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  1. @Hügh re your earlier post including: "as the person who has been setting up the PGC challenge checkers" Where can we find your checkers for Wheel of Challenge? Looked for a checker for the latest August "Iconic Cacher" challenge but couldn't see anything in P-GC. Reason I wanted a checker is because I logged the three required cache types on Monday 7th, after the magic "start" hour, but no souvenir was 'awarded'! Read your comment about Lab time zones, so logged a Lab stage this morning thinking perhaps yesterdays Labs had a time zone issue, but still no souvenir today! Exactly same issue happened a couple of months ago ... HQ sorted it after a day or two but nothing was counted on the first day of the challenge even after the 'start' time! Little frustrating. UPDATE: August 9th ... had messaged GCHQ about the "Iconic Cacher" souvenir not being awarded. Reply said they were aware of the issue and working on a solution. Today the souvenir popped-up sothe bug appears to have been solved ... again! Hopefully a perminent fix unlike a few of months ago.
  2. Whilst you can delete a normal cache find and relog, in order to resolve the bug, that does not work for Labs. You cannot delete Lab 'finds' and relog them, so HQ really do need to find a proper solution so all Labs logged on May 1st are counted.
  3. I rushed round the Londons Calling Mega Labs yesterday afternoon and managed complete 53 Lab stages AFTER the official changeover time, so will be pretty miffed if these are not counted towards the Wheel Challenge this month! Similar issue happened last month, so thought the bug would have been fixed then.
  4. Still showing the same problem as of January 10th ... it would be really worthwhile if Groundspeak had a Beta Test Group similar to Cachly, where most bugs are found by members of the test group before updates/added features are released to users. Edit: Thanks to an eagle-eyed contributor, it appears the Android version of the Lab App invites users to join a Beta test group but this doesn't seem to extend to users of the Apple version!
  5. Hooray!! ... clocked up another 50 points today, bringing my total to 300 since the changeover ... and ... suddenly, without a usual flash notification the first souvenir appeared in my inventory! After messaging HQ yet again yesterday ... they confirmed they are aware of the issue and working to resolve it. Maybe they fixed it coincident with me just having logged a few more finds today. Question is, will my second at 500 points appear, or not ...
  6. @worrellsquirrel I received no souvenir so contacted HQ giving details of my logged finds, which were posted well AFTER the UK changeover time of 13:00 UCT (4 caches plus 5 Labs with 110 points showing on my leaderboard) and the answer from HQ explained that " ... my LOG was posted before the changeover time". I did post two caches before the qualification time but also 11 were logged WELL AFTER 13:00 UCT ... I was not impressed with HQ's clearly poorly researched answer! A day after the reset (i.e. 4th October) I visited and logged 14 x Labs giving a further 140 points, which were correctly added to my leaderboard score. So, 24 hours after the changeover there could be no 'argument' about changeover times ... my leaderboard score correctly shows 250 points, since the changeover, but STILL no souvenir awarded - the 'available souvenirs' info shows a coloured image indicating I have indeed 'earned' the first. I checked a few local cachers profiles and whilst the majority who qualified did receive one or both souvenirs, one who logged 25 finds on 3rd Oct has not received either souvenir (knowing her, I doubt she logged 25 caches before 13:00 UCT). Clearly there is a problem that the IT programmers need to investigate ...
  7. Exactly the same happening for me ... have messaged GCHQ Update at 5th October - HQ reply was totally wrong, saying I had logged "THE" cache before changeover time ... I had actually logged 4 caches and 5 Labs AFTER the changeover time, when I messaged them (110 pts on my leaderboard), so no joy there and the usual "non-answer" I've come to expect from HQ! So now I am at 250 points on the board, two days on from messaging them, still no souvenir and no updated answer ... Mmmmmm, not awfully impressed!
  8. I have same experience as funkymunkyzone ... 110 points showing as earned, souvenir in colour on available page but not awarded into my account. I have also reported this to GCHQ.
  9. Recent official Adv Lab App update v1.3.27 build 3071 now displays "current & destination" co-ords on the compass screen, however the actual numbers displayed are 'Decimal Degrees' yet the format is shown as the familiar/traditional geocaching 'Degrees & Decimal Mins' format. This is a quite a fopaux by geocaching.com's Lab programmers ... are they aware? Surely when introducing a new feature, it would undergo a simple "does it look right" check? This needs resolving asap.
  10. Interesting that GCHQ regard a fundamental error in their programming as part of "fine-tuning"! I couldn't add a rating/comment on one Lab I left until later. Saw folks in another forum saying uninstall/reinstall resolved the problem, BUT having tried that (yes, the one I wanted to add a rating/comment then allowed it) none of existing ratings/comments showed up and as others said the app then invited me to add one!
  11. Thanks 1in7 ... my solution was to edit the link from my profile stats for Adv Lab 'finds', but your workaround is better. PERHAPS when GCHQ correct this bug, they could make sure when we view other cachers Adv Lab 'finds' that we can see their list too! Presently you are taken to the App advert page. Seems crazy that you can view other players cache finds but not Adv Labs ... Why?
  12. Solved the problem very soon after pressing send! Sorry! Thought I had tried disabling other extensions/scripts but clearly not as its the "GC little helper II" script that appears to be changing various things on the Geocaching Map screens. Disabled now and the map list is correct and selects maps ok. Will miss quite a few of the "GC little helper II" functions such as ability to change the order of your displayed Souvenir list and short cuts to other functions, but having OS Maps working properly is far more important to me! At least if anyone else has the above problem, here is one reason for things having changed. Attached screen shot shows the list and restoration of the "Browse Map" button.
  13. I've been having problems again getting OS maps to work ... have now got them back, BUT the top/right drop down list of maps doesn't include OS so only way I can get them is to make OS the default map. That's fine but then when I zoom out past the OS range I have no map, without refreshing the page, which promptly zooms out to show the whole country. My "long" list without OS included is attached, I also asked a friend to check and his map list is short and includes OS, see also attached. Has anyone seen this problem of the list not showing correct maps installed via the GME manage window? Better still, anyone know how to change the displayed list?
  14. This looked fantastic, so signed up BUT on initial viewing of the site it's not quite what I expected! Was hoping to download an extension and have decent organisation of geocaching.com pages (souvenirs in particular). EDIT: Found the extension and installed it ... looking good and checking it out. Thanks.
  15. Genuine thanks for the informative and helpful replies, also support particularly from 'thebruce0'. To be honest I was taken-back by some of the responses - yes, I have heard of search engines so am not a complete idiot! Valuable lesson learned though: be very wary of asking an innocent question here ... but, how to know what questions will not irk some contributors?
  16. Probably a simpleton's question, but how do I get/use "GCLh"? Sounds to be a useful feature for PQs. I have Greasemonkey (Firefox) and Tampermonkey (Chrome) installed, but tbh don't know what I'm supposed to do with them!
  17. Opening cache links into the Official App instead of Safari on an iPhone has been an issue for a long time, but previously a long-press on a e-mail cache link offered options, so if "Open in Safari" was selected this became the default. Recently after my iPhone 7+ updated to iOS 13.1.3, not only did cache links in e-mails open into the Official App but the "Open in browser" option in two third party apps (Looking4Cache & Cachly) also opened into the Official App ... very frustrating! The previous long-press from an e-mail did not set the default to opening in Safari ... worked for that one time, but reverted to the Official App afterwards. There are no options offered using the two tp apps. I followed instructions in another thread and found long-pressing the GC code on a Safari cache page (top right of page), then selecting "open" or "open in new tab" changed the default to Safari for e-mails, L4C & Cachly. This is still the default after closing everything a couple of times and re-booting the phone. iPhone instructions: Open a cache page in Safari >> locate the GC code in the upper right corner of the page >> long-press the GC code and an option window opens >> tap "open" or "open in new tab" ... default should then be to open in Safari
  18. Since recently updating my iPhone 7+ to iOS 13.1.3 the cursor does not show in the browser messaging box ... this ONLY applies when using a browser, it is the same for Safari, Chrome and Firefox. Using the Official App messaging, the cursor shows as normal in text box - I only use the app for messaging, as it is much easier than from a browser. Would be interested to hear if anyone else is having either the browser or the official app messaging cursor issue.
  19. I’ve just found “the” solution .... hopefully!! Another thread mentioned Cachly FAQ said if the usual solutions do not work, open a cache page in Safari then long press the GC code at top right of the cache page. Then from the menu choose “Open” and up to now I’m seeing Safari as the default when clicking links in emails or “open in browser” within Looking4Cache and Cachly. Just hope the default to Safari is maintained over time. Looks good for now though, phew!
  20. I experienced same link default issue after my iPhone 7+ updated to 13.1.3 ... after choosing 'open in browser', the default always reverted to opening in the darned Official App. Very frustrating! Tried Team DEMP's Cachly FAQ method #1 and initially it still defaulted to the offical App ... then tried long pressing top right GC code on a cache page and whoo hoo, it now defaults to Safari browser. Tried clicking cache links in emails, Looking4Cache and Cachly ... all now open in Safari. Hope this is perminent! Huge thanks to Team DEMP for posting.
  21. Now iOS 13.1.3 comes along on my iPhone 7+ and the link default issue is back but worse! The previous solutions, such as above, no longer set Safari as the default and only way I found to avoid kicking into the official app by default is to delete it (I only used it for messaging). Option to open in Safari did appear after some fiddling, but doesn’t stay as the default. Even clicking “open in browser” within third party apps such as Looking4Cache and Cachly now kick into the darned official app rather than a browser. Driving me nuts!! Any ideas how to get round this step back? Quite separate irritation of 13.1.3 is that the cache page “download gpx” link no longer gives the option to save the cache into your third party app, but saves to iCloud or phone instead. This means further steps to import into an app ... not the sort of “progress” I wanted!!
  22. I have a different issue to the other messaging threads I’ve seen. After a recent update to iOS (I’m fairly sure that’s when it started), trying to use the geo-message system via Safari on an iPhone 7+, there is no cursor showing in the text box. I can type and characters appear, but I can’t edit the text or ‘paste’ anything into the box. Tapping the screen makes no difference. Having no problems anywhere except the geocaching message service ... in this forum box for example the cursor is normal. Any suggestions? PS: Have same problem with Firefox and Chrome, so not Safari related
  23. Tried both methods a few times but neither made any difference to the direction of the compass, when it was pointing in the wrong direction!
  24. Only just found this thread ... I too have the same issue, BUT feel it is an iPhone "fault" rather than the official or other app. Problem has been there for a relatively a long time for me. I experience the "backwards" or "off" compass direction with an iPhone 7 Plus, currently on latest iOS 13.1.3, using 'Looking4Cache Pro' app - I usually mess about switching the compass off/on, changing to another cache, re-booting L4C, but this usually does no good. Then suddenly the compass points in the correct direction all on its little own! It's very random, but has been worse, or may even have started, since changing from iPhone 6 to iPhone 7 Plus a couple of years ago! As others have mentioned the build-in roller-ball calibration app disappeared a long time ago. I will try both 'figure-of-eight' and 'tilt-top-of-phone-upwards' suggestions over next few days and report back. Really would like a solution to this issue. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ PS: Slightly off thread from the compass pointer issue, but relevant to GPS/satellite performance in general ... did you know that Apple dumbed-down the GPS satellite accuracy/function on models after the iPhone 6? I spent several months working with Apple's very helpful UK/Ireland Technical Team comparing the good GPS performance of my old iPhone 6 against the poor GPS performance of my iPhone 7 Plus. They even exchanged the 7+ handset foc out of warranty in an attempt to resolve the poor & unstable satellite accuracy issue I had ... replacement handset was/is better than the original 7+ but nowhere near as good as my old 6, which I sometimes take with me if satellite signal is likely to be poor (e.g. under tree cover). I was on such good terms with the last Apple techie contact that I persuaded him to test his own iPhone X by installing an app ... he had more or less the same poor/unstable satellite accuracy performance as my 7+. Gave up at this point thinking Apple had simply dumbed down the GPS performance (on purpose?) and use caching nounce/experience when the phone is not at its best satellite accuracy!
  25. Just a note to confirm that as of 18th October 2019 the above OS map installation instructions still work fine for Firefox. Thanks to ShammyLeva for the clear instructions and for getting me to my favourite type of maps ...
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