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  1. Torry Make sure to send your ideas on a possible venue to Trippy I think their E-Mail is info@midwestgeobash.org. They're looking for venues in central Indiana. EDIT: Darnit I always jump the gun and post before I've ready the whole thread...
  2. If everyones work day is as boring as mine that could explain why. Edit: Looks like Wander Lost was thinking the same thing as me.
  3. Wow! the MWGB was awesome! I totally plan to go next year! Just remember that next year is the year of the duck.... Quack!
  4. Did anyone get their summer coins of this series? I honestly can't remember if I did but I'm thinking I havn't. Anyone?
  5. WOW! What a great event! Next year I think I'll plan a different duck dish for every dinner! Ha! Thanks for making this happen Trippy, Bjorn, and everyone behind the scenes.
  6. Me too. I love the design of last years coin but wasn't into coins at the time. I'm also excited to see what happens this year
  7. Irregular? Maybe they need some fiber?
  8. ::sniffles:: I feel so left out
  9. Try it again now Darus, I was having the same problem but it seems to be fixed now.
  10. Congrats on the find! Looks like you had a fun time finding it!
  11. I personally have 2 YJTBs in my possession. Since both of their goals were to meet more geocachers I decided to take them to the Midwest Geobash to exchange with someone who may not have had the chance to see or log one of these guys. I don't think they should be kidnaped kept. Just because the contest is over doesn't mean that other geocachers wouldn't have a fun time finding one of these TBs in a cache. I mean Zygote you obviously liked finding these TBs in a cache why not share that enjoyment with other cachers by letting them travel more. By keeping one of these Jeep TBs forever just seems really selfesh to me. Just my $0.02
  12. Is that in the newer version Bret? my old mapsourse does the entire state of Indiana in about 2 maps. I know we got more counties than that It would be nice to be able to chop my maps down to county.
  13. Awsome coin. Too bad I don't have the money to mint my own for a trade
  14. I was wondering if it were possible or if people thought it would be useful to see how many times a cache has been found? I think it's be nice to see how "popular" the cache is or how "difficult" it is. Any comments/questions?
  15. W00t! I guess I'll have a small shot this year at finding a jeep during the contest! Looks like fun to me!
  16. ::bops deermark:: You've had enough vacation and I've had none. Ohh Shydog pick me pick me!!
  17. PMaholm


    If dogs can write puzzle caches, shouldn't they at least be able to sign the logs themselves? Geesh! Some lazy dogs... You could always ask them to make their mark..... however some may not want the logbook soaked that way.
  18. Must have been quite a few that needed to catch up I saw a little more time than normal on a new PQs time to get to my inbox. Not a complaint just an observation. Thanks for all of your hard work Jeremy, Raine, and anyone else behind the scenes
  19. try putting in "Indiana" as the from or to search or in the keywords search you should see several routes I've made as tests. From my understanding with the from and to search it geocodes the address or state or city/state and searches for routes begining or ending within a specified range of the coords the geocode returned. so if you search for places people havn't made routes to or from yet you won't get any results. Let me know if that helped
  20. Wow yeah. that definatly improved my understanding of the GPS system. Edit: I am being serious. after posting I saw how some may read my post as sarcasam. This is not the case I did enjoy the replies and they did help.
  21. I actually got this to work on my V3, if anyone is having problems try clearing your cache, history, and cookies. and make sure the first URL you load when you start the browser is the wap.geocaching.com that's what works for me now
  22. That's what I did. I created a PQ along a route from Raleigh, NC to Dallas, TX. It never did come back and not only that it has disappeared from my MyQueries list. I hope it didn't cause any trouble on the server. The other PQ I created was from Raleigh to Jacksonville, FL for an upcoming trip and it can back beautifully. Thanks for all of your work on this most welcome addition to the site I just ran a quick Google maps direction list and if that's the route you used the distance is about 1,192 mi from my experiance this is WAY too long 500mi is about the max you can go on this before the query times out. Try breaking it down into 2 or 3 legs and see what happens.
  23. Whoa. I retract my former statement that it won't work on a RAZR V3. make sure you clear your cache, cookies, and history and then directly load the link first or else it doesn't seem to want to work.
  24. well for 1 the WAP site has to actually work on your phone to be able to use it. It doesn't seem to like my Razr V3
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