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  1. I just got an SG02-5 on eBay. God, I love this coin!!!
  2. This seems to be the same thing as it happed this past Monday. All I get is this error 500. I have to say, it annoys me that this happens that often and almost takes a whole day to be fixed again.
  3. I was wondering, what ever happened to those new editions mentioned here some time ago? I am still very interested in any new (or old, or whatever) version of any kind. Birka, please?
  4. Seems like I can't access the address book anymore. Can you send me a new invite, please?
  5. Any news about any upcoming releases?
  6. I don't want to sound pushy, but... will we ever see any new editions of this beautiful geocoin? Has anybody got any news?
  7. Well, the months pass by and I still hope to hear about the remint every day. Is there any news that I might have missed lately? GIVE US THE BIRKA
  8. I'd love to get my hands on some of those, or even more of them, maybe a set or two. I just can't help it, but to me this is one of the best coin designs ever made. Such a pity that there are so few available out there. As I said before, put me on the list. I WANT THEM!
  9. I'm probably the last one to receive their coins, but I got them finally in the mail yesterday. I love the look and feel of those coins in polished gold, whereas I don't really care about the Rhodium versions. My absolute favourite is the Neon, though. I really wished there where more of those in Copper instead the Rhodium.
  10. Happy new Year to everybody. So, can we expect those new Birkas anytime soon? I can't wait to call those beauties mine soon.
  11. YES! Count me in for one each. Maybe even more. I know some people that would love to get hold of these beauties
  12. Time is passing by, and still no news about this magnificent coin. Does anybody here know anything about the new version? Maybe some inside info?
  13. So, what versions are we talking about here? Do I spot the 'naked' coin in the lower left corner of that picture?
  14. Is it already over? I missed all the fun, again
  15. Maybe you should consider to increase the number of sets you will make available, since there is such a run on them?
  16. Thanks for the update, Mark. I feel much better now Any idea, when those two new versions will be showing up?
  17. I get that Royal Mercy in antique copper is a LE. The confusing part however is that there will be a re-mint of Royal Mercy in antique silver. So far I only knew about a Royal Mercy in antique gold. Did I miss the initial antique silver version?
  18. Well I'm confused now. I just got an email from Oakcoin saying that the Royal Mercy (purple) was mixed up at the mint and sent in a antique copper finish instead of antique silver, but the antique silver version would be available in about three weeks. Does that mean that there might be more 'unexpected' versions showing up soon?
  19. What a beautiful coin. I just ordered a set
  20. Still no news about the new versions?
  21. Now that's what I was talking about, we got us a presale I was able to place my order and got all the coins I wanted
  22. Really great! Sale started at 1:50 am for me - in the middle of the night, with no warning. This way no one here in Europe has a chance to get any of those. Why don't they do reservations so they would at least know how many coin are needed? Is there at least reminting of those coin planned? PLEASE
  23. Definitely number 6 (Satin Nickel + Blue). I love it! I also like number 5 and number 7, but I can't decide which one I like better. I don't like number 4 since it hides the pretty detail underneath.
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