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  1. I did some more research today and found 1) apparently new Garmin maps cannot be directly loaded on a DeLorme unit (no idea why), and 2) I don't need the Topo USA disc to do .gpx transfers (just save them through USB to my waypoints folder). Additionally, if I want basically anything new it means getting a new GPS unit and likely with a subscription on top of it. Ok, that's sort of disappointing but at least I can still get .gpx files on here. Whether I can get a whole bunch of them, or just one at a time, was a subject in a different thread. Now, I would think that someone out there is sitting on Topo USA V8, 9, 10 disc set and basically has no use for it because DeLorme is functionally orphaned by Garmin. No one wants to sell them?
  2. Thanks for that info. Have you tried any Garmin maps, to see if the DeLorme can display these?
  3. Sorry if double-posted elsewhere, the posts keep saying 'moderator approval required' and never show up. Fourth time in a week I have posted a similar message. I just acquired a DeLorme Earthmate PN-40. It came with accessories, but no software. It has some maps in it already. The manual I found online doesn't have much detail to it. Come to find out, it was essentially non-supported by Garmin now. Probably why the price was so good! Questions: 1) What version of Topo USA did it ship with, originally? (version 9?) Can I use Version 9? 10? I am not sure if Topo USA 8, 9, 10, etc., can be used with it. My understanding may be wrong, but it appears to me Topo USA is merely the software on my PC I can use to edit maps, save points, etc., and that really facilitates moving files to it. I've had significant difficulty finding a USA Topo disc, though Ebay had an unopened V9. I have Win10 and Win7 machines here. Maybe there is a freeware or a Garmin software that works even better--I've read numerous gripes about Topo USA. 2) Can I load only DeLorme maps, or can I do a subscription to Garmin, etc.? I did find Garmin has some legacy maps for it online (for now). But other than some very basic state maps and public lands, that's about it. I'm not sure if I can subscribe to Garmin and load theirs--if that is some proprietary thing, etc. I wanted to load US trail data--but I kept finding it for Garmin-format GPS units. The manual does not say what types of data it can display, as far as I could tell. 3) The unit has two storage areas. One is about 6GB or so (internal) and the other is an external 2GB SD card. Can I put in a larger SD card and store lots more maps on it? Or does it need special formatting, etc. I would think I could just drop more map files into the SD card, but I'm lost if it is really that simple. For example, I'm supposing I can hookup to a PC, add .gpx files, and look at them on the run. But if it involves putting them in a specific folder on the internal vs SD, that's where I am lost on the manual. --- Thanks, so far I've found 8 caches but on my cell phone GPS. But its accuracy is lousy. If I can figure out how to store .gpx on the PN-40, that will be far better. If I can load trails and other map files, even better. The kids love the geocaches. I may put out a few of my own soon.
  4. K3RW here in Vancouver, Washington USA
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