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  1. There was a report here in the local paper about GPS systems being stolen. Nothing was mentioned about the marks on the windshield, instead.....it was the users, leaving them in plain sight.


    The ones being stolen were the systems desgined for cars, not the ones we normally use for geocaching.

  2. Its not Vista.


    Did you just switch over to Vista?


    Have you been able to download before with Vista?


    Vista and MapSource run just fine on my HP laptop with Vista.

  3. I was doing as Night Pilot suggested and it worked fine. However, after Vista being on the market for quite some time now, I expected Palm would have a fix by now. I have a Zire 31 and installed the latest Beta 6.2 version and I can't get my computer to recognize a connection with my Palm. Very frustrating.... Any more suggestions???


    They don't list the new download as working with the Palm m515, but I downloaded it last week and no I have no issues with hotsync'ing my Palm on my Vista laptop.

  4. The "Hands on Test." thread has lots of useful info, I have been meaning to upate soon.


    My personal opinion is that the rocker switch and buttons on the 60CSx are very very badly designed. The rocker is spongy with no tactile feedback and the buttons are illogically placed.


    The 60 Screen is also very dull compared to hcx. (ie at 100% it is as bright as the hcx on 20%)


    The more I use the buttons on the 60CSx the more I dislike them compared to the HCx. The latest problem I've encountered is that Garmin forces one to use the left thumb on the rocker switch when it is more natural to use the right as this is a more dexterous digit. (hint, dexter=right)


    Bear in mind that until the H series eTrex were released a few months ago the 60CSx was always the one to get due to the chipset.


    How can a 60CSX being "forcing" you to use your left thumb? The rocker pad is in the center of the GPS and can be used equally well, by either hand......I know, I've done it/do it.


    I find the rocker pad and button placement to be excellent. Never had a problem using my 60CSX.


    I can't speak about the screen difference as I moved up from the Legend to the 60CSX and have no complaints or issues.

  5. If it works for you great. I haven't tried putting the Palm back on my laptop since I found it wouldn't work.


    From Palm's site;


    Centro, Treo 755p, 680, 700p; Palm z22, TX; and Tungsten E2:


    Palm Desktop 6.2 BETA

    This software includes a Windows Vista compatible Install Tool, which allows you to sync .prc and .pdb files (Palm OS applications and databases) to your device. This version is currently compatible with recent Palm devices.


    All other Palm devices:


    Palm Desktop 6.2 Beta is not recommended for other devices. However, you can install a previous version of Palm Desktop, which will sync Calendar, Contacts, Tasks and Memos, but has limited functionality in other areas.

  6. I am in the process of trying to decide if I want to buy a PDA for geocaching. I am not sure that the PDAs that I am considering, Palm M515, is compatible with Windows Vista. I do not want to buy the PDA and then find out that I can not transfer from my PC to the PDA. Does anyone know if I will have a problem? Thanks


    The Palm m500 series of PDAs do not work with Vista. I own a 505 and a 515 and your only way to transfer files is to the SD Card via a seperate card reader. The problem is the desktop installer included with the Palm software is not yet able to communicate with Windows Vista, although they {Palm} keep saying there is a fix on the way. They have provided a fix for the newer PDAs {Tungsten and others} in order to use Quick Install with Vista.


    I have another computer that runs WindowsXP and that is the one I use for my CacheMate files.


    The above link to thier website is your best reading though.


    Thats the same thing I do. My laptop has Vista, our desktop has XP. When I get the PQ's on my laptop, I load the info onto my 60CSX, then email the PQ's to the desktop, then load them into my Palm m515.

  7. The Topo may be off a bit compared to City Navigtor.


    Topo isn't marked anywhere near as good as CN for driving around town, which is why I don't use it for that. The only time I use Topo is when I leave the pavement.

  8. Devices used by the PD must be calibrated and documented, including the training to use them. These devices usually have a built in fudge factor that benefits the driver, not the police.


    GPSr's have no calibration or documentation to verify their accuracy. Most civilian GPS units have an accuracy of +/- 15 feet or so.

  9. The back light doesn't stay on for extended periods unless you have it plugged into an external power source, like in a vehicle.


    There are several time limits that you can set for the light to stay on when it is running under its own power.

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