip City Street House number The last four fields can be exported blank obviously, as the data's not available in GSAK. Currently, I've had to swap some fields about in the Microsoft Streets & Trips CSV file, as it exports Latitude then Longitude and has other fields including URL included. I'd also be interested to hear from other users of Destinator who may or may not have used the favourites feature by exporting from GSAK, and whether they've found other ways to do it with existing features. Thanks in advance. Partic Patrick Jackson geocaching@kpsystems.com.au
  12. Yes, I know. but since its not built into the website, many people will not know of it. Easy solution... just add the link to your future posts for Locationless Caches, or add a note to those you've already done. Future visitors will then know where to find what I've found to be an extremely hand little utility in the quest for locationless caching. Plus, combining it now with GSAK, you can check it on your computer with easy by putting the macro onto a button.
  13. UPDATE OF UTILITY AND MACRO FOR GSAK With the new edition of GSAK (Version 5.5.0 25 April 2005 http://www.gsak.net), and the new edition of Locationless Analyzer (Version 3.2.7 25 April 2005 http://www.factsfacts.com/geocachingsoft/locationless.htm), you can now use the following to create a Macro in GSAK that will launch the Locationless Analyzer on suitable caches: SET $LOCATIONLESS="http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?wp="+("%code") RUNPGM pgm="c:\Program Files\Locationless Proximity\Locationless Proximity.exe" parms=$LOCATIONLESS The easiest way to do it is to create a Macro using the new Macro Menu (V5.5.0 and above in GSAK) then add a button to the GSAK toolbar to trigger the macro. Remember to change the pgm value if you installed Locationless Proximity in a different folder. If you need any assistance on doing this, feel free to post a message here and i'll add another post with more instructions. Partic Patrick Jackson geocaching@kpsystems .com .au
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