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  1. I enjoy golf, basketball, football, and baseball. NO RUNNING!!!
  2. Like yourself I too heard about Geocaching through someone but let it pass by. This peson or persons was my neighbors Xterraman and Rondivoo. Another thing that we have in common is that I am also from Texas but just North of you. I also have family that live in the same area as you that really got me hooked on this amazing adventure. They are Nav Jumper and Cacheous Clay. I was extremly shocked that this has been going on for like 5 years now. I GUESS!?! and that people have been putting these 'caches' out everywhere and a lot being by my house and the parks that I have been going to since I was a little kid. At first I was not to sure ofit but then I finally came to "The other side" whhich would be the "Geocaching side"! Since I have been Geocaching {about a month and a half} I have met a fellow geocacher Bradzone and have been on amazing adventures and have learned a ton of information about Texas' past from the virtuals that I have done. Thanks for the stories from others and I hope that y'all will like mine.
  3. Thank you!!! So I guess that i dont really need a mapping GPS for geocaching? But Can The Legend?
  4. Hi, I just got an E Trex camo for Christmas and wandted to know if you can download maps onto it and if so than how and what do I need. I know that i need the cable to hook up to the computer but what else?
  5. I just wanted to jump in b/c i went w/ my family and we found caches w/ the multi tools in and in some they replaced it with another multi tool. I would just have to say that u should make the decision and use your common sense. Just make sure that it is in a cache that children cant get in. also make sure that it is not like a huge buck knife that could really hurt someone. I would say to keep it small.
  6. I am a new geocacher and I wanted to know of a good GPS that I can get for $200 dollars or less. I dont need color or it to be used in a car. Just strictly for geocaching. I have looked @ the magellan Explorists 100, 200,and 300. I have found the diff. between the 100 and 200. I have seen the e trex but havent heard any good about it. But these are all that I have had to really consider. If anyone can help please do. Thank you, Cacher Short
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