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  1. Is it OK email someone when they move your travel bug? I am getting some really neat comments as info is being posted about the movement of many of my trackables. These cachers are sharing about plans for my tag (drop it in next state), where they are heading (going to Bigtown, will drop), etc. I just want to tell the thanks and happy caching. Is this OK to do. I would do this through geocaching.com.
  2. the Garmin eTrex Vista will hold only 1000 waypoints.
  3. thank you for your help, for some reason I did not see that option on the page
  4. I have filled up my GArmin eTrex Vista with all of the waypoints it can handle. I've also bought a MicroSD card from Walmart, but I can't seem to figure out how to put more waypoints/POI onto the MicroSD card. I have tried using POILoader and made two files, one that is .gpi using POILoader and a .gpx file using GSAK, and put them on the MicroSD card. However, I cannot see any of the information when I put it in my GPSr and turn it on. Any thoughts?
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