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  1. By not responding with complications, the answer shall be obvious. I speak without frills, bells and whistles, leaving my remarks to sound as "cold as ice" and often misinterpreted. I shall speak no more of this subject and perhaps of few others in the future. It's time to fly back to my cave, lick my wounds and return quietly another day. If someone else should choose to close this topic, be my guest. However, I wonder what other responses will occure. I have said my last and someone else may have the last word(s) Spam & Pepper Jack Cheese, with lots of Horse-Radish and Onions! /\**/\
  2. Appologies to those who's E-Mail address were inadvertanly publicized! That was my very first "Blanket E-Mail" and I did it incorrectly. I was unaware that all the address were sent out to everybody, as they apparently were. As for the use of the "BCC" function, I shall keep that in mind, if I should ever choose to inform multiple persons about anything in the future. The sending of those address was purely unintentional and it shall not happen again, now that I know the consequences. I shall keep information to myself in the future and visit the forums less often. BTW, how are the plans fore the "Bremerton Cache Machine II" coming along? I haven't heard from your regarding that activity, not have I been on the forums much to read whatever might be there. I have been wanting to simplify/shorten/changed my E-Mail address in the past and have now done so, which by the way, is unrelated to the previous incident. /\**/\
  3. Dearest "Pepper" and anyone else who might be concered, It saddens me to think that I have to sink so low as to do this, but here it is anyway: In the interest of accuracy, when quoting someone elses private E-Mail in public, which is sort of a dispicable act IMHO, you should present it with all of it's parts. You failed to mention that you used the following subject matter in your initial message, stating that my message to you was "Spam". Here are both messages intact: ====================================================== Date: Sat, 23 Apr 2005 22:59:24 -0700 (PDT) From: "Fledermaus" <derfledermaus2003@yahoo.com> Subject: Re: Spam! To: [Pepper - name and e-mail address removed by moderator] As per your requested, you are no longer within my address book. In fact, you are now on My Spam List. What I don't understand is the fact that I was simply informing you of the existance of other caching systems. But if you don't care about that, then that's your choice. I am not selling a product nor am I sponsoring one or any organization. /\**/\ [Pepper - name and e-mail address removed by moderator] wrote: Do me a favor and remove me from your email list. Thank you Pepper Visit My Personal Webpage: www.geocities.com/kd7krh/index.html ====================================================== My response was simple and straight forward. You considered my message, regarding the other caching sites, as "SPAM"(implying that I am selling something) and I informed you otherwise. You block me, I block you, it's as simple as that. My actions and reply were in kind, but you felt that they were inappropriate. SAD! What's even sadder is when I, or anyone else for that matter, gets falsely accused of action(s) that were not commited. In fact, I was simply trying to be helpful to a fellow geocacher by letting her know that GC.COM is not the only "Fish In The Sea". Fun comes in many forms and with many names, i.e. GC, LBNA, NC, TC and a couple others I don't recall. Next time I have information, whether it be about geocaching or that which might be associated with it, to share with others, maybe I should just keep my &$#@ mouth shut and let others find their own way in the dark. Imply what you will to this public message, but be careful not to read between the lines of things not said. Sorry, No batteries included! How long shall this post stay on the system is anyones guess. /\**/\
  4. The aforementioned caches plus a few others, will be archived shortly after I leave this forum, and they will be re-listed on another caching service. In contrast to my previous statement to PNWAdmin, the containers for the above said caches will not be removed, but the logbooks for each of them will be changed to reflect their new assignments. It might also be of interest to those who are unaware of other caching organizations, there are three more of them, i.e. WWW.TERRACACHE.COM, WWW.LETTERBOXING.ORG and WWW.NAVICACHE.COM. Some of my GC.COM caches are also listed with NC.COM, but none of them will be listed with TC.COM and vice versa. Never put all your eggs in one basket! /\**/\ FLEDERMAUS /\**/\
  5. At the request of PNWAdmin, I am clarifying my previous post. I am simply opening up space for other cachers to place their own, upgrading the ones I already have and creating new and more challenging ones in old places. The container at each the above mentioned sites, if not claimed by the next cacher who finds it, will be removed after the cache has been archived.
  6. The following Bremerton Area caches of mine will be terminated with prejudice: The Borg Cache / GCK5JF Mullenix Park & Cache / GCK1MW Pixie Park / GCHNAK Powers To The Children / GCK15Z Rota Vista Park / GCDAC2 Walk-About Park & Ride / GCH06M I will not Archive them until someone, perhaps the next finder, finds it, takes possession of the container and advises me that they have done so. If these caches have not been claimed within the next 7 to 10 days, I will Archive them as is. I will not reply to this message, either in this Forum or by E-Mail. FLEDERMAUS
  7. This is a CHALLENGE TO STUMP and anyone else who feels that caches in Kitsap County are either run-of-the-mill or of low in quality! Quanity is not and has never been an issue, but I would like to point out that Kitsap County is rich in it's variety of cache formats, which may rival just about any other area in which I have cached in recent times. In order to consider the challenge met, you must find at least 5 or more of the 10 caches listed below. All DNFs must also be posted as well. The following caches are listed in alphabetical order and not by difficulty. However, one of the caches will allow you to have at least one easy find, since "Orange Ribbons" don't grow on trees. 01. 3 x 3 Puzzle Cache/GCN0DC - (Math. Skills) - E. Bremerton 02. Bataan Park/GC19DC - (Quick & Easy) - E. Bremerton 03. Blue Meanie/GC5A0B - (Online Mayan Study) - Wildcat Lake/Seabeck 04. East Bremerton Micro-Park Tour/GCJ06Z - (Run-Around & Clues) - E. Bremerton 05. Enchanted Forest/GCJAAM - (Run-Around & Clues) - Silverdale 06. Fahrenheit 451-I/GCHMHW - (Online Egyptian Study) - E. Bremerton 07. Getting High On Geocaching/GCGA5H - (1.5 Mile Round-Trip) - W. Bremerton 08. K.I.S.S. My Cache 5/GCHW1C - (Easy Site/Hard Find) - Silverdale 09. Schold Farm - Revenge!/GCGNBC - (Projection Skills) - Silverdale 10. Seganku/Seecawk Cache/GCN6Q5 - (Math. Skills) - W. Bremerton I won't subject you to my real difficult caches, such as: --- K.I.S.S. My Cache 10 and Howe Farm Cache V --- Since they require visits to multiple caches within a series. All claims of success must be posted within this forum for all to see. Don't send E-Mails to me, unless you are desperately begging for a hint/clue. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Thanks Happy Gillmore for the flowers! Someday I hope to meet you in person. BTW, if any of you have plans to be on the Bremerton Cache Machine II, I'll be there, but maybe watching from a distance, until an opportune moment arrises. /\**/\ FLEDERMAUS /\**/\
  8. This is a blatant advertisement to entice King, Pierce and other nearby county residents to visit Port Orchard, Bremerton, Silverdale & Poulsbo, all of which are over here in Kitsap County, the "Outback" of Puget Sound. It's a short 30 minute ferry ride from Seattle and about a 30 minute drive from Tacoma. We have more caches than you can shake a stick at, including two "Cache Farms" that will keep you busy for at least day or more. Just go to the GC.COM's Keyword Search routine and enter "Howe Farm" and/or "Schold Farm" for more information. Howe Farm is located in Port Orchard and has 7 caches and Schold Farm is located in Silverdale and also has 7 caches. These caches vary from levels of very easy to very hard. Some of them will tax your thinking skills, while others will tax your strength and endurance. If you complete all those caches, there's probably another 100 or more to find throughout Kitsap County of all kinds, sizes, difficulties and terrain. Bring your dog, bring your kids, bring the whole family, bring a lunch and make it a picnic, but most of all, get there and start geocaching!
  9. All of those who put together that bit of advice(Cacheing Ethics), they should receive an A+ A+ A+. I am printing it as I type and will include it within my personal webpage(geocaching sub-page), provided no one objects.
  10. From the very beginning of my Geocaching activities, I have been utilizing Internet Explorer v5.0 or 5.5. However, I just upgraded to Internet Explorer v6.0. In addition, I have added Mozilla FireFox v1.0 to my system. Of late, I have been utilizing FireFox to access GC.COM and the internet in general. I am interested in finding out if anyone else out there is using FireFox as their browser of choice, or any other browser for that matter, and what negativities you have encountered with your specific browser, as it relates to GC.COM or the internet in general. Someday, if all goes well, I will remove myself of the "Gates Dynasty" and move on to Linux. If you are running a Linux system, I would greatly appreciate whatever input you may have, as it relates to GC.COM or the internet in general.
  11. Each and every time I go walking and/or hiking into the woods, whether it be to find a geocache or not, I take a walking stick, but not just any old walking stick. I use a metal one, presently it's made of aluminum. I find that it makes a unique sound whatever it strikes, for each type of cache container make it's own special sound. In other words, you hear a metalic clink when it hits an ammo can, a hollow sort of thud when it hits a plastic container and a deep thunk when it hits wood. Many geocaches that you go looking for are either in, under or behind something, whether it be a tree, a rock, a bush, a stump, a log and so on. Besides being useful in that manner, I use it to climb embankments, by placing it into the ground, when going up an incline by placing my foot on the uphill side of it. This prevents slipping back down the loosely pack dirt. This also works going back down an embankment as well. Got your own geocaching and/or hiking tips?
  12. NOTE: If this topic or location is out of place, will someone please re-locate it. I selected it, due to it seeming to be suitable to non-specific catagories of messages. ATTENTION: A Better Browser? - Mozilla/Firefox v1.0,, You be the judge! For those of you that are "stuck in a rut" with Windows Internet Explorer v5.0 or 6.0, I have a solution that's worth investigating. I have yet to investigate Opera and the latest Netscape Navigator. Therefore, comments on the latter two browsers will be greatly appreciated. How would you like to open multiple cache pages on GC.COM, to include other web pages, within just one window of your browser? There's no need to deal with the Minimize/Maximize functions, just click on a TAB at the top of the browser screen. Go to this web site: FoxFire and download the new Mozilla/FoxFire Browser v1.0 and start a new experience. There a few web sites that it doesn't like, but they are few and far between, according to my friends that have been using it for several months now.
  13. Much to do about nothing, HUH? None of you were were close to him or his family, but I was. Maybe you'd like to speak to HiSierra and Redbone about what you know? The words "Honor" and "Dishonor", with reference to Real Deal, have been bandied-about a little too much from those that never met or spoke to him. Whoever has the power to CLOSE this thread, please do so. I grow tired of the negativity and lack of understanding. As for a NEW cache, maybe, but don't hold your breath. 30 NNNN
  14. PUBLIC NOTICE: If the purpose of this forum is to save caches that have either gone unattended or for the adoption process, then I would like the general geocaching community to consider the following request that I have sent to the Approvers of GC.COM, since it is my intention to ADOPT the cache in question. Your comments will be greatfully appreciated. I hereby submit my personal request to have the following geocache to be UnArchived: "NAD Soroptamist (Plane) Park" (GC3FEB) by Real Deal (Archived by it's owner: August 24, 2004, less than 90 days before his death) Mr. Jerald Deal suffered a fatal heart attack and passed away October 29, 2004 It might also be of interest to "TravisL" and others who participated in the first Bremerton Cache Machine, that this cache, I believe, was the first cache of 30 plus, for that activity. If I'm not mistaken, it was also the first cache in the upper part of NAD Park. The first was my NAD Marine Park cache in the lower NAD park. I believe that both caches were the first two on the BCM list. I am not alone in this request. There are at least four geocachers who had close ties to him while geocaching and they would like to see that cache unarchived as well. Furthormore, a cache has already been created in the memory of Real Deal. I adopted Real Deal's "Mission: Afterburner" (GCH3GR) cache and changed it's name to the "Jerald B. Deal Memorial Cache". This cache was solely created by him, and in which I took no part in it's design, as I did in his other caches. Also, I orchestrated the adoption of Real Deal's other five cache and they have now found new owners that I know will take care of them faithfully. In the beginning of my geocaching activities, there was a group that called themselves the "Geo-Trio". That group consisted of Belleterre, Real Deal and Fledermaus(myself). When Real Deal chose to step out of the geocacher activities for awhile, Mntrken2001 stepped in to take his place. Therefore, we the present "Geo-Trio", respectfully request that you unarchive the above said cache in the memory of Jerald B. Deal, aka Real Deal. BTW, I have heard of caches older than this one being brought back and the fact that Real Deal was the one who archived his own cache so that I could create my own, should be considered, now that I want his returned. Is there some kind of a rule, "Statute of Limitations", that says that "if a cache has been archived(by the owner) for "X" period of time, that it can not or should not be unarchived? It should be noted that Team Misguided has chosen not to approve of this action, based on the fact that the cache was archived by it's owner and that it has been archived too long ago to be considered for unarchiving. I'm sure he'll want to make additional comments, now that this message is in the forums. {edited to remove cachers real name at their request--TMJ}
  15. In Bremerton you can use WiFi on the front steps of the Downtown Branch of the Kitsap Regional Library, on 5th Street across from the Sun Newspaper business. I have also been told that you can access WiFi from the parking lot of the Eastside Branch of the Kitsap Regional Library, on Sylvan way near the post office. I'm sure there are others and I will contact another cacher in the area that is more aware of these sites than I am, since he uses WiFi whenever he can and I don't use it at all.
  16. The Jerald B. Deal Memorial Cache, formerly Mission: Afterburner N.A.D. Marine Cache N.A.D. Soroptimist Cache N.A.D. Revenge Cache N.A.D. Night Cache All of the above are within the N.A.D. Park off of Kitsap Way and Shorewood Dr. The park, a former Naval Ammunitians Depot(NAD), will be closed so that a munitions sweep may be performed. This was, more than likely, brought on by a change of land ownership. In particular, the lower section of the park along the waterfront, formerly the property of the US Navy Dept/Jackson Park Housing, has been recently turned over to the City of Bremerton. The above listed caches will not be available from December 6, 2004 through February 28, 2005. Therefore, they will be removed on or about December 3, 2004, since one or more of them contain metal and might be detected and considered suspicious objects by those not in the know of things. No sence telling the parks dept. EXACTLY where they are, even though they gave permission for them to be there. Hopefully, they will be re-installed on or about March 3, 2005. For those who want to hunt for the above listed caches before the park closure, you have less than 10 days to do so, or wait till next year.
  17. Having done the "Power of the Written Word" cache and seeing it listed on the itinerary, how come the "Power of the Written Word II" isn't listed?. The specs for that cache are in the first cache's logbook. So, if you park your car in the correct location, as stated in the 1st cache's description, you can get the 2nd cache on the way back to your car. BTW, a mass of people showing up at a Power Station, a Water Tower or some other utility site, just might get you some unwanted attention from the authority figures. I already had a sort-of close encounter over next to the Albertson store, when looking in a few flower pots and etc. Beware of the man or lady at the tanning business. 911 and other incidents have brought out the "Paranoids"(and I don't mean from Dominos either) and you never know when one is watching and itching to call a cop.
  18. Nothing very important ever happens in Kitsap County, so maybe Illahee State Park would not be a good place to have your event, even though you can access it by land and sea. BTW, it does have camping area, covered picnic areas, a play area for the kids, a few trails and dogs are welcome too. Oh yah one more thing, it already has a Ranger Approved geocache("Illahee State Park Tour"). Pictures for this park are on the cache page.
  19. Would someone care to explain to us Kitsap residents why Port Orchard is off the list? Also, will you be including Port Orchard in the future, if there is one, Bremerton Cache Machine II? I probably won't go, since it's too far for me to travel, due to all those commuters that clog up the roads going back to their Tacoma and Seattle homes.
  20. Belleterre and I will be hunting for the 500th cache for each of us, on or about January 2, 2005. We have our sights set on the "Half Moon" cache by Slinger91 in Raymond, WA. for that occasion. What are the chances that one or two more of you out there, in the Seattle - Tacoma area, might be close to your 500th find? If you are interested in joining us, we can make arrangements to meet, as time approaches before that date. Wouldn't it be a momentous occassion if several geocachers proclaimed their 500th find together? There will probably be room in her vehicle for one or two more, but if you want to join us in the trip down there in your own vehicle, that would be great. The more the merrier! Send your replies to either myself, who will be a passenger, or to Belleterre the driver, stating your interest, and one of us will keep you posted on any changes that may occure.
  21. Myself and my good friend Belleterre are planning to do the "Half Mood Cache" by "slinger91" in Raymond soon. I'm not sure of the date yet, but she has a schedule of sorts. We will both be doing that cache as our 500th. Would any of you, those that have done that cache already, care to make some recommendation regarding the what, where, why, how and etc. of this cache? Also, we will be doing some cache on the way too that location, so that we can get up to 499. Either before our 500th or afterwards, we would like to get some more caches in the area before returning home.
  22. Nolenter stated very good example of how to deal with a cache adoption by a new owner. By only adding the new name, keeping the old one as is, plus a dedication to the original owner would be, in my mind, the proper thing to do. Furthormore, RE: "MISSION: AFTERBURNER" / GCH3GR by Real Deal Since no one has spoken for the above said cache and Team Misguided is waiting to process all of them at one time, I will go ahead and adopt this last remaining cache, in order for the others to be processed. Perhaps someone will speak up for this cache at a later date. Team Misguided: Please proceed with the adoption process for all five caches as. If you wish to make a formal declaration that it has been completed, please do so here in this forum thread. FLEDERMAUS
  23. RE: "Children's Park Beach Cache" / GC3B1E by Real Deal I have sent E-Mail to "Team Misguided" regarding my approval of the adoption for the above named cache by "The4Grays". Just one more to go! I already have two caches in the N.A.D. Soroptimist Park and another in the lower N.A.D. Marine Park. Therefore, I would like to find another geocacher to adopt this one remaining cache in that park. If you are interested in adopting a very good, well hidden and secure cache at the N.A.D. Soroptimist Park in West Bremerton, please contact me ASAP. If necessary, I will adopt the "Mission: Afterburner" / GCH3GR cache, provided no one else comes forward in the next week or so. Fledermaus
  24. "Rivverrat" in Silverdale has chosen to adopt the "Schold Farm - RedBone's T-Bone". That now leaves only two more to go. I hope to adopt one of the remaining caches, but as I stated before, I will not stand in the way of someone else adopting one or both of them. In any case, if others should adopt them, they will need to know some special information about each of these two caches, thus requiring the new owner to contact me. Message to "Shop99er": contact me about the details of the Howe Farm cache as soon as it is official that you are the new owner. I will then help him locate the cache, unless he wants to hunt for it in the meantime. I have placed a watch on each of the caches to be adopted. Therefore, I request that the new owner of each adopted cache place some kind of comment onto the cache page, once they have been adopted officially. Thanks Team Misguided for all your assistance in the adoption process. BTW, about how long does it take for the adoption process to be completed? I'm sure that others might also like to know as well. FLEDERMAUS
  25. RE: Jerald Deal: aka "Real Deal"(Geocacher), KD7KYU(Amateur Radio), ZooKeeper/992(CB Radio) He suffered a fatal heart attack away from home on October 29, 2004. He is survived by his girl-friend Mary and two children, a boy of 11 years and a girl of 14 years. Home Phone: (360) 871-3573. Viewing/Services will take place at 12N to 2pm on Saturday, November 6, 2004. Services will be perfomed by Pastor Rick at the Woodlawn-Miller Funeral Home & Memorial Park, located at 5505 Kitsap Way, Bremerton (Top of the hill). Business Phone: (360) 377-7648. If you wish to send a card to the family, please address it to me and I will pass it onto the family. Raymond Reese 1706 Jacobson Blvd. NE Bremerton, WA. 98310 ===================================================== PUBLIC NOTICE! to inform the general Geocaching community that all of caches belonging to "Real Deal" are being placed up for adoption. If you are interested in one or more of them, please contact me and Team Misguided ASAP. I should also point out that I have already contacted several persons within the local community, hoping that one or more of them will adopt one of the caches close to their home. Here is a list of the caches and the status of each as of 11/04/04: #1 - Seabeck, WA.: "Guillemot Cove Cache" (GC39A0) Possible New Owner "Bellettere", as of communications 11/04/04. Waiting for confirmation. *** UPDATE: This cache is being adopted by "Belleterre" as of 11/05/04 *** #2 - Tracyton, WA.: "Children's Park Beach Cache" (GC3B1E) Possible New Owner "Fledermaus", but will not prevent another who might be interested. #3 - Port Orchard, WA.: "Howe Farm Cache VI - Got Balls II" (GCGAHW) Offer was made to a local geocacher, but no reply as of 11/04/04. *** UPDATE: This cache is being adopted by "Shop99er" as of 11/05/04 *** #4 - Silverdale, WA.: "Schold Farm - Redbone's T-Bone" (GCGR3A) Offer was made to a local geocacher, but no reply as of 11/04/04. *** UPDATE: This cache is being adopted by "Rivverrat" as of 11/05/04 *** #5 - Bremerton, WA.: "Mission: Afterburner" (GCH3GR) Possible New Owner "Fledermaus", but will not prevent another who might be interested. If you are interested in one of the above caches, please go to that cache and review it before contacting me. All adoption processes will be handled by Team Misguided and myself. All that I ask of a new owner is that the cache remain the same as it is, with little or no changes to it's design. FLEDERMAUS
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