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  1. This is very counter intuitive. How do I disable this functionality? I want my play map to show all caches by default. As a side-note, who's idea was it to change to this? This violates basic UX design principles. The default should always be "show all", and the have the options to filter from there. What was the rationale behind this change?
  2. Is there any chance of getting an official reply to this? Seems like I'm not the only one confused by the reason behind the change. Will it be changed back to "all" by default?
  3. In the last few months the website default map had some changes made to it. One of those changes includes defaulting to only showing users "not found by me" and "cache's I don't own". I would like to suggest this be changed back to the previous default of showing "all". Even better would be an option to allow users to select and set their preferred "default" filter settings. This would help improve all users experience.
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