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  1. I use the Garmin suction cup windshield mount. It seems to work just fine. I have the unit pretty much at eye level on the far left and it works ok. I also have the RAM suction cup mount with the flex/gooseneck. The RAM cradle for the 60CSX holds very securely but is a bit difficult to get the unit in and out so I haven't used that one. (if you are interested I would be willing to sell it).
  2. Well, that page has both a release date and ship date and it appears that free updates are offered after the release date which may be some time around April, 2007?? I guess I can wait that long..
  3. I'm thinking of purchasing City Navigator 8, but I hate to purchase software only to have an update come out right after I purchase. Are there any planned updates to Version 8 coming out soon? I'm not exactly clear on Garmin's policy on free updates to the next version and would just as soon wait for a new version if one is coming out any time soon.
  4. I try to apply the motto - "Trade Even, Trade Up, or Don't Trade". Don't leave dirty used junk that you wouldnt want to find in a cache. There are a lot of small items you can get at dollar stores and such that are handy to have in a cache. I leave a lot of chemical lightsticks and some small first aid kits. Kids like some to trade toys. We get small toys at the dollar store and stock our trading bag with these also.
  5. I just got a new RAM suction cup mount for my 60CSx. The RAM cradle holds the unit very securely, but I can't get it to release very easily. Is there some trick to releasing the cradle from the unit? Thanks.
  6. Since the 60Cx is NT compatible, I would purchase the NT version. It uses a different method of compression for the maps thus less space taken up on the GPS.
  7. www.gpsonsale.com seems to have the best prices on the Garmin 60CSx. Not necessarily the best prices on accessories but 60CSx is $339.99..
  8. I just got one of these for my 60CSx. The suction cup looks good and the mount is solid, but the cradle for the 60CSx is very difficult to release the GPS unit from the cradle. It is nowhere near as easy as the garmin cradle to release. Am I missing something with this unit? Seems that once the belt clip button is locked into the hole for it, there is just no easy way to release that. Anyone have suggestions? I really like this mount except for the cradle.
  9. Check out www.gpscity.com - 119.95 for the NT version.
  10. Don't know about getting them at devilmart in Canada. They are available on Ebay for around $11.50 USD per 4 pack which is a little more than the devilmart price of $8.98. That may be an alternative but that gets a little pricey with shipping.
  11. By the way, I bought 2 sample packs with 2 AA size, 2 AAA size, the Rayovac overnight charger for $11.94 at the local DevilMart. Came with a $5.00 rebate for each one. So a pretty good price after rebate for 4 batts of each size. Didnt really need the chargers but due to the rebate it made them pretty cheap. (They were out of stock on the regular AA size anyway.... Unfortunately, the Rayovac charger is only an overnight charger - no quick charge. According to Rayovac, you can use any charger so I'll use my quick charger when needed.
  12. No, but the discharge profile seems to more closely resemble the alkalines, so you may want to use that setting. With the older 60CS, the battery selection only affected the battery status display. I assume that is still true for the X series. Please feel free to flame me if I'm wrong about that. - hmmm...these famous hybrid batt are close to the alkaline batt, performance speaking. But, they still are NiMH batt. So, what setting choosen for them, Alkaline or NiMH? I guess the question is what the different settings look for - since akalines are 1.5 volts and NiMH are 1.2 volts would if the setting is voltage sensitive, then it should probably be set for NiMH batteries. I guess I would use the NiMH setting either way since these batts are supposed to behave like NiMH except for the usual self-discharging of regular NiMH....
  13. I just picked up a couple sets of rayovac hybrids today at the local devilmart. I am disappointed that the AA size are only 2100 mAh compared to some of my other NiMh batteries that are 2500. Anyone using these batteries in their GPSr? I have the 60CSx so I'll look forward to seeing how long these will last.
  14. Yep, I just ordered my second 60CSX (jealous of the one I got for my wife so had to get one for me too!!) from GPSOnsale. Their price is cheaper than anyone else I found. Shipped right away. GPSCrazy claims to match prices but did not respond to my email asking if they would match GPSOnsale's price.
  15. Newegg.com has an A-Data 1 Gig MicroSD for $19.99 plus $4.99 shipping. Seems like a reasonable price. Anyone ever hear of this brand or use it in their 60CSX?
  16. Yes, I found that number but it is 9 digits. Garmin manual as well as rebate form refer to an 8 digit serial number. Did they expand the number of digits and just not update the manual or form? This seems like a stupid question, but I don't want to have problems getting my rebate with a serial number that is one digit too long.
  17. I'm trying to fill out the rebate form for my 60CSx and it asks for an 8 digit serial number. The only number I can find on my unit is a 9 digit number which is found under the batteries. Am I looking in the wrong place? I don't see any other numbers. Thanks.
  18. Well, it's a pretty broad question as to what GPS to use. If you want simple and cheap the simple yellow Etrex from Garmin is pretty cheap and very capable for basic caching although it lacks some of the more advanced features (no WAAS, no maps, no compass). I use the Garmin Etrex Vista which has some basic mapping built in and you can download maps to it if you purchase the optional mapping software in the future. The vista also has a built in compass which will point you in the right direction if you are stopped. The Etrex Legend is in between these. Next up, you can move into the color units which add some to the price. If price is not a factor for you, many folks are using the Garmin 60CSx which has some really nice features and a great receiver. These can be found online for pretty good prices. There is a $50 rebate on many Garmin GPSr's until the end of 2006. Check out www.garmin.com to look at their units. My wife is a girl scout leader and they have had successful events with our Etrex and Extrex Vista units. Sorry, I don't know anything about other brands of units.. Enjoy...
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