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  1. I'm not at all sure why limiting the number of finds that you can see seemed like a good idea. It's pretty sad that as a paying member I have to use third party software to see all my finds. I'm sure that plenty of people will come up with ways around this, but why continue to make life hard for your most avid customers.
  2. How do you see more than just 1000 cache finds for a given cache type. I'd like to be able to see all of my finds, not just a few months of them.
  3. Don't feel bad - I'm a premium member and I haven't been able to see my own finds for about a month now. All I hear is that they're working on it.
  4. bd's

    Error 500

    Is there any update on this error 500 problem. I'm trying to do some planning for summer trips, and this is a real hindrance. It makes no sense to me that there hasn't been a problem since I joined, but now I can't see my own finds. Just give me the option to go back to my old profile page. There is nothing on the new one that is at all appealing to me.
  5. bd's

    Error 500

    The site won't let me look at my finds from my profile page. I get the error 500 message for any cache type that I pick.
  6. I have been using Win10, which is where the problems are happening. I just tried Firefox, and it works ok.
  7. The Groundspeak site has been acting very odd for me today. I kept getting notices to allow cookies. I finally clicked on that one. (never saw this before) The logs don't load when I load a webpage. The tabs on my public profile page do not work. They simply send me back to my profile page. There have been several other one time events that are just odd.
  8. I am not able to add archived caches to my lists anymore since the list page has been updated. This is a huge problem when trying to create lists to show qualifications for challenge caches.
  9. I've been having increasing difficulties with the icons on the maps for about the last 2 weeks or so. Increasing or decreasing the size sometimes works, but usually for only a couple of icons on the map. It's pretty hit and miss. I've tried several computers and my phone. It definitely is not a device problem, it's a site problem. I use maps for everything. Not being able to reliably look at the caches on the map is crippling to me for the way I set up my plans, and also while I'm out caching. I suppose that I could go through the tedious work of creating a PQ, but that could literally add hours to my trip planning. I like to scan around the map and check out the caches in maybe 6-7 completely different areas before I decide what I want to do for a weekend. Once I decide on an area I suppose a PQ would be helpful, but I shouldn't have to do that. Map problems seem to be an ongoing issue with this site. I should think that maps would be a top priority for the site. Why can't they get it right?
  10. bd's

    New Maps test

    I don't have a problem with change. But, when change is made it should be to enhance the feature (such as maps). To me, the maps are the heart and soul of the entire game. Groundspeak doesn't seem to have ever recognized that, and every change they have made has decreased the functionality of the feature. Most of the time it has been subtle, but it is there if you use maps enough. This time it is over the top. I don't know about others, but for me this is going to make planning a trip extremely difficult, to the point where it just may not be worth it anymore. It is very easy to see where planning a trip is going to take longer than it will take to actually take the trip. For example, I've been working on a trip around Ohio going after counties. The task of planning that is very easy with the old maps, but next to impossible with these new ones. The limited number of caches that can be shown on the new maps is a real hinderance to planning routes. The fact that I can't seem to get rid of the icons of caches I have found only results in cluttering up the map. It is a giant step backward for those of us who make extensive use of this feature.
  11. bd's

    New Maps test

    Wow, what a horrible shock when I started planning my weekend trip this morning. I use maps for everything, and this version is terrible. Just a few points: Why can't I show as many caches as fit on the screen area I'm showing? What do I have to do to get my finds off the map? I like to use the maps to show me where the county lines are. I might be missing them, but they don't seem to be on this version. Corrected coordinates just don't work right. Plus many more that I'm sure I haven't discovered yet. You've made a lot of changes to the maps over the years, and every time you change them they seem to get less useful. It used to be so easy to set up my cache runs. It's turned into hours and this time it might just be too much for me to continue. PLEASE let us use the old maps if we want to!!!!
  12. bd's

    Maps in general

    Does anybody know why the map page changes so regularly? Every time it changes there are problems. This time many of the streets and route numbers are missing, along with several other glitches. But maps with missing street names and route numbers are not especially useful.
  13. I have a Samsung S7 phone with the latest version of Firefox for android. When I open a map from the geocaching website it comes up on the screen ok. However, when I try to select a cache by tapping on the icon one of two things happen. It might not select the cache at all. (This is an extremely common problem with the maps both on the Android and on any computer). If it does select the cache the pop-up appears, but it is cut off toward the right end. It doesn't show the terrain rating, the date hidden or the gc number (as well as anything else that should be out on the right end of the pop-up. I've tried this in Chrome on the android phone and the problem is even worse. The pop-up only shows the cache name, and it doesn't allow you to tap on it to get to the cache page. I'm a big map user, and this is a big problem for me when I'm out caching, or even just setting up a plan for a cache run. I'm not sure why, but the overall performance of the maps on an android or a windows computer has been steadily declining for years, but now it has gotten to the point where you only seem to have about a 1 in 5 chance of even being able to select a cache from the icon.
  14. Is it just me or does this Mary Hyde thing seem pretty ridiculous? I haven't figured out why anyone would need a crew to meet the challenges, and the weekly challenges seem pretty random. Is there any purpose behind the challenge requirements? Does anybody have any insight into what this whole thing was about?
  15. bd's

    New Maps

    I've noticed that the new maps do not include the route numbers on highways. I use the maps extensively, and not having the route numbers is a real problem for me.
  16. The new search seems to have taken away anything I ever used. I don't really have any use for what there is now. The 30 mile limit on a search is really a pain. I take less time randomly clicking caches on the map than using the search. It appears that there wasn't a whole lot of thought put into what is actually useful. If I search for "XYZ Cache" it should show up, no matter where it's located.
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