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  1. I couldn't agree more. I haven't done any extreme caches but I really liked this one. It is easily accessible yet still takes 3 hours or so to complete. Virginia Water
  2. I have also just noticed that you recently attended an Event Cache. It may help you to solve the issue if you attend another (or get in contact with those people from the last one) and ask them to help out in person. It's not that easy understanding the problem just reading a post online
  3. Your App now knows about two 'waypoints' for the cache: The original and the one you just entered. By default it will still be 'pointing at' (navigating you to) the original waypoint. On the map screen, just tap on the new orange flag icon that appeared on the map showing your new waypoint and the App will start navigating you to that point instead of the original.
  4. I stand corrected. Although I think it would usually be more useful using the 'flag icon' method (as the coords are then associated with a cache) I see that being able to view any lat/long could be useful.
  5. The 'Map It' button on the menu screen shows your current location - it is nothing to do with any cache coordinates you may have entered. You need to be looking at the cache itself, then do 'Navigate to Geocache' to get the app to show you a map with the cache on it (and your current location). If you need to enter additional coordinates (more than just the default ones that are there already) for a puzzle cache or a multi cache, then while looking at the 'Navigate to Geocache' map just press the little flag button and then you can add one or more additional waypoints to that cache. If you also do 'Add as Favourite' for this cache, then the App will remember your manually added waypoints next time you come back to it, even if your phone has been turned off in the meantime.
  6. Yes, use the Groundspeak App and then use Motion X for those tricks that the Groundspeak App occasionally doesn't perform. As far as Google Maps goes, I think (I am not certain) that it always makes its best efforts to resolve a lat/long to an actual address. On my laptop for instance, I occasionally get slightly incorrect markers when entering lat/longs into GM. This is easily fixed by entering "loc: " before the lat/long, which tells GM you're entering an actual location and it shouldn't mess with it. I am surprised it was as much as several hundred metres out though - I've only seen a difference of less than 50m.
  7. Not enough information to help, really Can you post the example coordinates on here - in the exact format you are giving them to Google Maps. Also the GC code for the cache. Then we can all have a look to figure out what's going on.
  8. If you're on OSX not Windoze you can try GCstatistic. Doesn't do 'badges' but does all the other stuff just fine.
  9. Not sure where you are exactly, but I notice this is arranged for a couple of weeks' time in West Sussex. I've started going to the East Berkshire equivalent and they are a great way to meet other cachers and discuss any issues you are unsure about. GC2PFC9 http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=e741ce89-757c-40e4-a1a8-7c54d78e65d6
  10. Are you using the Groundspeak app for Geocaching? GEOCACHING VERISON v4.2.2 A Groundspeak Project That cache works fine for me using v4.2.2. I know that's not much help, but at least we know it's not an App problem
  11. Fair enough. You're absolutely right that the Alton/Odiham countryside has a lot more going for it than a couple of hundred miles of Nevada desert road
  12. I know that the 'UK Mega Series' in North Hampshire has 126 caches. The nearby UK Mega Series 2 has 56. I will probably never attempt it though as I can't see the point of just 'getting your numbers up' - it doesn't prove anything and it's probably not much fun doing those US power trails and finding your 375th telegraph pole cache of the day I took three and a half hours to find a single multi-stage cache on Thursday (therefore adding 1 to my numbers) and I got far more enjoyment out of that! There is an excellent web page here which lists UK cache trails/series and should answer any questions such as this. http://www.geocachetrails.com/
  13. No - your iPhone (or any other GPS enabled phone) will be fine for finding caches, as long as.... It's not raining. It's not snowing. You don't mind it getting covered in mud occasionally. You don't want to walk/cache for longer than a few hours without a power source. You've got a data signal - or you've loaded maps before you go out The iPhone is less accurate than a dedicated GPSr when tracking to a location. Having said that, I have only ever used an iPhone 3GS for geocaching, never a GPSr. Allegedly the iPhone 4 is better (and of course the iPhone 5 is due out in 6 months). But the OP's original point is correct: If you are using the satellite map view on the iPhone (in Groundspeak's App, or Motion X, or Google Earth) to pinpoint the cache location (not to attempt to pinpoint your actual current location with maximum accuracy) then it is of course as accurate as anything can be, i.e. to 3 decimal places of a minute, because you are simply viewing the provided coords on a map and the accuracy of your current location is irrelevant. So, when using an iPhone I tend to use the map/compass to get near to the probable location, then revert to the satellite view and try and identify significant features such as a slightly bigger tree, or a tree of a different species which stands out in the satellite view. Using that, you can often pinpoint the cache location to within a circle of only a couple of metres in radius - far more accurate than the iPhone's GPS will achieve.
  14. I did a 21-stage yesterday, but it only had a cache at the final location. It was more of a 21-stage puzzle I suppose, but it did avoid the problem of having to maintain 21 different cache locations for what is essentially a single cache. A very well constructed multi. This is it: http://www.geocachin...47-836679bfb966
  15. You can be truly delighted! See my post here (and the previous post in that thread). Basically you use the little 'flag' icon on the map screen to add a point (or points). Storing the cache as a favourite will preserve these extra waypoints. http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=267876&st=0&p=4601364&fromsearch=1entry4601364
  16. Anyone got an idea for a Downfall mashup?
  17. Agreed. In my case, even if the log is there! See here: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=268596entry4616311
  18. Not sure if you are asking whether: a. Can it show you new caches? In which case, not directly. You can download a Pocket Query result to it though. or b. Can you use it to 'list', i.e. 'publish' a new cache? In which case, no. There is a review process for new caches for several good reasons. http://support.Groun...pg=kb.book&id=1
  19. Er, well, yes. That's because the original question asked for Apps to run on an iPhone 4.
  20. Assuming you already have the 'official' Groundspeak App, I find that Motion X is its perfect partner: It fills in the gaps that the Groundspeak App doesn't reach. You may also want to consider a satnav App for driving directions if you don't already have one, but I'm afraid I can't recommend one as I still use an old TomTom unit that has served me well since the old days. It even has an HDD instead of solid state storage!
  21. That's always been the rule for me. A simple one with no grey area. Last week I was 'watching' a cache I couldn't find (and had DNF'd) and then the CO logged that it had been muggled, but now replaced. I was passing nearby a day or so later so I walked to it and instantly found it - a film canister. But (horror!) I'd left my pen in the car, so although I actually had the log in my hands I haven't yet logged it as a find. See here: http://www.geocachin...b4-9b88948ab358 At the end of the day it's up to you how strict you want to be but I feel much happier with myself for playing it straight.
  22. I had a very slight paper cut from an unbound logbook recently...
  23. Assuming you use GSAK already, or can do so. I don't, because my weapon of choice is OSX not Windoze
  24. BTW, on a Mac you can use GCStatistic.
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