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  1. A very sad day. A fellow officer laying down his life. Hoping for the best for his family and the community. Also hoping for the swift and full recovery of Officer Ryno.
  2. I'm obviously new around here. I can see both sides of this discussion. It seem that Modesto may have been able to get around this, but they took the safe route, and did what they felt was in the best interest of their citizens. In the same situation, I would have done the same thing, except that I would have KNOWN to expect it there-it'd be in my Garmin and PalmPilot.(I also wear a uniform-here in Sacto though). The other possibility would have been worse. Had it turned out to be a real device and they lost an officer, 100X more damage would have been done to geocaching than what has happened so far. So, try to be understanding of the Dept.'s position, and their responsibility to the citizens (all of them, not just geocachers). Also, most big departments have bomb squads, and can be VERY active. Don't think it has to be Unabombers to bring them out. They deal with everything from IEDs(such as pipe bombs) to illegal/modified fireworks. The issue of going after the person who placed it there is different, and I can't/won't speak to that. I too empathize with those expressing well wishes to the person who placed the cache. My $0.02.
  3. Hey there. Downloaded upgrade from firmware 3.4 to 3.5. It said I would lose all the POI that came installed. SO, I downloaded the file that said it would put those back on. Upgraded, then ran the reinstall for POI info. It allows me to put the Marine POIs on, but nothing else. In fact, the POI icon disappeared from FIND. Also, during setup of the POI recovery, the program calls itself "Marine POI Database Recovery". There is no option for anything else in the program, nor on the website (that I can see). Am I just missing something, or is this common. Any ideas? I don't have any other maps besides the base that was preinstalled. Searched, didn't find the answer in any other threads. TIA.
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