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  1. I only hope that if it is a new series/ cache type/ icon, they give it more thought than the "challenges". Looking forward, optimistically...
  2. No one asked for people to pile on. I was merely asking about the lack of promotion. Because, if its a promotion, shouldn't it be promoted??? Anyway, it doesn't matter, Groundspeak's game and rules... I just remember the Jeep promotion lasting a long time, this lasted 1 day... that's all... and this is why I hate the forums. Thanks anyway.
  3. Why was there NO PROMOTION about this??? I heard about it today, only to find out that they are all already gone. Now that sucks. They are not even listed on the promotion list on the Trackables page. Man, when the Jeeps came out, it was a madhouse. This is a huge disappointment. Thanks... for nothing, I guess.
  4. The original are all activated to the UN diabetes. Oakcoins had some made that you could activate. If you have one of those then you can go to oakcoins. DUH!!! I should have known that considering the UN tags that were released... Many Thanks!!!
  5. Thanks for the help with the Cachekinz!!! Anyone able to help me out with the UN Diabetes coin activation code???
  6. Where in the world can I find the activation codes for this??? I posted yesterday but... I forgot where I posted it... geez, focus power neon-son. Help me Please... and before anyone gets on my case, I already looked at coincodes.com... It is not listed there, like the packaging states. Also, I need to know where to get the code for a 2007 UN Diabetes coin... maybe that is what I posted about... Man, my brains are fried from that Seattle trip... HELP ME PLEASE!!!
  7. I am looking to activate a UN Diabetes coin... anyone know where to get the code for that??? Thanx neoncacher
  8. How did this thread turn into this??? Does it really matter? What I really want to know is, are we any closer to getting this app??? Would love to have it for GW VIII. Thanx neoncacher
  9. I consider you all (James, Dan, Jerry & and the rest of you over there) very good friends of mine!!! If I can do anything else for ANY of you, DO NOT HESITATE TO ASK!!! I will do thy bidding !!! So, in short, if ya need something, just say so!!! Take Care & Be Safe, Ryan (neoncacher)
  10. Well I was looking for some information about the Great Geo-Pumpkin coin. I found one still in the plastic wrapper yesterday in Alabama and just wanted some specs or any infomation on it. I also have one or two for your list I do not think I saw but I have: GeoJelliesV1 or V2?, OIFGA (Operation Iraqi Freedom Geocachers Assoc.) FTF in a combat Zone!!!, GeoCaching 7 year Anniversary micro , Bay Area GeoCacher (6 sided micro) , Team LegGoes , Traveling Chief & Pokemon arrowhead coin , 2006 Christmas Ornament micro, 2006 GeoSwag Happy Halloween pumpkin micro, ~tasia~ sun coin from GW5. Some of these might be there, I am just crossed-eyed right now. Any info on that one I found yesterday would be awesome. Thanx neoncacher (Ryan)
  11. I traded for a Fire Elemental coin yesterday and have 2 questions about it??? 1. Is this a trackable coin(it was made in 2005, or at least that is what is on the coin) and 2. Does anyone know where I can retrieve the activation code if it is trackable??? It's number starts with the prefix FE. Any help would be most appreciated!!! Thanx neoncacher
  12. According to the email I recieved today from the Easter Coin Bunny, I was the first person in the world to find one of these coins. I found mine shortly after leaving the Kiss Me event in Birmingham. Funny thing though, Found the egg about 50 feet away from where the cache was supposed to be and the cache was not even there!!! The stats I just read about the coins are that only 250 of these were distributed by the Bunny, so get out there and find'em!!!Congrats to the other finders!!! I know mine will be staying in my personal collection.
  13. I am looking for the place to get an activation code for the Master of Space/Navstar GPS coin. I have searched and came up empty(possibly could have overlooked it). THANKS!!!
  14. I would like to donate a set (1 Silver & 1 Gold + the matching pin) of the new 2006 Alabama coin. I may possibly have other things but I will have to wait til closer to the event to know for sure. Just shoot me the email and they are all yours. I only ask that the Gold and pin go together, if possible.
  15. Just imagine how much the International Math Olympics must burn them. I am a veteran and have been following this thread for awhile now. Just to start off, I am sooo not in favor of this idea. The reasons being, I now own the Purple Heart that my grandfather earned/received for injuries sustained while stationed in Thailand, and after seeing the picture of the ridiculous image of the one with Signal on it, I began to get a little upset about it. I know that my grandfather struggled with that event through-out the rest of his life, not only the fact that he was injured but, that he also lost a close friend during it. I know that some have stated that the military would probably find it, possibly humorous, but I say to that, why not go and ask them? Try visiting a Veteran's Hospital and seeing just what it takes to get a real Purple Heart and see if it sits well with you. As for the quote above, I say the same thing, Ask a Purple Heart recipient if he would rather have a Gold Medal from the Olympics or the use of his/her extremities due to the fact that he/she was trying to defend the Right to your Freedom of Speech.
  16. Size: 1 inch Thickness: 2mm Weight: 2oz.
  17. I am guessing that I am a little too late for this adventure, but if it comes around again, I would love to get involved. Keep me in mind for the second set of vinyl. Thanks
  18. I am looking for a few brave souls who would be willing to join a team that is going to attempt to set a new world recocd for the most caches in a 24 hour period, probably sometime the week before GeoWoodstock 4. So far it is myself, NEONCACHER and Tim, from the Brown Family, from Florida. If interested please contact me through here or through the Geocaching site, look up NEONCACHER. Thanks for any and all inquires and I hope to hear from you soon. Thanx NEONCACHER
  19. I am looking for someone\anyone in or around the town of Seaton, County of Devon, And ( love the name ) close to the town of Beer. I really need some help with a cache that starts over here, stage 2 is in the U.K., and the final is, thats right, back over here. If anyone can help me with this cache please e-mail me at RLMAN72@msn.com. I would be willing to do a favor of some kind to whoever helps me. Thanx NEONCACHER
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