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  1. No Need to answer as I found another similar topic to go by and it worked. Thanks for all those who help us "beginners". And... Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!
  2. I just received my Montana 650t and am trying to load caches into it. I can load them one at a time off the cache page, but how, exactly, do I take the 500 closest, for example, from a pocket query to the Montana? What programs do I need, if any, to do this?
  3. I see how to download individual caches from a list, but can't figure out how to download multiple caches to my Montana. I get a list of .loc files and can get the gpx files, but how do I actually get it into the Montana?
  4. I had several coins that I activated and wanted to keep some for FTF gifts. Is there a way to transfer ownership to the FTF cacher?
  5. I would like to create an earthcache that would be for the world's largest earthen dam at the time it was erected. It was in the late 1920s and also created the largest man made lake at the time. I have seen ECs at dams, but just want to make sure.
  6. Sorry. I have not been clear. I am creating a new cache and want to add a small jpg picture to the cache page. Where do I add it and how?
  7. Ah yes, the "simple" word. Well, I am not sure what to do with this. I am trying to add a picture (jpeg) to the log description area. Is that where it goes? Do I enter the picture in the picture.gif part of the above. Sorry, I am an avid user, but haven't figured out HTML.
  8. Can't seem to locate how to add a jpeg file to the description on a new cache log.
  9. I am more confused now that I have tried PQs and GSAK is downloaded. Prior to these two, when I hit 200 manually downloaded geocaches (GPX files) The unit tells me that there was not enough space. I called Garmin and they said I should have plenty of room with the 2000 limit. They could not figure it out and told me to do a hard reset. I did and the same problem exists. When I started tying to use GSAK, now the files have the GSAK logo on them. I deleted many files manually until I was down below 100 or so. I read something about being able to have 2000 geocaches plus 1000 way points before I ran out of room. Too many different words are making my head spin. Can anyone help me get this straightened out?
  10. 1. Is the City Maps NT the only choice for the 300? 2. Where is the best place to get the maps and the best price? 3. New or used?
  11. And as of today, no one has found it yet. I just checked this morning because the river was extra high this weekend for a Kayak race and it is still there! Some very good cachers have crashed on this one.
  12. Thanks so much for the info. I will try to figure out the photo issue.
  13. I think that we are growing as geocachers and getting good at finding the caches. But, I still have questions. 1. After I download a photo for my new cache, how do I get it on the cache page? 2. If a trackable item is missing, how do you get it off the cache. If someone took it, but never logged it. 3. I recently placed a cache in a crack in a granite pier at the river. You have to lay down on top and reach about 3 feet down to feel the crack. I wedged a piece of granite above the small micro so you could not see it from above. I also wedged a little dirt in with a small plant. You might be able to see the container from the side if you wade out to the next pier. In order to get to the cache site without getting wet, you need to leap about 4 foot to a 4 inch ledge at the bottom of the pier and then climb up about 6 feet to the top. The only other ways of getting to the site is via water or through a dense pricker forest. There is a path that leads to the leaping site. Question: What should I use for terraine and difficulty. I ran it through GC.com and got a 3, but posted it as a 3.5 for both. Three of the better cachers in the area have tried and failed so far. Should it be higher? Is there any guidelines available? 4. Is there a good place to find out how to use my stocking stuffer Oregon 300? I get the basics, but there is sooooo much more I don't know how to use or what it is for.
  14. OK... so on a trip to KY from SC we planned to cache up and down. I tried to get caches that had TB or Geocoins. Several cache showed lots of them so I was excited to see them as we opened the container... Couldn't find any, but there were poorly constructed "fakes". We were very dissapointed. What is the feeling on these "fakes"?
  15. Mahalo. I now understand and believe firmly that a DNF is just that and even if the owner says go ahead it is still a DNF. I will promote this line of thinking as well. Bob
  16. Mahalo. I now understand and believe firmly that a DNF is just that and even if the owner says go ahead it is still a DNF. I will promote this line of thinking as well. Bob
  17. SIGH !! asks our advice then logs a find on a DNF not once but TWICE.. Good stuff to teach your kids.. Yet another item to add has been added to the "Found It = Didn't Find It" forum If you had taken the time to read all the words you would see that I entered the wrong date the first time. I also stated that I did not know how to change an entry. Finally I asked everyone to play nice. When you answer a simple question this way you turn new geocachers off by your snotty replies. I carry geocoins and such in my pocket so that I can promote the sport. Thanks, Bob
  18. Ok. This whole question came from one of the DNF that the owner told me to take a smiley because it was gone. That made me think, earlier yesterday, that perhaps that is what you are supposed to do. The particular cache you are looking at, I did attempt to change it, but used the wrong date and went in and put it in again to the correct date. Now I have three entries for the same cache and began wondering if there was some way of changing the find so that the DNF no longer shows. That was the moment that I decided to get some expert advice. It appears that most believe that it is a DNF and that in the scheme of things it does not really matter unless you care about percentages. Is there some reason to be concerned about percentages? Also, this was my first time on the forum. Some of you guys who check it all the time may very weary of certain questions. However, this is a great sport and we are only getting started. Luckily I have thick skin. My concern is that many new to geocaching may not be and would be turned off by some of the glib and not so glib comments. So to all who are moderating this forum, please play nice. Thanks, Bob
  19. Let me see if I understand this. You looked for a cache and did not find it. You filed a DNF that reflects your experience. DNF's can result from the cache being missing, the cache being in the wrong place, or your just not finding the cache. Now you figure since the cache is archived you get to get a smiley? Why didn't you just lie and instead of logging a DNF log a smiley? Then you wouldn't have to embarrass yourself publicly. Jim Well Jim, for those who are not experts yet like you I guess to avoid being ridiculed for not understanding something it would be best not to use this forum. For clarification, I looked for a cache and did not find it, because it was missing. Several others had not found it as well so the owner archived it stating that indeed it was missing. In such a situation should I just put up a note or does it not matter in the world of geocaching wether you take a not found or not?
  20. I have several caches that I was not able to find and registered them as not found. After reviewing the not found caches, I noticed that almost all had disappeared and were archived. So, even though I really tried it was obviously not there can I go back and record a smiley? Does that take away the not found?
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