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  1. Hi all! Looking for any Vanelle geocoins, but particularly looking for Small Things, Mountains are Calling, and Sunshine Freedom, Flowers CW88 12-12-12 glow varieties Also, there is a Signal Glow in the Dark Coin I am looking for too!
  2. If anybody is looking to part with a June 2014 Hidden Fish Geocoin Club , or any of the Vanelle Geocoins, let me know!
  3. Hi folks! Looking for the following! Geocoin Club July 2007 Spy Coin Geocoin Club June 2014 Hidden Fish Minotaur Geocoin (copper version) Dwarven Soul Geocoins
  4. Looking for mint versions of: GCC July 2007 GCC June 2014 Thanks all!
  5. Hi all, let me know if you have the following: -CW88 12-12-12 -Carpe Diem Mystery -Geocoin Club June 2014 -Ouija Board
  6. Hi all, let me know if you have the following: -CW88 12-12-12 -Carpe Diem Mystery -Geocoin Club June 2014 -Ouija Board
  7. Looking for mint copies of: Geocoin Club June 2014 Geocoin Club March 2010 Geocoin Club July 2007 Spy Coin CW88 Scarab Geocoin Carpe Diem Mystery Geocoin Binary Mystery Geocoin Mario Bros Mystery Geocoin Let me know! Thanks!
  8. Looking for: Geocoin Club June and December 2014 Vanelle Small Things Ouija Board Geocoin Let me know, thanks!
  9. Looking for a mint geocoin club June 2014 coin, let me know if you have one, thanks!
  10. Still looking for Small Things geocoins from Vanelle, I'll pay well for mint coins, thanks!
  11. If anyone has some Small Things geocoins from Vanelle, let me know! I am still looking for them!
  12. Looking for any Small Things coins by Vanelle, let me know!
  13. I wish I could have snagged one of these as well, unfortunately I missed the time release. We just have to stop inflating the prices online, otherwise sellers are going to keep deliberately shorting their sales and doing timed releases on ebay.
  14. I'm looking for a Vanelle Small Things geocoin, and will pay well for one if you have it, please contact me if you'd like to deal.
  15. If anyone has some of the Vanelle Small Things coins please let me know, I've been looking for one of those for ages!
  16. Looks like mine is coming in tomorrow / Saturday. Excited these are shipping from my own state!
  17. I am looking for some of Vanelle's Small Things coins, please let me know if you have one in mint cond. thanks!
  18. Looking for a Small Things GCF EU edition antique silver , or any other small things coin by Vanelle. Let me know if you have one for sale!
  19. Looks beautiful! Can't wait!
  20. Same here, Do you plan on offering any more Shiny green versions?
  21. Looking for First Gloaming Family (Dwarven Soul) geocoin, let me know if you have one
  22. Looking for an Apocalypse Geocoin as seen here: http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?guid=e7a38f1c-4b9c-4665-b738-f8707d6a312c Worth a shot!
  23. If you have one I will pay good money! I am picking it up for a friend, please let me know at mcoffer@trinity.edu Thanks so much!
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