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  1. Thanks for the Stats, very interesting! Just to make it more confusing/complete, I know of a cache called "Tygerberg cache" GC8B5D, the first log I can see (I cannot see the reviewers note or FTF log) is dated the 15-09-2002 but the top of the page says hidden on the 28-07-2012. Whatever IT bug caused havoc, strictly spoken it should be included in the (Western Cape) list as an old active cache.
  2. 15/16 would also be ideal for me and maybe the 8 December
  3. Today is the 7 November 2012, but it has nothing to do with America, badges, belts or Magnetic post boxes. Does anyone remembers the Earth cache "Mirror, mirror on the wall"? (GC22ZC8) It is another excellent Earth Cache by Sterreman but to make a long story short, here is part of the cache description: You can also share in this experience by doing this EarthCache. To see the reflection you need to be at the designated coordinates within about week around 04 February @ 19h00 or around 07 November @ 18h30. If you cannot make it then but you want to hunt down the reflection at some other time, this image can be used as a guide for where and when to see it (or get this GPX-file accompanied by this list to do your own detailed predictions). Note that these are only guidelines (allow about a week and ten minutes around the predicted dates and times). Visibility also depends on local conditions like clouds around the Sun or low on the mountain which will spoil it. Having a printout of this picture (reflection arrowed) with you will help you to know where to look. (Note: the mountain looks slightly different from different angles.) Also note that you can lengthen the visibility period slightly by using binoculars. Although it is ideal to see the reflection when doing this cache, it is not mandatory to qualify for "Found it". I will happily drive (with a smile) into the traffic jam on the N1 and try to be at GZ at 18h30. Will I be the only one?
  4. Kasimani


    Thanks everybody! It's great to be a cacher in Cape Town!
  5. Kasimani


    Thanks everyone, we had a lot of fun getting to our 500! Congratulations to Edkin as well, he quietly passed his 100 milestone and to Littleclan for the half century!
  6. Kasimani


    Some say..... they place a cache just for his log.. others say.... he never sleeps and to get to a cache before him is worth more than an FTF.. however.. we just know him as.. The great Henzz! Congrats to your 1300 find!
  7. The PT is for me like a bottle store, earlier or later you will go there (some people make use of it everyday, other people go only there once a year) and you are glad that you can get what you want, but you do not want a bottle store next to your house! Nay, I don't like them, Yay, I would do at least one cache if I could. BTW, a few months ago I was overseas and had the chance to do a "power trail" which consisted of 12 caches nicely spaced not more than 200 meters apart. At that stage I thought it was quite an achievement to do them and I grabbed the "challenge" :-) I had excellent company, the weather was perfect, the landscape was beautiful, but after the 5th cache I was getting bored, by the 9th cache I was "gatvol" and it became a matter of "vasbyt ou boet" until the 12th cache. After signing the last log, I just thought:"Luckily we don't have something like that in SA!".....(famous last words) (and now I am sitting at work and a lot of Fynbos finders are powering up a trail above Houtbay by perfect weather without me, life is not fair!)
  8. The hike looks sooooo good, I was very exited yesterday, but in mean time, some work related matters came up and I won't be able to make it. Enjoy the hike!
  9. I would love to join the hiking group, just let me know the where and when.
  10. It is indeed a sad day for geocaching in SA if the purpose of an Event (GC3108Z) is to plan a second power trail just to give a chance for cachers to get a "record"(I quote): "which were not part of the Pretoria Power Trial just to even the scales a bit" and "In order to promote the badges and numbers" I think I will also plan a power trail event in CT, all you have to do is switch your GPS on and off and every time you do this you will get a "smiley" for it! This will break records! Or is there another purpose why I do geocaching, I forgot, please can someone help me. What, I have to get out of my house, even get out of my car? I know, I know, everyone does Geocaching for a different reason, if you want to go for numbers, fine, you have the full right to do it, even to place as many power trails as you like and to plan as many events as you like, but don't ask me to take your "milestone's" seriously or any statistics.
  11. Good question about the 62s. After "my" Dakota 10 was hijacked, I purchased a 62s (as an upgrade from my 60csx which took a short cut down a mountain). It has a better screen than the Dakota but all those buttons....The 3 axis compass is an absolute must once you are used to it, but the Dakota is more user friendly in my opinion. I use OSM maps on both GPS's with no problems.
  12. Hi there, I bought the Dakota 10 last year as my budget was limited and I wanted to go paperless. After my wife discovered the touchscreen she claimed full ownership to it and I only see the GPS if I have to load new caches. It is a dream to work with but I personally would rather go for the Dakota 20 with the electronic 3-axis compass. Good luck with a difficult decision!
  13. Kasimani


    Congratulations to Hesamati who just found his 700th cache! Well done, enjoy your holiday!
  14. Ich weiss nicht warum jemand ein "outdoor" spiel macht aber nicht nach draussen geht. Auch wenn es moeglich ist es durchs Internet zu spielen, dann wuerde ich eher ein neues "Spiel" anfangen, man kann es ja Internetcaching nennen oder? Das Problem mit "couch potatoes" ist, wenn die beschliessen virtual caches in andern Laendern zu machen. Es ist aergerlich fuer die Cachebesitzer und es macht keinen guten Eindruck siehe GC3E5D und GCGA10. Der letzte Cache gehoert zu einer Serie von 3 Cachen und alle 3 wurden disabled wegen Missbrauch "from a certain European country abusing the three virtuals" und nur auf draengen der heisigen cacher Gemeinschaft wieder enabled. Natuerlich ist es nicht gesagt das es von Deutschland her kam aber wenn man es vergleicht mit GC3E5D machen hiesige cacher ihre Ableitungen.
  15. Hallo da, seit ihr nur in der Gegend von Johannesburg? Wenn es euch in die Richtung Kapstadts verschlaegt, dann sagt mal Bescheid! Viele Gruesse
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