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  1. I recently purchased the BE130 Sharkskin Case. It does have a small hole for the swivel clip stud but nothing else (no clips, straps, etc). It's easy to get the GPS into the case and it fits snuggly. I cut another hole in the back of the case so I could plug in the external power cord without taking the case off. The main reason I purchased the case was to protect the GPS display and it does that well. The rocker button is a bit more difficult to accuratly manipulate with the case on but other than that all the controls are visable and easy to press. The plastic covering is and the overall fabrication of the case seems to be of good quality. Hope this helps.
  2. I updated the day in came out......works fine.
  3. The best price I've been able to find (and just today purchased one) is from Amazon.com. $381.00 plus $8.00 shipping.
  4. I want to purchase a Garmin GPSMAP 60CS but want to get the best deal possible. Does anyone know of any online retailers offering really good prices? The best I've found so far is at Amazon for $381.00. The units are very popular on ebay and very rarely go for less that $375.00.
  5. T-BoneX2

    Sportrak Color

    Thanks for the advice. Now I have two conflicting views.
  6. T-BoneX2

    Sportrak Color

    Thanks for the information.....it will help in the decision making process
  7. T-BoneX2

    Sportrak Color

    The Costco near my house has a megellan SporTrak Color for $199.00. Is this a good deal or could I get something better for the same price?
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