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  1. I just received a message from a cacher saying he's appleiphone6. I looked at his hidden caches and one is similar to a spot marked on the map (Badger Mountain), so I'm betting it's his! Thanks so much for your help!
  2. Sorry for not getting back sooner, it's been a busy week! I don't really do much caching - just a little last year to maintain sanity, so it's unlikely I'd recognize any names. Most of the maps are in the Colorado Springs area, but they are all dead ends in regards to nearby caches from what I see. I'd happily take any leads you have! I looked inside the battery compartment and there is nothing there. Thanks much!
  3. I was in Waldo Canyon. It doesn't appear to have many caches since it is not a very highly trafficked trail. I was at the bottom near the final creek crossing and climb out (clockwise). When I power it on, it says appleiphone6 and 1536 caches found. There are a few maps saved, but no finds on the nearby caches around the dates they were saved. I'm stumped!
  4. Thanks for the ideas! I don't see any unique name, but there are some waypoints dated in June. Unfortunately I don't have a USB cord for that, but do have a charging cord since it died shortly after I powered it up. I'll look into the other suggestions!
  5. Hi, I was out trail running near Manitou Springs and found a Garmin Oregon 550 on the trail. Any ideas on how to go about finding the owner? Thanks!
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