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  1. I guess it matters what "affordable"means to you,the Delorme 40,and oregon 450 are pricey.If paperless is your goal there are many cheaper ones that are very good for the price.My budget was 200and I feel i got alot for my money with the Lowrance outand back.Very nice features for the money,the garmins didnt offer near the options for the same cash.
  2. I like the Lawrance out and back..Accurate,affordable has features of higher end units.color screen,decent base map,touch screen and buttons for gloved or no gloves.And paperless cacheing.simple to use.good battery life.Just need to buy a cheap usb cord,i use the one for my mp3 player.Also good internal memory"32 mb "and a slot for micro-sd card up to 32 gigs.You can even view pics on it.Good "bang for buck'gps.
  3. I have to chime in here.I just learned about this game last week by accident.I just bought a new GPS and am going to give it a go.but... I live in a neighborhood that has recently been the target of numerous home and auto break-ins.As the father of two young kids and a wife I am needless to say "very aware"of what is happening in my neighborhood.I have to admit that if I saw a "suspicious"person mulling around near my home,or on my street, I would not hesitate to ask them what they were up too.If they were to give me a BS answer and i saw through it,they might end up explaining geocaching while sitting on their back-side.In todays society with all the sickos and crime I would be honest.And camo....You are not hunting something that will run away from you if it sees you.The best "camo"for an urban setting or park is to dress like you belong there,not like a soldier."And "soldier" is the nicest term i will use here.Many others come to mind". Be an ambassador for the game.Do not deceive the public.I would hate to see communities ban the game because of unneeded fear and suspicion because people have been lied to.Its no different than what I teach my kids to say when questioned about what they are doing.They had better tell me the truth.If this is truly a family friendly "game"then lets keep it that way.I would much rather tell the truth than have to explain why I lied.I would not want to participate in a "game"that involved lying or deception,nor do i want my kids to think that it is alright to lie to adults when questioned about their actions.Of course,a little white lie to a nosey kid that may ruin the cache i feel is not too much of a sin.Use your best judgment. Remember:The truth will set you free..Honesty is the best policy..ect.ect.
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