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  1. I would live to add my address to get a coin in the mail kyle powell 1712 hazleton apts hazleton pa 18202
  2. Looking to trade coins ,I'm looking for the rainbow bridge geocoini have a few rare coins myself that I can trade.
  3. I'm really starting to love this forum,every coin i put on here someone helps me out,thank you very much every one.but now i'm looking for another coin, LC's Terrain 666 Geocoin.it has the devil's face on it .if any one has one and like to sell it let me know.
  4. well i found the last coin i been looking for on here fast,so i thought i try again.i'm in search of TITANIC THE ULTIMATE FIND Satin Silver Geocoin.if anyone one has one and like to sell or maybe trade let me know.
  5. its the coin that looks a pumkin spiting out other coins,but i just bought one today from someone,but thank you.i"m looking for the coin called tribal cacher still.it has a skull in the middle of the coin with with tribal around the skull.
  6. I saw on cointracking.com that pingos have one Pumpkin available. If it's the one you're looking for, you could contact them to see if they are interested in trading or selling the coin. Thank you very much.
  7. In search of one special coin,Geocoin club Oct 2009.If someone out there knows anyone or haves this coin, i would buy it.
  8. nishollow


    i have have been at alot of caches in the the last 2 weeks and they say there is a coin or a tb in the cache but its not there.for example one of my coins say its in a cache but when i went there to get it and move it along it was not there,but on the page it said it was there.this is a pain in the butt.
  9. if u still have fear no cache geocoin i would pay 60.00 dollars for it,if so email me me back and let me know
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