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  1. Thank you for your help. I have read the manual. It doesn't say anything about this. I asked this question on GSAK's forum; alas no one has replied yet. I went to Setup on the GPS and choice Geocaching. There wasn't an option there. I'll keep trying to solve this. Thank You
  2. Since I've been using GSAK and downloading geocaches waypoints to my Garmin 60csx it shows up on the Garmin 60csx GPS screen as Waypoint Names. It use to show up as a Code name. How do I set this so it again shows up as a Code not a Waypoint Name. In other words I want it to so like this: GC85HK8 not as the waypoint name of Edgerton Cache Thank You, Rotgut
  3. Am I the only one? I use to be able to go on the web page and download waypoints directly to my GPS's. Now I have to go through another whole step or steps to do that. I hate that.
  4. How do I delete geocaches from my Garmin 600? I tried connecting it to the computer and tried to delete them from there but when I turned the Garmin 600 back on the geocaches were still there.
  5. I am using a Garmin 60CSx for Geocaching but I keep looking on Geocaching.Com and seeing that people are using a smart phone to get notified of newly published caches and then they run out and get a FTF. Maybe the expense of buying a smart phone isn't worth the FTF?
  6. What smart phone should I buy to use to go Geocaching with? thanks
  7. How on earth did you just randomly find a bison tube (or that is what I'm guessing you found)? I'm impressed. But to answer your question, it could belong to another site, it could be part of a multi or mystery cache you haven't found yet, it might not be published yet, or it even might be archived. All options- no clue as to what the truth of the matter is. Actually I was looking for another cache and looking for morel mushrooms at the same time. I just stumbled on to it. It was actually put there in 1971.
  8. I found a cache that I couldn't find in the list of my area cache's. Here is the location: N 41 02.272 W 085 17.595 It is a camo covered tube. Anyone know who this belongs to? Thanks, Rotgut
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