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  1. Name of coin: Travel Case-Antique Silver x2 Name of Vendor: USAGEOCOINS Date Ordered: 9/17/2010 Shipment Due Date: 10/17/2010 Erik Korsmo "Not yet received" or able to contact "dealer" Vendor reply: Shipped and date of shipment, or delayed because of explanation inserted here.
  2. I ordered $80 worth of supplies from www.usageocoins.com 3 months ago. I received a partial order with a note that stated my coins would arrive in 2-3 weeks later. The coins did not arrive. I have contacted the thieves numerous times via email and phone (they do not answer) regarding ship me something or refund my money. Eventually I did receive one email stating they were sorry, but nothing about my missing coins or when they would be arriving or any refund. These thieves have taken my money without any justification or statement regarding the reason. I have read that the owner is having personal issues that were 90% resolved in July. I have read of those who support the owner. I am sorry for the troubles anyone faces and understand others support of their friend. However, let me make this clear and simple for you! Coming upon bad times does not give you the right to steal money from others! If you can not, or are not able to, provide a service that you are taking money for it is called FRAUD! Shut the door, close the shop, suspend service temporarily, do what ever you need to do but quit taking people's money as this is illegal and unethical. I suggest you spend else where or you too will be sponsoring this company's unethical practices. Give me back my money!
  3. I ordered from USA coins 6 weeks ago and still have not received my coins or TB. I have sent emails and tried to call them to not avail. They succeeded in taking the $80 I sent them, but not in delivering the goods that were promised. I am considering this a learning experience for myself and will not order from this company again. I am not saying they are a bad company, I am just putting my experience out there for the edification of the geocaching community.
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