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  1. I have to leave in 7 hours...no hope on fixing this yet? What do the big guys say?
  2. Oh, forgot to mention... Senior Public Relations Manager for Magellan Rafael Finelli 408-250-1778 rfinelli@magellangps.com Customer support gave me that number in hopes that someone from Corporate would be able to resolve my issue. I have not received a response.
  3. Oh how I wish you were correct. My nearest function doesn't work and it doesn't show the cache nearest the starting point I selected either. It shows me a cache that is 45 miles away as being nearest. I don't get a white screen of death but I've gotten "Fatal Exception Error" many, many times. The entire unit freezes up and has to be rebooted. I don't know a thing about Garmins. I do know about old Magellan's and I've never had these kinds of problems. Are you able to customize you "customizable" areas of your unit? Do these areas revert back to factory settings when you scroll through the nav screens? Mine do. I'm glad you are happy with your Triton, or semi happy. I am not. Basically, I have a $500 flashlight, mp3, low quality camera combo!
  4. I am so disappointed in the new Triton series. I spent $500 and have a unit that doesn't work. Magellan customer support has been useless and now I am just stuck. The reason that I am posting this topic is to warn people that you will be making a bad investment if you purchase a Triton. I am a loyal Magellan fan and have looked past the poor customer service because I never had a problem with my Meridian Marine. It worked exceptionally well. Now, the product and the customer service are bad...not a good combination. Customer service gave me the number and e-mail of Magellan's Senior Public Relations Manager: Rafael Finelli 408-250-1778 rfinelli@magellangps.com I called him for assistance but I have not received a response. Maybe if enough of us call, Magellan will get the message that there is a problem and do something to resolve this fiasco!
  5. cpnowak

    Colorado or Triton

    I don't know a thing about the Colorado but DO NOT BUY A TRITON! I spent the $500 dollars and now I am stuck with a gpsr that can't even take me to the nearest geocache. All customizable screens revert back to factory settings when you flip through the nav pages. It crashes OFTEN! It is not very user friendly. The screens sort of freeze and it takes a long time to go from screen to screen and to upload geocaches. The base map is MINIMAL. And on and on. And to add insult to injury, Magellan customer support is worthless! All of their operators have heavy accents and are difficult to understand. (However, they have all been very polite). If you want a shiny new gps to put on your dresser and admire, then the Triton is for you. If you actually want to go geocaching buy an older and MUCH cheaper model off of ebay. The meridian series works great and I've heard good things about the explorist line. Good luck!
  6. Boy did I ever get screwed! I'm a loyal Magellan fan (and I agree customer service is poor). I broke my Meridian Marine so I went all out and ordered the Triton 2000!! $500 later, I have a piece of junk that I can't even take geocaching. I sent my original unit back to Magellan and they sent me another unit that is exactly the same. I can't return my purchase to Amazon because it is not the unit they sold me and it has been over 30 days. I have to keep this piece of #%&% and I'm out the money. I am so disappointed!! WARNING: DO NOT BUY A TRITON GPS...THEY DON'T WORK! Now I'm gonna go cry!
  7. I sent my e-mail...will let you know what the response is.
  8. I renewed my premium membership today and I received my subscription number from paypal but when I plug it into the renewal space it tells me "that membership doesn't exist". I waited several hours and then tried again without success. I've been a premium member for a few years and don't remember having this problem. Any ideas? Oh, and I copied and pasted the number to avoid any typos.
  9. PM sent! No PM's....tell us all!!!!!! Please!!!!
  10. Nice camo job, now how about releasing those Jeep travel bugs you have pictured for everyone to enjoy. You've had the YJTB since 12/3/2005 and the WJTB since 6/19/2005 as your "personal property". THEY DON'T BELONG TO YOU! Have a nice day. Oh, well said! That is one of my pet peeves. I think it is sooooo wrong for people to hold onto those jeeps. I believe it is stealing because they were not intended to be held onto. Almost as bad, but not quite, as stealing geocoins from caches for a personal collection.
  11. Will the camo last? I've had trouble with cool looking camo like that falling off when geocachers open/close etc. and with the weather. Penny
  12. That would be probably the easiest solution. I have 80+ caches and would love to see anyones photos....if I only knew about them. Don't need to visit the actual cache page too often and certainly don't want to follow every found link. Thanks, Penny
  13. I saw one on ebay...today...but don't have any other info for you.
  14. What type of magellan? Does it work? We might be interested if we had a little more info. Thanks!
  15. How could we go about "requesting" that a line be added to let you know if there is an uploaded picture when the e-mail notifications are sent from watched or owned caches. I just read the logs from the e-mail and don't find out till much later that someone took the time to take a picture and then post it. Some sort of image upload notification would be great! Penny
  16. We found a baggie of marijuana on a hiking trail once. About 100 feet away, there were some kids skateboarding so Chris picked it up and we tossed it in the trash later. We were in great fear that we would be stopped and arrested for illegal drug posession ...yeah sure you were just trying to keep drugs out of the hands of teenagers...yeah sure it isn't yours...we've heard it all before! Penny
  17. I would be interested in adopting "Saurocache" GCHAYH. I recommended the cache be archived after several attemps at contacting the cache owners back in January. They replied but kept the cache active even though the cache is gone. Their reply date was 01/19/05...and that was the last day they have been to the website. I did send them a very nice letter today asking if I could adopt their cache. It is a really nice spot for a cache but quite a drive for most especially with no actual cache there. I am doubtful that I will get a reply from the owners. Is there any way you could follow up on this one? Thanks, Penny (Chris, Penny, Logan and Liahm)
  18. Thanks to everyone who replied...us newbies need all the help we can get! cpnowak
  19. So do I leave the DNF logs or do I delete them once I've gone back and found the cache? Thanks, cpnowak
  20. Do you mean claiming the cache find? Because I wouldn't log it I would just post a note. Thanks, cpnowak
  21. Is it ok to revisit a cache you have been to just to pick up a tb? I want to get a geocoin and one popped up really close to me. Can I go back to the cache...just leave a note saying I visited, and then log the tb pick up? Thanks for your help! cpnowak
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