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  1. Not impressed that all my owned caches no longer come up as stars but as their type (green, blue question mark etc). This really confuses matters as I now have to check them all in case a new one has been placed.
  2. I have same problem. Windows 10. With Edge and IExplorer get first thread of conversation on right hand side and last thread on left hand side. With Cometbird absolutely no threads at all. Mobile phones same problem Windows phone and Android phone show same as Edge and Iexplorer Come on Groundspeak get your act together. There have been to many things going wrong recently
  3. I am getting to really dislike this new search. I have my search set to 20 miles. In the old search if I clicked on the Search for nearby Geocaches magnifying glass, it would bring up all the caches and then I could click on map these results. This would then zoom me into my home location and I could then scroll around to my hearts content. Now it brings up a map unzoomed and seeing as I live in London I get a map of part of Southern England with 1000 or more geocaches all crammed on top of each other It just seems to look like a huge blob. Under the old system I never used to have a range so that if I was going somewhere I could just pan around the world to the place I was going and then zoom in. Now we are limited to 30 miles - this is far too small an area. Can you please bring back the old system as this was far superior.
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