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  1. You have taken away the markdown formatting tools and the log preview. I'm really not sure how this even makes sense. We now have to manually enter the markdown formatting tags and hope we didn't make a mistake because there is no preview.
  2. I simply cannot believe that Groundspeak would add a nag screen and set a date for killing the classic app when this release has still not restored functionality that users have been clamoring for since the initial release of the new app. Until field notes and the ability to filter out a friend's finds are added (functionality that classic app users have now and paid for) the new app is basically useless to me.
  3. I just downloaded Looking4Cache and I like it. I will be recommending it to my newb friend. Thanks!
  4. In all seriousness, I want to know how members can have our voices heard on the app issue. As I said in the March 9 thread, I am an iPhone "power user". I've found almost all of my caches, and do almost all of my searches, with the iPhone app and I am beyond frustrated with the recent changes. And this isn't resistance to change. Functionality that I literally use every day has been taken away with the new app. But at least I still have the Classic app for some remaining time (whatever this June deadline means). Now, someone who'd been asking me a lot about geocaching decided to install the app and I am appalled at the lack of caches available to non-premium members. If this is some kind of ploy to force newbs into becoming premium members it is backfiring spectacularly. How is my friend ever supposed to become interested in the game enough to fork over $30 if he is limited to non-PMO 1.5/1.5 caches? Groundspeak, I love you but you've been completely tone-deaf on this one. Please listen to those of us out here using these products. We don't want much. We just don't want things that were already available taken away. Seriously. Call me. I'd be happy to fill you in. I think you have my number.
  5. Adding two more points friends have come up with: • Can no longer drop or visit trackables with your log • Can't assign a favorite point from the app (wonder if I'm just missing something here). • D/T Ratings and Size not shown in list view -- when choosing which caches to seek these are far more important than trackable inventory and favorite points -- besides there is so much white space there is plenty of room for all this info, plus "recent log" indicators
  6. Thanks to Moun10Bike for the replies to some of my comments. These are really helpful bits of info. Since I am someone who has been using the app for six years, it should say something that I could not find these features myself. I'd also love if the app added Chrome support. Safari does not retain my geocaching.com login so I have to login every time I open a cache in Safari.
  7. I'm just going to weigh in and say that I think the new app is an unmitigated disaster. I am racking up quite a list of features that are just missing. These are not wish-list features. Most are features that I paid for with the paid app that have now been taken away. The survey I just completed was an insult as it only allowed for choosing three missing features we'd like to see added and no place for comments. I consider myself a smartphone power cacher. I had to wonder if Groundspeak consulted with anyone like me when deciding to roll out this app. I have over 12,000 finds almost all of which were found with the iPhone app. Here's the list I have compiled: Pros and Cons of new Geocaching iPhone app: Pros: • Free (but I already paid for old app!) • Messages -- you can view and send messages from the Message Center and send a message to a CO right from a cache listing • Turn by turn directions thru Maps or Google Maps (but not Waze) • You can see the avatar of the actual CO -- useful if the cache has an alias "placed by" like Friends of So-n-So, for example (but you'd have to recognize the cacher; actual name not shown) • No more "load more logs" -- just swipe to see older logs • Access to bookmark lists HOWEVER you can't bring them up in map view, just list view. Also they are listed by cache name, without any modifications you may have done when you bookmarked the cache (like numbering FTFs, for example). Cons: • No more field notes or "save for later" for logs -- this is functionality I use every time I cache, I can't even imagine caching without it • You can no longer filter out friends' finds! This is my favorite and most-used Advanced Search feature. • No map view for PQs or bookmark lists / PQs and Bookmark lists lumped together under "Lists" • As best I can tell, the only way to log trackables is from within a cache listing that has trackables in inventory. There is no screen where you can just enter codes, say when you're discovering someone's collection. I was just able to call up my own TB hotel, then from there it gave me the option to logs TBs that aren't in that cache's inventory. • The ability to go out to Maps for navigation is nice but would prefer Waze support • No more "View on Geocaching.com" -- this is an option I use a lot • No more "Save to Offline List" which was essentially a way to bookmark caches from the app and, more importantly, save caches for when you'll be in an area with poor cell service. • When clicking a cache page link from an email or text (or anywhere else, I'd imagine) it no longer gives you the option of opening it via the app vs. a browser. It now takes you straight to the BROWSER. • Only log types available are Found, DNF and Note. No Disable, Enable, Owner Maintenance, NM, NA. • No access to personal cache notes • No Open Street Maps option • Still no way to quickly ID which caches have recent DNFs. You still have to go into the cache listing and look at logs. It's my understanding that many third party apps display this in list view.
  8. I have no problem with Groundspeak archiving the challenges they have archived. There is a problem though. I posted a couple of completions, just to see how the whole thing works. Now the challenges have been archived and I can't delete my logs which I would very much like to do. I hope they change this.
  9. Sheesh. I'm not faulting Groundspeak for not having an update ready to roll. Other apps are working with multi-tasking "as is" and I'd hoped GC would, too.
  10. So, I just installed iOS4 on my iPhone 3GS and was hugely disappointed to realize that the Geocaching app is not working with multi-tasking. If I'm listening to my iPod and launch the GC app, the music shuts off. If I leave the GC app and return, it takes me back to main screen, not where I left off. I was so looking forward to the iOS upgrade specifically for multi-tasking while geocaching and I hope, hope, hope that the app is updated soon to take advantage of the new iOS capabilities.
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