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  1. How about the: USA USMC Yes Autism Awareness coins?
  2. bump - will we willing to buy any similar model that is just more updated - possibly touch screen - than my eTrex 20. Like I said a trade + $ or just $ would work. edit: grammar
  3. Thanks for tip! I've added that caching series to the BirdCaching! webpage. Happy birding and caching! or happy BirdCaching Will continue to let you know of more as I think of them
  4. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=e342c703-baac-478f-a9a6-40d22946f6d0 Doesn't mention birds too much but it is the first in a series of caches named after Birds in the Adirondacks (NY). Hope the whole BirdCaching thing is working out well!
  5. Can someone explain to me the point of this whole thread? Instructions how to get more people to buy cheap, all-too-common cache containers?
  6. I currently have an eTrex Venture HC in great condition and am willing to do a trade + cash for a Garmin eTrex 20 Worldwide. If you wish to sell, please have all the accessories/trinkets it came with.
  7. Look at this baby. Brand new and super cool: The new BioLite Camp Stove. Yeah, you can stop feasting your eyes on the beauty and Google the thing. Then be even more amazed.
  8. Thought to share this local one: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?wp=GC12R7W
  9. 1-4 with lots of spares. Too many random micros in parking lots in guardrails. Gets much too boring often. But what can ya' do, published by the combo of a cacher and the reviewer. Just wish cooler locations would overdo the quantity of hides by some hiders.
  10. Started at tiger and am a Life Scout working towards his Eagle. Venture scout as well. Brotherhood of OA at Lenapehoking Lodge IX. Sea Base this summer and staffing the 2013 Jamboree (hopefully Philmont '14). Boy Scouting is what brought me into geocaching, and I'm sure glad my parents signed me up in 1st grade. Of the greatest things that happened to me that I'll sure pass on to my sons.
  11. "another possible reason for wanting scouts to be familiar with UTM is that Philmont Scout Ranch issues UTM maps to the crews on treks at PSR. While only a fraction of those working on Geocaching MB will probably hike at Philmont, this could be one of the reasons they included that requirement." "Indeed, took a Philmont In The Fall Program a few years back and UTM along with GPS included in the Advanced Outdoor Skills Program." Not to go too off topic here, but what were your guys thoughts on Philmont? Going to Sea Base this summer (sorry about the quotes that way, my laptop messed up)
  12. Exactly. Actually just submitted another EarthCache involving a colossal waterfall with amazing history at a local National Park. Geology around it is quite epic. Anyway, yes, life moves on.
  13. Ask your reviewer. They're not necessarily going to redraft a proposed listing for you, but I've found that the EC reviewers are more than willing to be more than just the person with the "yes" or "no" stamp. I was actually told there is no way it was possible to be made and the page was archived. I wish the story was different..
  14. Translation: I love the earthcache icon and want a bigger number next to it on my profile. Or do you actually enjoy earth science? I'd think not, judging by your enthusiasm for this trail. Not true, there is a trail of earthcaches in valley forge but I only did one of them. I just think every earth cache in this situation is well done. There is no "trail" in Valley Forge. Its a series of 4 EarthCaches. Been there, done that - not a trail. Also, a new set of ECs popped up on my map, at Inwood Park - with 10 of them by the same Going Coastal? Anybody got thoughts on these? I know this is an old forum but an interesting one.
  15. It's a general scouting requirement: "Two-deep leadership is required on all outings. Two registered adult leaders or one registered leader and a parent of a participant, or other adult, one of whom must be 21 years of age or older, are required on all trips and outings." No it's not, nor ever has been. Directly from the G2SS, Page 4 under "Leadership Requirements for Trips and Outings": "There are a few instances, such as patrol activities, when the presence of adult leaders is not required and adult leadership may be limited to training and guidance of the patrol leadership. With the proper training, guidance, and approval by the troop leaders, the patrol can conduct day hikes and service projects." This was not necessary for the example that was given in the post I asked this about. "a hike in the local wildlife preserve and finding 4 caches". These misunderstandings of the requirements put undue restrictions on scouts and adults, often delaying or completely negating completion of something relatively simple. What was quoted was for backcountry expedition, overnights or campouts. However, as I am in a troop at a local church, all scout leaders have to take a program called Protecting God's Children. Here's a link: Protecting God's Children As that program is in effect for our troop, 2 leaders must be present for the safety of the scouts.
  16. What would be an example of a EarthCache in a museum that is permitted? Because I got shut down for an EC about the formation of minerals in the American Museum of Natural History in NYC.
  17. That second GC code brings up a cache titled "Quail", did the name change? My bad, Mink and Quail are close to each other. I transpose the names and GC #s Yes - Tongue Mountain Range is a must do in Lake George. Super highly recommended - great views. If you're looking for a shorter hike, the Cat Mountain Trails are quite nice too, but note that Tongue is definitely better. Have a great time in the Lake George area - beautiful place. Also: while I go to Lake George annually in July I have done the Cat Mtn. and Tongue Mtn. hikes which have been phenomenal. Are there any other awesome Adirondack cache-hikes near Lake George? Help appreciated. Thanks.
  18. A long, hard-worked for puzzle/multi-cache covering history/geography in one's town is an idea. That is, if the town is interesting enough.
  19. I had not heard of a "geohunt" before and wanted to hear some examples of what's been done. Yes, the scout performing the MB is responsible to put it on, but I want to be able to discuss different examples with them. I'm not trying to over-think this, I just thought it would be nice to hear what others have done. I am a Life Scout who has the Geocaching MB. The hunt I completed just composed of me taking 4 others scouts (with 2 adults) on a hike in the local wildlife preserve and finding 4 caches. A larger event is possible too, but this lower scale event was enough to my counselor to satisfy the requirement. Hope this helps.
  20. Anybody's thoughts on using the UTM system as a requirement? Thought of it as much of a hassle that wasn't directly related to geocaching. Yes, important, but felt it to be beyond the necessary...anybody else feel this?
  21. So sad, may he rest in peace what a horrible tragedy
  22. I was going under the terms of visiting with their parents to geocache with them - I wasn't saying a kid who has an independent account. If you perhaps say 3 kids to a parent that makes up a lot of geocachers. Nearly as in terms of 30% as well. I NEVER said independent accounts, please excuse my one mistake rather than completely bagging on it and demoting myself.
  23. removing kids in forums = no kids geocachers = nearly 50% of cachers gone. I am 14 and love to geocache and would hate to be limited to the activities involved in it. As well am I a boy scout who have recently been majorly involved due to the addition of the merit badge
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