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  1. I don't use EasyGPS that often. Is the COM port correct? Is your BAUD rate 4800 on the GPSr and in Easy GPS? On the menu bar there is a tab for GPS. Click on that to see if you can transfer the waypoints that are in you GPSr to Easy GPS.
  2. Here are two possibilities. I have this one You can see the screen and access the buttons without removing the unit . I have it dangle from my neck on a lanyard. I don't have this one I discovered this after I already received the other one. I like the velcro on the back and the clip. The other ones above seem nice, but I like not having to pull it our of its neoprene nest. spamhead
  3. No problem, I am just glad the answer was right. I would hate to see what would have happened to me if I had given you the wrong answer and gotten thrown to the wolves. "Shine on!"(CAG) spamhead
  4. That is the way I load my maps. Maybe you should pull the SD card out of the one unit and flop it into the other to see if htat works. z_statman, you are a flippin' genious!
  5. Heading is the direction you are travelling. Bearing is the direction you need to travel to arrive at goal (geocache) or to the next waypoint in your route. On your compass screen, the arrow points to your heading, the destination symbol is located on the compass mark that coincides with your bearing.
  6. Just because McDonald's sells more dinners than Ruth's Chris doesn't mean they are better dinners.
  7. I think it does have the SIRF III. My other GPSr is a Merigold so the Lowrance would actually be a little smaller that I am used to. That screen, though. Wow!
  8. ...and I was stupid enought to believe it. I thought the new -x series Garmins did. I do know that the Magellans do suck onto the satellites signal like a woodtick.
  9. How much do I owe you for saying that? I have been in the Northwoods and had that happen in familiar territory. It is VERY easy to get turned around.
  10. Ah those Garminites do not know what they are talking about ... You think Garminites are bad, I live where there are a majority of Magellanites. Not only do I have to take their guff, I have to find their caches all of which have bad coordinates because they don't use Garmins. JohnnyVegas is just trying to talk me out of going over to the "Dark Side". I thought about sticking with Magellan, but, like I said earlier, it looks like they are divesting from the handheld market. If I buy another unit , I want to have some support from the manufacturer. It sounds like contacting Thayles is impossible.
  11. I knew there was a reason I still live in Minnesota.
  12. I usually head into the woods with my GPSr and extra batteries. I initially wanted to get a basic GPSr for my 7-year old son who heads out to me. I had a Magellan 315, but gave it to my brother in hopes the Caching bug would hit him. It hasn't, as of this date. I thought about getting a basic yellow etrex for him, partially because I thought it would be good to "diversify" to a Garmin, and partially because it looks like Thayles is focusing on Tom-Tomish GPSr's and abandoning the handheld market. As I did research, I thought it would be nice to get a color screen and maybe upgrade to a sirf III unit. I hunt with guy who has a Lowrance GPSr and the detail and brightness of the screen ins wonderful. I think I am just trying to justify getting a different GPSr, and am scared of Magellan abandoniing the handheld market. They are no longer posting upgrades to the Merigold firmware. What unit is next? JohhnyVegas, you had some input into my purchasing my Merigold unit, initially, when I posted a thread in early 2005. It has been a great unit. Thanks.
  13. When you head out in the woods, do you take more that one GPSr with you in case it should melt down or the unit just can't get good reception? I have a Merigold, which despite the ridicule of certain Garminites, has been a very servicable and durable unit. I have seriously thought about getting either a Legend C , Cx or Lowrance H20 C Plus as a second unit. I have even entertained the thought, that it this new unit outperforms my trusty Merigold in the field, I would use the Merigold exclusively for the auto-routing capabilities and use it to get my to the parking area, and then whip out the trusty "field unit" to zero in on the cache. This would prevent me from having to purchase the additional waypoint/map cd and make a big step up in technology with the color screen and sirfIII technology. Am I insane? spamhead
  14. My concerns about the software and compatibility came from this link started by lee rimar. He seems to elnpw what he is talking about and I got scared away. Lowrance Maps
  15. da hobbit, If customizable maps is improtant to you, then the software that comes H20 C Plus or Expidition C Plus seems to be the best. You can customize the size and shape of the map, where with the Magellan software you take a big square that could include a lot of information that you don't need. I have been struggling betweetn the Garmin LegendCx or the H20 C. The biggest concerns I have with the Lowrance are: 1) The limit ot the number of SD cards you could use with the unit and 2) The possible communication problems with the unit and other software you might have. I don't have personal experience, but I did a topic search in the forums for Lowrance and there seemed to be these issues. Good luck, spamhead
  16. I was leaning toward buying a Lowrance H20 C over the Legend Cx (I didn't care about the compass of the Expedition) because the Screen qimage quality and fantastic customizable software. Unfortunately, the SD card management seems ticky-tack and I don't know that I want to have to relearn how to use GSAK and or EasyGPS. Why can't Lowrance play well with others. It is like they want to be the MacIntosh of the GPS world. Powerful and stubbornly independent. I guess I will banish them to the Island of Misfit Toys with Hermie & Rudolph until they learn to "play" well with others and drop the non-conformist crap. I guess I have a Garmin in the future.
  17. I love my Merigold, but I was thinking of picking up a second unit as a reserve. Because I read this thread last night, I know it isn't going to be a Magellan. I feel abandoned. Maybe Garmin or Lowrance will adopt me?
  18. My only questions is this: Why don't you get a "regular" compass, turn off your electronic one and extend your battery life? When I was looking for my first "better" GPSr, I specifically didn't get the built in compass to extend the battery life. I say Shut 'er down and get a decent $20.00 Silva. Just my two cents. spamhead
  19. I think about 15 hours with standard alkaline batteries. Marcie/Eric is/are correct that lithium last longer but I am a tight-wad and I use NiMH batteries almost exclusively. I always have 2 or 3 sets with me as a backup. I live in Minnesota and the cold can zap the battery life. I must be a quantity ofer quality kind of guy. Later, spamhead
  20. Here is what I did to resolve the issue. I posted the note on the cachepage. Almost immediately, the cache owner, who is also a bowhunter, diabled the cache. He said he was planning to do that if anyone raised concerns about that. He emailed me explaining the situation and posted a log on the website that the cache would reopen once the season ended. I then emailed him, thanked him for the consideration and for taking the time to hide the cache in the first place. I also mentioned that I started this thread to receive guidance. Thank you for your advice on this subject. I am going to close the thread. Thank you Wolf0629 for being a wonderful cache owner/hider. spamhead
  21. That is true around here, also. The problem is that this is in an area that normally doesn't have hunting. It is in a County Park in the Metropolitan Twin Cities area and the sign prohibits vehicle traffic unless you have the special hunting permit. It doesn't prohibit access to the park but suggests people stay only on the trails. I guess my concern was dealt with irritating the hunters who received this special permit to harvest in the park that is normally closed to hunting. I am not worried about the geocacher's safety as much as I am about hunter/geocacher relations.
  22. There is a cache around here that is located in an area that is designated for a "Special Bowhunt Deer Harvest" from October to December 31. The sign by the entrance to the road forbids driving on the road, but it is not a very long walk to get the the cachesite. I posted a note on the cache page stating that I thought it should be deactivated until the hunt is over. The post is : <a href=http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=bfda8c27-fa52-4ecf-86cc-3ac53bc40a59/> Did I overstep any boundaries? spamhead edit: I am a moron and don't lnow how to post a hot link.
  23. All good points. It also would solve this problem I have had in the past. I head out to 4 or 5 caches on a Saturday morning, hoping to drop off a travel bug. I find 3 micros, have an dnf and find the remaining cache is too full to drop the TB so I stays with me until the next time I go out. I have plenty of caches, on the way back home, that I have found before and would have ample room for the TB. It all makes sense to me, now. Thanks, spamhead
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