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  1. When I ride, I usually like to map out where I'm going ahead of time, so I don't use the GPS to track myself. However, I have taken the bike out specifically to go caching, and have met with mixed success. I even had plans to make some bike specific hides, but instead ended up moving recently and am thus farther away from any place suitable - - located more in central Jersey now, where the riding isn't as fun or challenging, and a bike specific hide becomes that much more difficult to plan.
  2. My bad: I have a YJTB that hasn't been dropped yet! I couldn't say for certain how long I've had it, but I came across it just the other day, and knew immediately that I had to pass it on soon. I'm glad to have come across this thread while catching myself up. I've been out of caching for many months now, what with travel, a job situation, and now relocating my home this week (yes, it really is possible to have no time for caching). While unboxing a bunch of kitchen supplies, out popped a yellow jeep. How it ended up in my kitchen, I will never know. I had seen it in my profile/posessions previously, and was sure that I dropped it but just failed to log it, and that someone else would eventually get it, but alas I was wrong. Now that I am ensconced in Westfield, I'm looking for suggestions on placement, since Central NJ is open territory for me. Or should I just make my knife drawer a 3-1/2 star cache? Many apologies.
  3. I've just seen one of the Avroair coins this morning - if the the same high quality is kept, I too would be interested in a couple of Jersey coins. Please let us know ordering specifcs when they come available.
  4. I'm on my way to Boston/Cambridge tomorrow. I should have thought of this sooner; anyone have TBs needing to go north, that I could quickly grab this evening?
  5. If you act fast, you can follow their footprints today for an easy find... which is why I'm waiting until it rains before I post another one...
  6. Fantastic, and being the Marathon Man, I'm sure there's no stopping you.
  7. Just thought I'd add my two cents regarding the speed of approvals. I entered a cache in today at about 2pm, and now, four hours later, I've found that it has been approved and repeatedly viewed. I give three gold stars to the NJ Admin, and nobody can convince me they don't deserve it.
  8. The finds abound...for Trail Hound!
  9. Aren't topos included in the ATC guides anymore? Or are my copies just that old?
  10. That anyone would do this is shameful. And to whomever it was, I say; your stealing the caches is just as bad as damaging the stone wall - - nothing good came of it, and it gives the sport as much a black eye. The incident also confirms my worst suspicions about some of the things I read here - - regrettably, for my part, I will be factoring in personalities as I pursue the game. Very disappointing.
  11. I have only worked at this sport sporadically for the past two months, and though I've logged more than a few finds, I still label myself 'new' to it all. That said, as a newbie, I suspect that more people read the forums than post in them, and the read count on the main page will attest to that fact. Where better to hash out these issues? However, I consider the overall tenor of the posts regarding this subject to be overly hostile, and I would postulate that something other than the damage to the wall is causing such strong feelings: I will reserve opinion on just what that may be, in the interests of not fanning the flames further. In the end, I think personal responsibility goes a long way. Saylor has demonstrated this, and is to be lauded for his fast response to the problem. I hope that all who read this thread, whether new or experienced, will take away a new mindfulness when playing our shared game of hide and seek. And, while the destruction of property under any circumstances is distressing, I think that as a group we might turn our protective energies to better, more constructive purposes. Play nice. (No, I'm not a hippie-dippie).
  12. Hey all - I'm new to the sport as well, and am enjoying not just the thrill of the hunt, but the verbal duck and dodge that goes on in the forums as well. Enjoy!
  13. Consider this - a micro that hides a key, and coordinates to a PO box or a Port Authority locker, or a hotel safe....
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