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  1. I did not like this either. It doesn't feel like a community the way geocaching does... but perhaps this is because it's still new, and there aren't that many players yet. I would log them if they were tied in with geocaches, the same way I do letterboxes.
  2. I HATE mosquitos. If I am struggling to open a container while being eaten alive, I get really grumpy.
  3. First thought, "Hmmmmmm, that IS kind of interesting." Second thought, "Oh dear, do I have to learn something new? I feel like after two years we are just getting the hang of THIS!" Third thought, "It DOES look intriguing..." The thing is... how would the app work in places with no cell phone signal? It seems like my favorite caches are WAY the heck out in no man's land... so this probably won't be for me. Unless GPSrs start being compatible, that is... and with only 720 players I just don't see that happening any time soon (I could be wrong). --Momma Caswell You don't need service to scan a qr code. If for some reason your phone didn't work at all, you could always take a picture of it and scan it later, but as stated before, you don't need any bars to scan a qr code.
  4. I like the idea. Perhaps like a letterbox hybrid, a munzee hybrid?
  5. Does anyone know of any list of compatible gprs out of curiosity?
  6. I like the idea of putting it inside something else. maybe find a bigger plastic containter to put the chest in. you could always temporarily swap the chest out for a lock and lock during the winter, that way you wouldn't have to disable it.
  7. the last time i checked, there is a multi cache that straddles both sides of the border near where I live. I haven't found it yet. As for crossing the border... I ALWAYS get stuck. I eventually get through, but if you ever travel with me, add extra time at customs...
  8. They go in a box with my other geocaching mementos, like sig items.
  9. During a lunar eclipse one of my caches was washed away due to record high tide. Just curious, how did you find the container?
  10. I've seen those in caches! Last time I saw one was out in Sidney, but I had nothing to trade for it at the time.
  11. where would the u come from?
  12. If I go out intending to look for a particular cache, but don't end up looking for it for whatever reason (parking lot full, cranky geokids, phone rang, sudden craving for pizza, whatever) I won't log a DNF, even if I turned around on my way to GZ. Reason, I didn't look for it, so of course I didn't find it
  13. If I looked for it, but didn't find it, I will log a dnf. If I got close, but didn't look, I would only log it if I thought it was something others would benefit from knowing (ie, the trail was closed, or there is construction at gz)
  14. How do you get from cache to cache? here's mine...
  15. On the iphone app, sometimes it takes a while to show up. There may or may not be a "refresh" button on the cache page, I know there was with c:geo, but it's been a long time since I've cached on a phone.
  16. Ruh-Roh, no "QEF" there. Nothing with a Q at all, as a matter of fact. And from this thread I'm told it's used Central Ontario, The UK, and California? I for one have seriously never heard this before today. I'm not in any of those places and I see it every day.
  17. the point of this thread wasn't to ask for help figuring out the acronyms, it was to talk about ones that we just couldn't make sense of at the time, but thank you.
  18. Yep, I know now. After hours of googling, and ironically phoning a friend...
  19. what she said. The CO needs to approve the adoption, otherwise it will be archived. If the NM attribute doesn't bother you, you could unofficially look after the cache. Put it on your watchlist so the logs get sent to your inbox. If the NM's are driving you insane, then I'd be inclined to wait for archival and then place a new listing at the old cache site.
  20. Another thread got me curious... What were some acronyms that people left in their logs that had you stumped? I couldn't figure out "PAF" when someone logged that on one of my caches.
  21. In my area QEF is quite common, and yes, it does stand for Quick Easy Find. I pondered over PAF for the longest time when someone logged that on one of my caches. Turned out to mean Phone A Friend.
  22. In that case the cheap work/gardening gloves with the rubber palms should be sufficient. They are only about $3. That is what I have found best here in snow country when I have to dig through crusted snow for the cache. They don't do much to keep my hands warm, but the rubber fingertips hold up very well. But, back to the OP... to avoid needles and natural stickers, I suppose you could do a lot worse than kevlar, if you have the money: http://www.blackhawk.com/catalog/kevlar-gloves,1497.htm those are not as pricey as I'd have thought... however I have a habit of losing things, so I'm not to be trusted with $50 gloves.
  23. Or maybe some chainmaille. some of the prickles here would make it through. Plus, I need it to be light, and foldable into my pocket. I'd cache in a full suit of armor if practical.
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