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  1. Oh. Apparently I'm blind, as well as a lunatic. Haha! Great tip! Thank you.
  2. I don't think I was clear. I am trying to find the listing for an old cache that I didn't find way back when, not to log my DNF, but to compare with another cache that has been recently published in the same area. But I know that there are challenge caches that require a certain number of DNFs in order to log the challenge as a find. That might be a reason someone would want to log their DNF to an archived cache?
  3. Nevermind. I found my answer on the Geocaching Official Blog https://www.geocaching.com/blog/2017/04/test-a-new-logging-experience-is-coming-to-geocaching-com/ Guess it pays to read them once in awhile.
  4. I might be a lunatic, because I can't figure out how to log Needs Maintenance to a cache page. When I click on "Log a New Visit," I only get the options Found It, Didn't Find It, and Write Note. What the heck??
  5. I'm wondering if anyone knows if it's possible to compile a list of archived caches? Pocket queries don't seem to have the option, so maybe there's some other way? I'm trying to find the listing for an old cache that I didn't find way back when (and didn't log as a DNF--doh). Thank you in advance. JoPo2010
  6. Thank you to everyone who responded! So glad the time is there by hovering, at least.
  7. Hi all, I'm disappointed that my uploaded cache finds do not show the time found anymore. I relied on that info for easy matching with my photos. Does anyone know if cache time stamps will return to uploaded Notes/Drafts? I've also noticed that Found dates are sometimes incorrect on my Drafts. When I find caches after 9pm, the Found date adds a day (caches found after 9pm July 27th, show as having been found on July 28th).. If it takes me awhile to get my caches logged, that sometimes confuses me about which day I actually found the cache. I'm on the west coast, where here's a 3-hour time difference between here and EST, so maybe it's just a setting I've got messed up on my Garmin 600? Thanks for any related info/tips! JoPo2010
  8. Thank you, funkymunky. I'll let her know. Do you have the GC code for the maker madness event?
  9. Good morning from British Columbia, Canada. I sent a TB (http://coord.info/TB40WB8) to a friend in Noble Park North, in Melbourne, Victoria. She's not a cacher, but she's willing to meet with a geocacher in the area to pass it on for me and send it on its way. Is there anyone that can help? Thanks, Jo Anne (JoPo2010)
  10. Yes, I was disappointed too. I wonder what the reasoning is behind that.
  11. A couple of my friends carry brightly coloured flagging tape. A little bit tied to a tree close to the cache prevents unnecessary trampling of vegetation. Not for all hides, just those that don't abide by caching etiquette/rules--caches that are placed too far off the trail.
  12. Hi Hollyburn, I downloaded that app a couple of years ago, and it didn't work very well...very buggy, unstable, and just plain didn't work most of the time. Have you been using it? Has it improved, do you know?
  13. That's it, Mrs B! Thank you so much. And thanks L0ne R for the beetle info. It sure sounds like they might be what makes the grooves in the wood. Thank you again Mr. Wilson and MooseJaw for helping me ID the jellyfish. Cachers are the best! JoPo2010
  14. I swear the forums can answer all my questions! Maybe someone also knows what causes this in the wood? Is it worms? Umm, and my walking stick, does anyone know what cache I left it at? I got no hits on that from Google.
  15. I love these forums! Thank you, MooseJawSpruce. And thanks for the link, Mr. Wilson. Yes, please let me know if you find out the name of the plant.
  16. A couple of questions, maybe someone out there knows: --Is the blob a dead jellyfish? I see them randomly washed up on the beach every now and again. I turned it over, and the blobby mess looked like they might have been those long, tentacle things they have. Maybe someone has a link to what it would have looked like alive? --What's the name of this plant? It was growing in sandy soil, close to the high tide line. The bloom was about an inch across, no scent that I could detect. The plant, and pink blob, were both seen on an ocean beach in Nanaimo, Vancouver Island.
  17. Pearly Everlasting....That's it! Thank you, CanadianRockies!
  18. The photo was taken at the end of August, last year. They were tiny blooms, maybe 1.5-2 cm across. They were growing in a rocky meadow--poor soil, open area. Pretty! I have a Wildflowers of BC book I can look it up in later if nobody else can identify it before then. What sort of environment was it in? Lakeside (marshy) or meadow or rocky?
  19. Does anyone know the name of this gorgeous little wildflower? It was seen at Westwood Lake, in Nanaimo, Vancouver Island.
  20. Wonderful! Thank you lampethree. So the plant is called Allotropa virgata, or it's common name Sugarstick...just what it looks like. Nifty! I knew the forums would once again solve a mystery for me. I LOVE the forums!
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