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  1. no way they are going out hehe. just want to be discovered
  2. i was searching for answers and i guess the only option is to buy the dog tag trackables i have some really nice challenge coins that i just wish Groundspeak would sell individual tracking numbers that can be used for things like these
  3. I found a cache last week that needed maintenance because the log was gone. I found the container/object which should have had a log under it, but was deteriorated too badly and the log was not under it. I logged it as a find since i DID find the geocache container, and also noted it as needing maintenance. Had there been no container, i would have put it as a Didn't Find, however, finding the geocache container = FOUND
  4. woot! i got the icon! went to the event in santa cruz got a nice event coin too
  5. Don't let some drunken idiot stop you from geocaching. It could have easily happened by going to walmart, and some drunken idiot attacks you in the parking lot. Things can happen anywhere at any time. It's just the random nature of some bad people in this world. i really hope your family doesn't curl up into a ball and stay locked indoors.
  6. Hello. there is a dedicated iphone subforum with many threads about this topic already here http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showforum=70
  7. Hello. there is a dedicated iphone subforum here http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showforum=70
  8. Unfortunately, there is a huge % of TB's that come to this fate That is just something you have to accept when you send TB's out into the world if you have the 2nd tag (since they normally come in a pair) you can send that one out.
  9. I'm gong to the event in Santa Cruz, CA ! GC256HQ
  10. to manually input a waypoint, hit the magnifying glass button on the bottom right. then scroll up to the coordinates, hit enter to edit them, change the coordinate numbers, then hit enter, scroll down to save, and navigate to it
  11. this website is listed on the Groundspeak.com distributor list http://www.southmountaintraders.com/category.cfm?id=geo the small bison tubes are $1.25 medium and larger ones are $2.25
  12. watched it last night i only liked the geocaching parts hehe
  13. thanks all, i got the messages now I finally found the California event lists here too http://www.geocaching.com/local/default.aspx?state_id=5
  14. hello. Can you add in your first post the link to the bookmark with the list of all the event locations? the closest one to me is santa cruz, and i sent a message to the person but they didn't reply to me at all with the information. i don't know where to look to find other locations in my area
  15. yes! mine worked too! thanks again Pax42 for that info. now i can head to san fran with the geocaches loaded properly
  16. thanks. already set my PQ to run, just waiting for the servers to run it.
  17. you have to re-run the pocket query after making the changes from 1.01 back to 1.0 http://www.geocaching.com/pocket/default.aspx
  18. he posted the suggestion, i think that you just missed it "Changing the preference back and forth a few times (saving the change each time) and then finally leaving it saved to 1.0 has solved the problem for some folks." i posted the detailed step by step above from the link he gave us
  19. http://forum.delorme.com/viewtopic.php?f=1...30&start=30 from the thread
  20. thanks for the info. hopefully my PQ runs in the next hour and works correctly so i can use it before i leave
  21. I'm using GSAK load PQs my DeLorme PN40. It's working fine. Obviously this isn't a solution if you don't own GSAK, but I you might want to consider owning it. some of us, like myself, already paid for a DeLorme plugin called Cache Register which is designed solely to load PQ's from geocaching.com and transfer them to our GPSr. everything was working fine up until last night, and from all the other threads about the PQ's not running very well, it seems to be more of an issue now. hopefully it'll be fixed later today.
  22. i'm having this same problem too this morning with my earthmate and PQ's. couldn't load the PQ through the cache register. had to load import it from the emailed file the PQ i ran last night and this morning only load as waypoints, not geocaches so i loaded a PQ from a couple weeks ago, and it loaded correctly as geocaches i then updated that query and it loaded as waypoints seems to be a problem this morning, and i really wanted to load this PQ for my caching adventure today in san francisco =/
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