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  1. how does that tell me is not available due to tide? Read the listing! GermanSailor Who reads...?? I do but I know a few that just go to the site... and then if they can't find it then they read!
  2. A suggestion a cache adoption form... for those of us that moved out of our original caching areas...?
  3. Webling From southwest Ohio. He's great for putting up with us!
  4. The categories/subcategories would probably be fine if there wasn't a whole lot. This will probably be very popular. Any more than, oh, 50 categories and it becomes a little harder to just browse. A search tool would be great! I still think alphabetizing the categories & sub cats would be nice, if it wouldn't be too hard to do.
  5. Will the directory of waypoint categories organized in any way? Alphabetical would be nice. Going through the entire list of locationless was never very efficient.
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